Best Female Fitness Models 2022

We are more exposed to the fitness world than any previous year before. Just by scrolling down on any social media page, we have an abundance of icons or rising stars who we can admire. Lean and healthy physiques, that’s all we see.

Achieving these incredible physiques is the final goal for many women seeking to improve their bodies. It’s possible, really possible – you just need to work hard and control your diet.

These fitness models look happy, and everyone can lose some pounds and look similar to them – but it does take hard work.

During a fat burning journey, they can be a fantastic source of inspiration and help to motivate you to work harder; this is why many people follow their favorite female fitness models on social media.

As a result, we wanted to create a homage to the women who inspire millions of people who are working hard to sculpt their dream body. We’ve tried to create a mix of the most popular female fitness models, as well as some lesser known ones who deserve more attention.

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Best Female Fitness Models 2021

1. Sommer Ray

My eyes don’t lie, and neither do yours!

Over 17 million followers make up Sommer Ray’s fanbase, mostly because of her goddess physique (she also has a great personality too). Her figure is not the thinnest on this list, but she is definitely true, living proof that you can develop an amazing body without cutting too much body fat.

By the age of 21, Sommer Ray managed to catch the attention of everybody on social media like no other fitness model around.

Her inspiration? Well, she began to lift weights as both of her parents were bodybuilders in their earlier years.

Ultimately, she never looked back; impressively, she took just 3 years to develop a great figure and step-on-stage as a bikini athlete.

Her successful career has seen her win awards such as Bikini Teen and Bikini Class titles at the NPC Colorado State Championship. However, it seems likely that Sommer has placed her competitive career behind her and will settle on social media and her YouTube channel in the future.

And who can blame her after gaining millions of fans!

Juicy booty, tight waist, and amazing legs. A dream come true and certainly someone who inspires many females around the world. Sommer Ray is definitely deserving of being number 1 on this list.

2. Genesis Lopez


Latinas have a special place in my heart and I couldn’t find a way to not include one in my list. In fact, Genesis also has some Japanese heritage too, so she’s a very multicultural female fitness model for many Asian women too.

This female fitness model is not the most popular around in terms of being a household name, but you simply can’t ignore her.

Genesis Lopez is a great example of natural beauty and genetics, coupled with hard work; this spicy Latina has sculpted an incredible figure that most women work towards in the gym (as you can see from her pictures above).

Not only known for her voluptuous booty, Genesis Lopez also has many sexy angles that will blow any man’s mind and motivate women to build a better body.

Believe it or not, this fitness model doesn’t boast as many fans as you might think – certainly not compared to Sommer Ray. In fact, she has got a fraction of some fitness models, but she is a rising star you cannot miss out on.

3. Alexia Clark


Alexia Clark is known in the fitness world as ‘The Queen of Workouts’ and for being one of the most innovative personal trainers out there. However, she has also achieved recognition thanks to her amazing body that will motivate you to work harder in the gym.

Her workouts are lethal and really challenging; this isn’t surprising, as she is pretty lean! However, Alexia Clark provides amazing mini tutorials on her Instagram page to educate and inspire her followers to lead a healthy, fit lifestyle.

The truth of the matter is that this inspirational fitness model has gained over 1 million followers.

Born in Arizona, in the USA, Alexia has built an impressive portfolio of products, workout plans, modeling titles. Not only that, she also spent a number of years as the female face of Instant Knockout, which we rank as one of the best fat burners for women this year.

A lean frame with toned arms and legs. Oh, and don’t forget those abs; defined without being absolutely shredded, which is what countless women work towards!

4. Cass Martin


If there’s one female that has promoted being strong and sexy by lifting heavy weights during the past few years, then it’s definitely Cass Martin.

It’s extremely impressive how she’s built a strong figure without looking masculine at all. So it’s no surprise that Cass has inspired thousands of females to begin lifting heavier in the gym; there isn’t anything wrong with women having strong arms and legs, and she proves it!

In fact, Cass Martin actually spends her days working in construction, so it’s no surprise that she keeps fit throughout the year. We really enjoy that she’s breaking down the stereotypes of the typical ‘glam model’ with those sculpted guns and chiseled legs.

