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Why We Created LeanBulking.com

We all started somewhere. I used to look at bodybuilders and athletes, accusing everyone of taking steroids to achieve their incredible physiques.

But this kind of thinking is for the uneducated – and this is what I quickly found out after beginning to work in the fitness industry.

What I Learned

I found out that 100% natural supplements can make a HUGE impact on your fitness goals. Top quality testosterone boosters can help you build muscle faster, and pre-workout supplements are great at helping to motivate you – to get your ass in the gym!

You just have to pick the right products.

Now, after gaining years of experience with supplements and fitness, I’ve decided to try and pass on my knowledge; to save you time and money.

Why Personal Reviews?

I found many unreliable review websites online, and I was disappointed that many were recommending sh*t products that can cause side effects.

I’m going to tell you something you that you need to know now: supplement companies use various gimmicks to cut costs and make the most profits.

What I just said is the truth. Sadly.

So this is my mission – to expose these companies and leave the best one’s standing. I was ripped off many times when buying supplements, and I don’t want you to suffer from this.

For this reason, my colleagues and I, are going to help you choose the best products. We analyze clinical studies to see whether the ingredients inside supplements actually work – to help you see past the fancy advertisements.


We’re an Honest & Dedicated Team

Here at LeanBulking.com, we’re only a small team. So we won’t be pumping out hundreds of reviews per day – this is what the fake websites do.

This is a homemade site founded by people who have actually worked in the supplements industry, aimed to inform you about the gimmicks of the industry. And trust us, there’s quite a lot that customers don’t know about when it comes to supplements.

Any supplement that I recommend has been tried-and-tested by me. You’ll see this from the pictures further down on this page. And the only supplements I recommend worked for me and I only promote products that I truly believe will work for you too.

Our website looks plain because we haven’t paid anyone to create it for us; we’ll be giving you facts and the truth, the bare bones – only the important information you need, instead of paragraphs of lies or fancy graphic design like others.

Ultimately, we cut through the bullsh*t. We might be writing our reviews and articles in our spare time, but we’ll promise you this: we know what we’re talking about.

When we recommend products, it’ll be because the scientific studies have proven that they work. Not only that, we always check to see which nutrients have been optimally dosed in supplements too, so you’ll never be fooled after reading our reviews.

Please share our reviews and articles to help spread the knowledge and our love for fitness.

Where Do You Go From Here?

We offer non-bias opinions and reviews, aiming to save you time and money when making the final decision on products.

Let’s face it; there are many websites out there only interested in getting a quick pay-day.

But what happened to the sources of trustworthy articles and reviews on health, fitness & nutrition?

Before we became fitness experts and nutritionists, we remember relying on b*llshit information; eliminating every carb source from our diet and feeling fatigued all day…working hard in the gym without seeing any progress etc…

Sound familiar? Well, here’s where LeanBulking.com comes in. We set this site up to deliver honest information that’ll actually help you achieve your dream physique or figure.

It’s time we all cut the bullsh*t. All of the content is free on our website; no ‘pay for our secrets’. We’re giving you all of these ‘secrets’ of the industry for free.

We believe that everyone deserves a fair chance of achieving their dream 6-pack or bikini beach body, instead of wasting cash on useless diet plans and gimmicks.

Welcome to LeanBulking.com.

27 thoughts on “Welcome to LeanBulking.com”

  1. Hey,

    I am starting a new supplement line and am currently working on the formula for a pre workout. Would love for you to read and review the two current formulas I have and let me know your thoughts. Let me know if you would be interested!

    • Hi Josh, thanks for reaching out!

      If you send us pictures of your product, and the nutrient profile then we’ll be happy to review it.


  2. Hey, I had a look at your website, and there’s no mention of Nootropics…are you going to cover these products?

    • Hi Andrew, thanks for reaching out!

      Yes, we must admit we’ve not followed through on Nootropic supplements yet! But we’ll be looking at what’s on the market, giving some a test run, and deciding a top 3 soon!

      Apologies, we’ve been quite busy with our day jobs and family time recently. But thanks for checking our website out! Hope it helps you in some way or another!

      *Update* We’ve now covered the best Nootropic supplements on the market, you can see them here: https://leanbulking.com/top-3-nootropic-supplements/


  3. Hi Admin i just wanna say thanks about Prop blends in pre workouts you really help me to avoid dangerous pre workouts as i read from your site some ingredients that are not good for our health. I was using psychotic from insane labz its like their new one “iamgod” and i felt rapid heart beat and headache guess its from high caffeine from the prop blend and dmae or betaine as i read from your review at the “iamgod” please make a review for psychotic if you can sorry for bad english and thank you…

    • Hi Sebastian, thank you for your comment!

