API Fat Burner Advanced Review


  • Cayenne Pepper Extract boosts metabolism
  • Green Tea Extract promotes fat loss
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract is a key fat burning ingredient


  • Contains ineffective ingredients
  • All ingredients in a proprietary blend (increased risk of side effects)
  • Missing key fat burning ingredients

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About The Product

Fat Burner Advanced is API’s supplement designed to help you lose body fat. It costs $14.99 for 120 servings, with a serving size of 1 tablet per day.

At first glance, this might seem like a great deal. However, API Fat Burner Advanced is missing numerous key fat burning ingredients; with every ingredient part of a proprietary blend (we’ll expand on this later in this review).

For now, we’ll tell you a bit about the company behind this fat burner.

Who are API? 

We didn’t learn much about API on their website; their ‘about us’ section was only 1 paragraph, and didn’t tell us when the company were founded.

They sponsor numerous athletes, however none of them are very big names in the industry. API also market a variety of supplements – from pre-workouts to protein powder.

But you’re here to read about their Fat Burner Advanced. So let’s see what’s inside this product.

API Fat Burner Advanced Ingredients Explained

API’s fat burner contains 9 ingredients overall, which is a good number to have. But here’s the problem; all of these ingredients are part of a proprietary blend.

This means that the dosages of each ingredient is hidden from you, which increases your risk of suffering from side effects. We’ll explain what these blends are below…


Proprietary blends are mixtures of numerous ingredients that’re only shown to you as 1 quantity. As you can see from the ‘Fat Burner Advanced Blend’ on its ingredient list, the overall amount is 237.5mg – but you’re not shown the dosages of each ingredient inside such as Cayenne Pepper.

This increases your risk of side effects, and also makes it uncertain whether this pre-workout will work. For this reason, we try to avoid any supplement that contains proprietary blends.

Now you know what proprietary blends are, and why they’re bad; we’ll analyze each ingredient inside API Fat Burner Advanced – so you know how effective this product really is.


Here’s Everything You Need To Know:

Kola Nut Extract 

Also known as Centella Asiatica, this nut is taken from the Kola tree, and they’re native to African rainforests. It’s believed to promote cognition and help wounds heal.

However, no studies have shown that it’s able to promote fat loss – meaning Kola Nut is an ineffective ingredient in API Fat Burner Advanced.

The problem is this; this ingredient could be filling most of this blend, which would make this fat burner mostly ineffective and a waste of cash.

Ultimately, this is a great example of why proprietary blends are bad.

Coffee Arabica 

Coffee Arabica is also known as Green Coffee Bean Extract. It’s actually a key fat burning ingredient, as it’s proven to promote fat loss in numerous studies.

However, as it’s part of a proprietary blend, Green Coffee Bean Extract might not be dosed effectively.


Cinnamon is believed to help regulate blood sugar levels in diabetic people. However, it contains a liver toxin called coumarin; this can be harmful in large dosages.

As Cinnamon is part of a proprietary blend, you’re not shown the exact dosage in API Fat Burner Advanced. For this reason, no-one knows whether Cinnamon has been dosed too highly.

We’ve mentioned that Cinnamon contains a liver toxin, so if there is a large dosage in this fat burner – you might be poisoned…Not a good ingredient to put into a blend.


L-Carnitine has shown to reduce fatigue while improving your focus in the gym. However, it only has a slight effect on fat loss in studies.

As L-Carnitine’s main benefit is to reduce fatigue (and not to promote fat loss), it’s better in pre-workout supplements.

But with that being said, it’s certainly not a negative addition to API Fat Burner Advanced here. For this reason, we’re happy to consider L-Carnitine has a good ‘bonus’ ingredient.


Grapefruit Extract 

This is the same fruit eaten by many around the world. It’s believed to boost fat loss, but studies have shown it’s not effective at helping you shred fat.

For this reason, Grapefruit Extract is an unreliable ingredient in any fat burner supplement.

Cayenne Pepper Extract 

This chili pepper is a key ingredient in any fat burner. If you’ve ever eaten anything spicy, then you know that chilies make you sweat.

Well, eating consuming smaller dosages of Cayenne Pepper is enough to raise your body temperature; this boosts your metabolism, which helps you burn fat faster.

Studies have proven that it works, and you can’t argue with that. However, as Cayenne Pepper is part of a proprietary blend, it might be effectively dosed in API Fat Burner Advanced.#


Chromium Picolinate 

This is an essential mineral found in yeast and grains. It’s believed to be beneficial in regulating blood sugar levels, but studies haven’t produced reliable results.

Ultimately, this means Chromium Picolinate is an unreliable ingredient. However GTF Chromium, which is the most reliable form of Chromium (which isn’t in API Fat Burner Advanced).

