Top 3 Fat Burners

Best Fat Burners 2023

There’s no better feeling than looking in the mirror and seeing a shredded 6-pack…

There’s no negatives to having a rock hard 6-pack and body. And it’s one thing that everyone can achieve!

But if you’ve made excuses such as ‘I have a slow metabolism’ or struggled to lose that stubborn fat – then a quality fat burner is what you need.

Fat Burner supplements can change your physique by:

  • Helping you maintain muscle mass – don’t lose any hard earned muscle while you cut fat.
  • Boosting Your Metabolism – encourage your body to use body fat as fuel.
  • Quicker Results – achieve your dream 6-pack faster than before and increase your sexual attraction.

However, the problem is finding an effective product. Why? Because there are countless fat burners on the market – but not all of them work.

In fact, I’ve personally tried numerous fat burners that caused side effects such as jitters, energy crashes and nausea; the worst thing was, other review websites had recommended me the products!

This is exactly why I created; I want to expose the companies and review websites that recommend useless products – and point you towards the best options available.

For this reason, I’ve put together a list of the best fat burners on the market for you below.

Check it out:

Top Fat Burners #1 Instant Knockout Cut #2 Burn Lab Pro #3 ShredCBD
Burn Lab Pro bottle and box on a laptop with the LeanBulking website showing

My wife holding a bottle of ShredCBD, but I take it too! Effective for both men and women as all fat burners should be.
Overall User Rating: 5/5



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Free Worldwide Delivery
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Company Reputation: Excellent  Great Great
Money-Back Guarantee: None 60 days guarantee. 30 days guarantee.
Supports Thermogenic Fat Burning?: Yes – 5/5 Yes – 4/5 Yes – 4/5
All clean supplement facts label?: Yes – 5/5 Yes – 5/5 Yes– 5/5
Appetite Control?: Yes – 5/5 (Contains Glucomannan, which is clinically proven to do this and helped me personally). No – 3/5 Yes – 5/5 (CBD is shown to control appetite effectively in clinical studies).
Price: $59.00
(Discounts on multiple boxes)
(Discounts on multiple boxes)
Side Effects: None Reported None Reported None Reported

#1 Instant Knockout Cut (Best Overall & for Shredding 6 Pack Abs)


LeanBulking Overall Rating:   
Ingredients Rating:  Excellent – 5/5
Side Effects:  None Reported
Effectiveness:  Excellent – 5/5
Best Deal:  $46.25 per box (with the ‘Ultimate Shredding Stack’)
Where I Bought From:

Here’s how Instant Knockout Cut helped me:

  • Cut down cravings – I felt full for longer between meals, meaning I snacked less and reduced my calorie intake easier.
  • More motivated – I wasn’t short of energy for the first time on a cut, so I smashed my workouts and maintained strength.
  • Got 6 pack abs – I shredded a 6-pack after 8 weeks of dieting and using Instant Knockout, for the first time in my life.
  • Faster results – Before using Instant Knockout, i’d tried to get abs for over 6 months but didn’t succeed. This helped me reach my goal much quicker.
  • No Side Effects – I didn’t experience any unwanted side effects during my 8 weeks of using Instant Knockout.


  • Can only buy on their official website – You can’t buy Instant Knockout in retail stores.
  • More expensive than other fat burners – I decided to pay more for better ingredients that work, than cheaper alternatives.

Quick Summary

After hearing that UFC fighters such as Diego Sanchez were using Instant Knockout Cut in their prime, I decided to give it a go.

I’d always dreamed about having a 6-pack. Being able to take off your t-shirt in the summer and getting attention from girls (and respect from guys) – don’t deny it, it’s what everyone wants, it’s just hard to achieve normally.

However, Instant Knockout Cut helped me achieve a rock hard 6-pack and body – quickly becoming my #1 fat burner on the market between 2017 until the end of 2018.

The best thing about Instant Knockout Cut was this; it removed my hunger cravings – making it easier for me to cut calories and get abs quicker. I realized this was due to the glucomannan inside (which expands in your stomach, helping you feel full for longer).

I was also glad Instant Knockout Cut didn’t cause any unwanted side effects. I’ve added a picture of me below, so you can see the exact results of 8 weeks with Instant Knockout Cut.

*Note: Instant Knockout is now called “Instant Knockout CUT” and its formula has recently been improved with the additions of Vitamin D3, B6 & B12, as well as L-Theanine. Making it even more impressive and better value than when I first used it to achieve my 6 pack abs originally.