Although she isn’t exactly a ‘fitness model’, you can’t ignore Cass when talking about inspirational women in the fitness/bodybuilding industry. Her millions of followers prove this fact.

In fact, a 4th place ranking might seem harsh to many fans out there – that’s how highly regarded she is. But as we mentioned, we want to provide exposure to some ‘lesser known’ females too.

5. Sara Sigmundsdóttir



We know what you’re thinking. Sara Sigmundsdóttir isn’t actually a full-time fitness model, but she’s sponsored by some of the biggest brands in the world and featured on enough promotional material, in our honest opinion.

Not only that, fans of Cass Martin will also instantly fall in love with Sara; she also proves that females can stay feminine and look amazing while building lean muscle mass.

In terms of cardiovascular fitness, this Icelandic CrossFit competitor will top this list. She performs amazingly well in each CrossFit games, which involve crazy obstacles and exercises that the average human being simply couldn’t complete.

As well as her success in the industry, Sara has also gained over 1 million fans on Instagram due to her bubbly personality.

Ultimately, Sara Sigmundsdóttir is an ultimate, all-around athlete. She is a Nordic warrior princess and there was no way we couldn’t include her in our best female fitness models list (If you’re from Iceland, show Sara some love in our comments section!).

6. Linda Durbesson


Big booty, tight waist and lean abs; Linda Durbesson has been blessed with body proportions that many females dream about having.

This French fitness model is admired everywhere in the world, which is why she has attracted 1 million followers on social media. We’re big fans of Linda because she is another female that’s showing that you don’t have to be stick thin to be healthy or look incredible.

Just look at Linda Durbesson and you’ll see why we’ve included her in this list. In our honest opinion, one of the most naturally gifted fitness models on this list (no doubt that she’s worked her booty off to sculpt such a great figure though!).

7. Courtney Tailor


Most of our list contains extremely lean female fitness models. So we wanted to include a woman who sports a more realistic figure for many women out there that don’t want a shredded 6 pack.

Courtney Tailor is the perfect addition for this reason. She was named ‘the perfect girl next door’ by Playboy magazine and while she works hard in the gym, we like that she embraces her curvy figure.

Don’t think that Courtney Tailor doesn’t maintain a shredded figure because she can’t attain it though. She’s actually competed on-stage as a bikini athlete and won awards by the age of 22, so she has proven that she can lean-out with the other female fitness models on this list when she desires.

Ultimately, this is for the girls who don’t want to shred too much body fat – Courtney Tailor is a great role model to follow on social media and be inspired by.

8. Bakhar Nabieva


If you like women with big, muscular legs, then Bakhar Nabieva will be your favorite fitness model on this list.

She was born in Azerbaijan but gained global fame on social media through her incredible figure. Since then, her fans have endearingly named her as ‘the girl with the iron bum’, which is a suitable nickname due to her shredded body.

Bakhar Nabieva boats the biggest legs on this list, but she also has abs of steel too; she’s a great role model for females who love working their lower body and want to maintain a very low body fat percentage all-year-round.

9. Nay Jones


Nay Jones seems to be a sensation among women seeking to achieve and admire a muscular, big booty, ripped figure. And of course, this hasn’t exactly kept the men away from her social media profiles.

I mean, we can easily notice how Nay has gone to the perfect spot when it comes to packing serious gains in muscle mass and cutting out that fat; this is evident in her strong, sexy and inspirational body.

Her legs are heaven-sent. Many men would struggle to build legs like hers, even with much higher natural testosterone levels. Honestly, most men struggle to build bigger legs than Nay. They are big, voluptuous and sexy – something a lot of females aspire to.

Want to pack some serious muscle on strategic parts of your body? Nay Jones is the perfect inspiration for you all girls wanting to have an amazing booty with bullet-proof legs.

Nay is inspirational because she helps to take down the belief that women shouldn’t be strong or muscular. So LeanBulking fully backs Nay, and all the haters can stay away.

10. Bethany Tomlinson

Beth’s amazing transformation over years of hard work. Credit: Instagram @beth_fitnessuk

We’re making a big statement here: watch out for Bethany Tomlinson this year. This girl is making serious moves in becoming one of the best female fitness models and we think she should have wayyy more followers on social media.