White Mustard Seed

White Mustard Seeds are a good source of minerals and fatty acids. However, this ingredient hasn’t proven to promote fat loss in any studies – making it an ineffective ingredient.

Green Tea Extract

Everyone knows that Green Tea is beneficial; in fact, it’s proven to benefit almost every organ in your body.

As well as this, Green Tea Extract boosts your metabolism – helping you burn fat quicker than normal. However, you need at least 500mg dosages for it to work.

As Green Tea Extract is part of a proprietary blend, it might not work in API Fat Burner Advanced.

We must sound like a broken record player, but this is another great example of why we don’t like proprietary blends.


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Side Effects

There’s 1 ingredient in API Fat Burner Advanced that can cause side effects; Cinnamon. Not many people know that Cinnamon is toxic when consumed in large dosages.

As it’s part of a proprietary blend, there’s a risk you might consume a dosage big enough to poison you and cause serious side effects. As we’ve mentioned, this is a great example of why we avoid supplements containing proprietary blends.

Here are the potential side effects from taking API Fat Burner Extreme: 

  • Liver damage (Cinnamon)
  • Toxicity Accumulation (Cinnamon)

API Fat Burner Advanced Review Conclusion

This fat burner seemed like a bargain at first; $14.99 for 120 servings is very cheap.

However, for a fat burner supplement to work, you need to be consuming 3-4 servings per day – so your body is topped up with nutrients needed to burn more fat all-day-long. As API Fat Burner Advanced only provides 1 daily serving (so it’ll only be in your system for 1-2 hours).

Not only that, API’s fat burner is missing many key fat burner ingredients. And after analyzing the ingredients inside, it doesn’t look likely to work.

API Fat Burner Advanced isn’t likely to work, and can cause serious side effects.

For this reason, we recommend spending a bit extra and looking at the best fat burners on the market.

Our Rating

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6 thoughts on “API Fat Burner Advanced Review”

  1. I have recently bought API advance fat burner from HealthKart. The product is having DOM: Dec 2016 and Expiry in Aug, 2018. The importer of product is local in my city itself. I have doubt that the product is not original and want to confirm that If the product I have received is original. It cost me of 2045 INR.

    It would be great if you can help me with requested information.


    • Hi Deepak, we don’t sell any products through this website, so we’re unable to help you with this information unfortunately. As the review was completed a while ago now, we don’t have any access to the bottle at the moment.

      Best regards,

  2. Hi there!!

    It will be grateful for me if this help you out, I did order this through the most reliable online store and they provided best quality when it comes to supplements. I had a good experience in past and also expecting the same in future.

    I received this product and there is no expiry date was mentioned. After putting some effort I came to know that this is an herbal formula usually herbal products does not comes with expiry, however ingredients used in supplement are not harmful enough based on daily dosage. there is 99% chance your product is original and you don’t have to worry about it.

    On the safe side, use this product until you realize a significant change in your body or inner body and stop immediately in case of any negative effects.

    • Hey Syed,

      Thanks for your useful insight into your experience with API Fat Burner Advanced. Do you still use this fat burner today?

      If you’re interested, check out our highest rated fat burners page if you want to try something new – let us know if you do!

      Best regards,
      Team LeanBulking.com

  3. So this review is not entirely accurate. Serving size IS NOT 1 a day. Under suggested use, it says to take 1-3 tablet before breakfast and lunch or before your workout, not to exceed more than 6 a day. I had bought mine directly from the API website as other site can sell you altered products. As far as expiration date, on the bottom of my bottle, it has 09/20 in yellow ink. I have just started this and maybe it’s just coincidence but I have not had any morning cravings like I typically do. The reason why I decided to take this is because my husband is a Bodybuilding coach and said that his players use this. I got it for a decent price ($10) plus shipping and handling. The API site is constantly having sells which is also awesome. The only bad thing that I see at the moment is that the pills stink haha.

    • Hey Laura, thanks for reaching out!

      We do believe that the serving size is indeed 1 capsule per day. However, if you’ve been consuming more capsules per day then that is great – we usually stick to the recommended serving size that companies provide on the supplement facts label though, in order to give fair reviews (we can’t complain about side effects if we mistake products).

      Ultimately, it’s great that API Fat Burner Advanced works for you as it comes at a great price! Personally, we just don’t believe that it contains enough tried-and-tested nutrients to compete against the highest rated fat burners on the market.

      With regards to the pills smelling bad, this seems to be common with almost every supplement we’ve tried so that is nothing to be worried about. Thanks again for your insight!

      Best regards,
      Team LeanBulking.com


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