8 weeks on instant knockout

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#2 Burn Lab Pro (Best for retaining muscle mass)

Burn Lab Pro bottle and box on a laptop with the LeanBulking website showing


LeanBulking Overall Rating:   
Ingredients Rating:  Excellent – 5/5
Side Effects:  None Reported
Effectiveness:  Excellent – 5/5
Best Deal:  $59 per box (multi-box discounts available on their site – $177 for 4 boxes)
Where I Bought From:

Here’s why Burn Lab Pro is one of the best Fat Burners:

  • Muscle sparing fat burner – I maintained much more muscle mass while cutting body fat than I would have naturally.
  • I halved my bodyfat in 8 weeks – I let myself go and was at 30% bodyfat before I knew it. But Burn Lab Pro helped get me back on track quickly.
  • From beer belly to seeing my abs! – After 8 weeks of taking this fat burner and working hard, I lost my ‘fat belly’ and could see the outline of my abs.
  • Impressive results, fast – I always say that the best supplements should deliver quick results. Burn Lab Pro was no exception.
  • Free from Side Effects – I didn’t experience any side effects (which was great as many other fat burners caused jitters & heart palpitations).


  • Can only buy on their official website – You can’t buy Burn Lab Pro in retail stores or Amazon.

Quick Summary

As you can see from my pictures on, I had managed to obtain a 6 pack before. However, towards the end of 2018 I let myself go (enjoyed drinking beer and junk food) – I’m only human!

I became really unhappy with what I was seeing in the mirror and began seeing great reviews for Burn Lab Pro appear online at the start of 2019. I also booked a beach holiday and didn’t want to be topless with a beer belly…

After reading that Burn Lab Pro contained my favorite muscle sparing nutrients, HMB and Coleus Forskolii, which has proven to protect muscle mass while cutting body fat, I was confident that this fat burner would work.

Then, I started following a calorie deficient diet plan, along with getting back on a strict weightlifting program…

I halved my bodyfat percentage in just 8 weeks (from 30% to 15%) while maintaining a surprising amount of muscle mass.

My colleagues in the office and friends outside of work were seriously impressed.

The best thing about Burn Lab Pro is that it doesn’t contain any caffeine. So, you can decide whether to take it with a stimulant supplement such as Vyvamind – which I did when taking it before workouts.

You can’t argue with my results. This fat burner works.

No loss in muscle mass. No mood swings. No side effects.

Burn Lab Pro Before and After Transformation Pictures

(I halved my bodyfat from 30% to 15% in just 8 weeks!)

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3. ShredCBD (Best Value Fat Burner)

My wife holding a bottle of ShredCBD, but I take it too! Effective for both men and women as all fat burners should be.
LeanBulking Overall Rating:
Ingredients Rating:  5/5
Side Effects: None
Effectiveness: 5/5
Price Per Bottle:  $46 (further discounts available on multi-box deals)
Full Review: Read reviews on


  • Targets Fat Stores with CBD – numerous clinical studies have shown CBD to be capable of inducing fat loss.
  • Reduces appetite – studies also show that CBD is capable of heightening your metabolic rate and even reduce food intake.
  • Burn Calories & Fat Faster – One study showed that CBD was even capable of turning white fat into brown fat to encourage your body to burn more calories.
  • Boost Metabolism – ShredCBD also contains tried-and-tested thermogenic ingredients such as Green Tea Extract to get your metabolism firing on all cylinders.
  • Best Value Fat Burner on this List – at $46 per bottle (with further discounts available on multi-box deals), this is the best value fat burner we’ve seen on the market.
  • No Gender Targeted BS -We hate when companies target genders to make sales. The most effective fat burners will work regardless of whether you’re male or female.
  • Made in the USA – Created under strict guidelines, manufactured in a cGMP approved facility to ensure you receive the best quality fat burner every time.


Quick Summary

There are hundreds of fat burners that claim to do the same thing out there on the market.

And if you continue to try them when they previously haven’t worked for you…well, that’s the definition of insanity, my friend.

Instead, try a fat burner that takes a different approach; CBD has become very clinically proven to reduce appetite and boost your metabolism for faster fat loss.

Along with CBD, ShredCBD also contains our favorite thermogenic ingredient, green tea extract, which is tried-and-tested to promote fat loss.

And the best thing is, you can still enjoy your morning coffee while taking ShredCBD without any risk of jittery side effects; this fat burner is completely stim-free (doesn’t contain stimulants such as caffeine).

ShredCBD has quickly become me and my wife’s favorite fat burner supplement in 2022.

It’s rare to find products that help to freshen up all the stale options on the market. ShredCBD got us exited and is really making a difference in helping keep my weight and appetite down, while firing up my metabolism for faster fat loss (transformation pictures pending at the end of 2022 for full results over a year).

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Where do you go from here?

Any of these 3 products are a good choice for the best weight loss medication. However, the ones that really made a difference was Instant Knockout (for helping me gain 6 pack abs for the first time) and Burn Lab Pro (for helping me retain muscle mass on a cut).


Because you can lose body fat naturally just by cutting your calorie intake. That’s the stone cold truth, although it might happen slower than if you used a fat burner.

So, if you’re happy with potentially spending years on a diet working to lose body fat, then you don’t need a fat burner. But personally, I prefer getting things done in 8-12 weeks time and seeing my abs back in business in time for summer.

By using the best belly fat burners that contain natural thermogenic ingredients, including cayenne powder extract and green tea extract, you’ll make sure that all of your hard work ends in results – YOU losing body fat and obtaining the physique YOU deserve.

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