Best Pre Workouts 2021

Reached a plateau or simply want to take your workouts to the next level?

You might be training your *ss off already but simply reached a plateau and are not seeing your body develop. Sometimes we all need that extra ‘push’ to help us sculpt our ideal physiques.

Here’s what can help give you the helping hand that you need: A pre-workout supplement.

Why? Well, an effective pre-workout can provide you with key benefits:

  • Intense Muscle Pumps – Your arms and legs will be bulging while you lift weights.
  • Enhanced Strength – Lift bigger weights than before, for longer.
  • Improved Endurance – Keep going at peak intensity until your last set in the gym.
  • More Focus – Feel great mind-muscle-connection, making the most of every rep and set.

But how do you choose the best pre-workout supplement?

Answer: You’ve come to the right place – our experts have analyzed the best products on the market for you.

Check it out:


Best Pre Workouts Pre Lab Pro Performance Lab Stim Pre-Kaged
Performance Lab Stim Kaged-Muscle-Pre-Kaged-Top-3-Pre-Workouts
LeanBulking Overall Rating: 5/5



Where To Buy: Buy Here Buy Here Available at a variety of vendors
Taste: 5/5 N/A (capsules) 4/5
Shipping: Worldwide Shipping (Dispatched from USA & UK in under 1 week – and to APO addresses) Worldwide Shipping (Dispatched from USA & UK in under 1 week – and to APO addresses) Depends on Retailer
Company Reputation: Excellent  Great Good
Does It Improve Strength & Endurance?: Yes – 5/5 Yes – 4.5/5 Yes
Number of Servings per Container: 20 Servings 20 Servings 20 Servings
Vegan Friendly?: Yes  No No
Value for Money: Excellent – 5/5 Great – 4/5 Great – 4/5
Price: $59.00
(Discounts on multiple boxes)
(Discounts on multiple boxes)
Side Effects: None Reported Not likely unless taken with coffee or other caffeinated products Some Reported
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#1 Pre Lab Pro 

LeanBulking Overall Rating:   
Ingredients Rating: Excellent – 5/5
Side Effects: None Reported
Effectiveness: Excellent – 5/5
Best Deal:  $59
Where I Bought From:

Here’s how Pre Lab Pro helped me:

  • More motivated to reach my goals – I packed on muscle mass quicker than before, more efficiently.
  • Stayed fresh for longer through intense exercise – I could train at higher intensities without going to failure for longer than normal.
  • Muscle pumps felt great and I felt less sore after workouts – I could feel the pump on my arms when bicep curling and wasn’t as sore afterward.
  • I set new PB’s on my chest press and squat – Pre Lab Pro helped raise my strength to the next level.
  • No side effects – I wasn’t distracted from my gym sessions by any unwanted jitters, crashes or itchy skin.


  • You can only buy directly from their official website: – not available in any retail stores.

Quick Summary

After trying out many different pre-workout supplements, Performance Lab Pre is the best I’ve tried and reviewed this year.

Pre Lab Pro only contains only premium-grade ingredients in scientifically-proven dosages (noted with the sensible dosage of caffeine that will deliver benefits without causing jittery side effects during your gym session).

Ultimately, finding an effective product has really made a HUGE difference. I am more than happy to recommend Pre Lab Pro as our best choice here (and we now believe it being non-stimulant is positive!).

Most importantly, it took my training to the next level – I believe it will help you make serious changes to your physique. Used together with Performance Lab’s Multivitamin and BCAA (and of course an effective weightlifting & diet plan), I’ve managed to sculpt a body I’m finally happy with.

Pre-Workout-Transformation before and after*My transformation pictures over 8 weeks while taking Pre Lab Pro.

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#2 Performance Lab Stim

Performance Lab Stim

LeanBulking Overall Rating:  
Ingredients Rating: Excellent – 5/5
Side Effects: Not likely unless taken with coffee or other caffeinated products
Effectiveness: Great – 4.5/5
Best Deal:  $44 per bottle
Where I Bought From:

Here’s how Stim helped me:

  • Increased focus – The ‘smart caffeine’ combo helped increase focus during my gym sessions.
  • My energy levels were through the roof – I was never tired during my workouts with Stim, and it helped me get there in the first place!
  • Good dosages of ingredients – the B-vitamins replenish what caffeine depletes, keeping you fully fuelled.


  • You can only buy Stim on their website – can’t buy from any online retailers or shops.
  • Premium price – Stim is more expensive than some options.

Quick Summary

If your looking for a versatile stimulant supplement that you can take before work and want that energy kick before your workouts, then Stim is a great choice.

It’s made by Performance Lab, a premium supplements company and costs $44 per bottle normally; but we chose to buy 3+1 month supplement bringing down the cost of each bottle to just $33.

I know what you’re thinking – it’s expensive compared to others, but we’d rather pay for a premium product that works.

Performance Lab Stim doesn’t contain the most caffeine seen in any product (which we take as a positive for no risk of side effects). But it gives you clean energy boosts, without the jittery feeling – just make sure that you don’t consume this alongside coffee or any other caffeinated products to make sure.

And best of all, it can be taken as a nootropic supplement before a long day at work to keep you mentally fuelled too – making this a more versatile pre-workout than others on the market.

Runner Up: Pre-Kaged 


LeanBulking Overall Rating   
Ingredients Rating  4/5
Side Effects (5 for zero or low side effects/1 for high side effects)  Some Reported
Effectiveness  4/5
Price  $38.99


  • Contains key pre-workout ingredients (Creatine, L-Citrulline & Caffeine).
  • L-Citrulline dosage 6,000mg.
  • Coconut Water Powder helps keep you hydrated
  • 31.9g serving size


  • Over-dose of Caffeine likely to cause jitters.
  • Betaine can cause your breath and sweat to smell fishy
  • Missing key pre-workout nutrients (eg. L-Carnitine)

Quick Summary

We were impressed by Pre-Kaged’s nutrient profile; it clearly showed that Kaged Muscle had done their research while formulating this pre-workout.

As a result, after trying Pre-Kaged, we can confirm that this is much better than many pre-workouts on the market. However, it’s the little things which make the difference between a very great product and the best ones.

Ultimately, Kaged Muscle had made small mistakes such as over-dosing the Caffeine (putting you at risk from jitters). But as we’ve mentioned, it’s much more effective than many other pre-workouts on the market and deserves it’s place in our Top 3 here.

Best Pre Workout Supplements


While we have our favorite products on this list, you won’t go wrong by choosing any of these 3. We’ve spent years trying different products out, so you don’t have to.

Ultimately, Pre Lab Pro is our go-to product; this is great as it doesn’t contain an overload of stimulants, so we can still take this on days where we’ve had coffee without suffering from jitters.

If we want the convenience of popping a few capsules instead of mixing powder with water, then we’ll take Performance Lab’s ‘STIM‘.


Where do you go from here?

We’ve shown you our favorite products on the market – and we’ll show you exactly why.

Ingredients are the most important features of a pre-workout; simply put, if a supplement’s ingredient list is on point, then it’ll be a great product. If not, then it’s a waste of money – it’s really as simply as that.

If you’re interested:

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