Just look at her figure and you can see that Bethany Tomlinson not only has the genetics, but she also works her booty off in the gym.

We’re big fans of Bethany; she posts ‘before and after’ photos, so you can see that she started at the same place as anyone else – ultimately, no-one grows up with an amazing frame without putting in some work.

The crazy thing is that she’ll hit her prime in a few years, so this isn’t the best that we’ve seen of her yet. So, in a few years time, we’re expecting to add Bethany Tomlinson as #1 of a list when she asserts her place in the fitness industry.

Bonus: Reader’s Choices

Marzia Prince

Marzia Prince is the definition of a blonde, long and sexy hair. Along with that, Marzia is better known for being a fitness model with appearances in a huge range of magazines, adverts, and online fitness sites.

Her goddess look is something you cannot miss. She has managed to achieve a tight waist and amazing abs – which is certainly something most females work for in the gym.

Anyways, Marzia currently lives in Texas, Arizona and she is another that hasn’t become as popular as she should be. With just 20k followers (at the time of writing), this is an inspiration female that you’ll want to follow on social media.

Sjana Elise

This incredibly thin, beautiful and sexy woman has managed to reach more than 1,5 million followers on Instagram. Her super electric, kind and cute personality is the perfect complement to her refined, thin and inspirational figure.

She is not the most muscular model in this list, and that’s because she doesn’t spend too much time lifting weights. In fact, her lifestyle is completely related to yoga, traveling and positive things.

Ultimately, this is arguably the reason why she has received so much attention on social media. She is completely beautiful and her yoga lifestyle made her build a positive, joyful and even contagious attitude that will improve anyone’s lives instantly.

Sjana Elise just doesn’t inspire other women on pursuing their dreams and perfect bodies; she teaches how yoga and positive habits can change your life for good! (Both mentally and physically). A great role model in the fitness industry.

Laura Michelle Prestin

If many women could imagine what the perfect body on a woman would look like, then Laura’s figure won’t be far off.

A champion in many things; from modeling in viral social media photos to starring on the cover of numerous magazines, Laura has become quite a big name in the fitness industry.

Her abs are probably one of the best parts of her body. Granted with low body fat and defined like nothing I’ve seen in my life, it’s not strange to imagine why this woman has been voted Canada’s calendar girl of the year in the past.

If you like girls with abs, then Laura will be one of your favorites models around and one of the hottest when modeling as a bikini model.

Tight waist, strong legs, and washboard abs? Laura can be a great role model for many females around the world.

Alice Matos

Juicy, big and perfect booties? We must be referring to Brazilian women!

Believe it or not, Brazilians are known for having one of the greatest booties naturally. Their bodies are usually a perfect example of a voluptuous figure, blended with supreme beauty.

Personally, Alice Matos is my preferred fitness model. She has reached a balance in which I feel really comfortable. I mean, she is the wife we all men need!

She has got the perfect package; really tight waist, washboard abs, angel face and impressively low body fat levels. This is how a true, natural and healthy body looks like – it doesn’t look too muscular or too ripped, so this is basically the body most women will be aiming for.

Fortunately, achieving that body is possible. It just takes a lot of hard work and dedication to fitness.

Katya Elise Henry

This 23-year-old American fitness model has reached the top of her game with more than 5 million followers on her Instagram account. This female fitness model has a juicy, big and muscular booty that will make your jaw drop to the floor!

She is probably one the sexiest women that I’ve ever seen. However, this young female fitness model has way more to offer than just a sexy look.

Achieving such a big and juicy ass is not easy, and that’s why she invested a lot of time lifting weights after her cheerleading career in her younger years.

Watch her close; she is already a star with more than 5 million followers and there’ll be even more in the future.

She is a perfect inspiration for females looking for a tight waist and big booty. And there certainly are more women seeking to achieve this type of figure in recent times!

*This section is still being updated with your recommendations, so comment on this article…

Conclusion: Best Female Fitness Models 2021

Ultimately, one of our writers has written this article and chosen the best female fitness models. It’s a pretty good list, but not everyone will agree.

So comment who you believe should have made the cut, and we might even expand it to a top 20!

Ultimately, having a female fitness model to aspire to is a great thing. It helps you envision what you want to work towards, whether it’s a bigger booty or a shredded 6 pack.

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