      I’m really glad this website helped you learn about dangerous ingredients – it’s exactly why we made LeanBulking.com! We will definitely make a review for Psychotic for you, so watch out for that soon!

      If you have any other requests, please let us know!

      Thanks again,


  4. Question, will you be doing further reviews on products such as Viitalinx, Hyde, and Jekyll.
    Really love what you find but i am wanting to known more since i’m in the process of getting gains.

  5. YES!!!! Thank you god (ha ha ha) thank you thank you so much.

    I’m actually doing a cheat sheet for my own workout supplements, my own personal word dock that i can take with me and review the supplements and get the right ones.

    Ok, ok. next on the agenda:
    Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Mass
    T-Male (Testosterone supplement)
    Vega – Clean Protein (feeling confident on this one)
    Muscle Milk
    C4 – sport
    BCAA – sport (Found a good one at a supplement store – concentrated but expensive but worth it; its a white container with a red cap that has B.C.A.A written on it)

    Question, how fast do you respond, in day’s or weeks?
    Wonder if you could supply me with the ( L- ) amino based nutrition’s in the supplements.
    Ex: L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine, just like that with their effects on the body chemistry.

    P.s thanks for helping me out – its taxing when doing on your own. That and this is for my uncle who passed away from cancer when he was taking Muscle milk, he was meant to be my personal trainer but died. 20th Oct. 2015. Jesse Mendoza (Mr. San Antonio – 1960)

    • Hi Jr.Buff

      No problem, glad we could help! We’ll try to get through as many as we can, maybe give us a week to try and sort these out (we mainly do this to try and help people see through fancy advertisements and gimmicks of the industry, so they choose a good product instead of being ripped off).

      Sorry to hear that, we’ll always be around to answer questions, so don’t hesitate to ask us anything!


  6. Looking forward to the fallowing week, till then.

    and thank you very much – i’ll be sure to take pics and report on here as well so this site can grow as well.

    • Hi Jr.Buff

      Thanks for your support, we appreciate it! We’ll update the comment when we’ve completed the review for you.

      Best regards,

  7. How is it going leanbulking, hope your doing well.
    did you manage to get the results of my suggested items?

    Again, thank you very much.

  8. Damn dude, i know the feeling – i’m at UTSA and student have sniffles left and right.

    Make sure they get their flu shots and know the flue seasons of Sep, oct, Nov (rare in Dec.) and so on.

  9. hey bro great site ive learned lots from it so thank u for always giving honest reviews analyzing each ingredient in products ive realized y i was suffered from side effects after taking certan pre workouts an i know try to avoid bitter orange extract an others

  10. Dear sir,
    just now joined in gym, i am lean but i want bulky and athlete look.
    so i need your help to choose correct supplement for weight gain.

    my blood group- B+ve
    my height is 168 cm
    my weight is 57 kg

    kindly help me

    • Hi Soundarapandian M,

      Thanks for reaching out! If you’re already lean, then your main aim will definitely to gain weight (also assuming that you’re a hard gainer).

      If so, then we recommend a testosterone booster supplement: https://leanbulking.com/top-3-testosterone-boosters/ These will naturally raise your T levels and make your muscle-gaining journey easier than before. Of course you need to figure out your BMR and eat over that calorie limit in order to gain weight too.

      Let us know if you need any further advice!

  11. Hi guys,

    Just come across your site and found really useful stuff in your guides so thanks so much I really didn’t know about thermogenic ingredients but ive been adding chillies to every meal since ha! Ive also had great results frm using the fat burners youve recommended so again thanks!

  12. Hello,

    guys u r the best! thanks soooo much for explaining each ingredient in products in ur reviews it really helps ppl like me who dont kno much about nutrition 2 understand whts going on! Always new that lots of caffeine cn make me fuzzy bt now i know 4 sure why some prewrkouts f*ck me up lol! keep it real guys and thanks


    • Hi Billy, thanks for reaching out!

      We’re really glad to hear that we’ve helped you. It’s exactly why we set this site up, so comments like this make it worth all the hours we’ve spent!

      In regards to side effects from pre-workouts, you are correct in saying that high dosages of caffeine is usually the culprit for jitters. So try products with less than 200mg caffeine per serving to stay safe (you’ll see that every pre-workout we’ve recommended to you fit this bill).

      Let us know if there’s any specific products you want us to try and review. Or if you have any nutrients that you’re unsure of in any supplement, then let us know and we’ll be more than happy to explain everything for you!

      Keep lifting and stay healthy, Billy.

      Best regards,

    • Hi Neal, thanks for reaching out!

      We couldn’t find Conqurium available anywhere – it looks like it’s been discontinued from use!

      We’ll keep an eye on it, in case this supplement is made available again in the future. But for now, we can’t review it as it’s not available anywhere, apologies.

      Let us know if you have any other products in mind!

      Best regards,


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