Best Female Fitness Models 2022


We are more exposed to the fitness world than any previous year before. Just by scrolling down on any social media page, we have an abundance of icons or rising stars who we can admire. Lean and healthy physiques, that’s all we see. Achieving these incredible physiques is the final goal for many women seeking … Read more

Andrea Osorio – Female Fitness Model


South America is well known for producing some the best soccer talent in the history of the game. However, Colombia is a country that’s produced some amazing fitness models recently. The likes of Anella Sagra have found success in recent years. Andrea Osorio is another who’s gained thousands of followers on social media. While Andrea … Read more

Genesis Lopez – Female Fitness Model


We’ve recently seen tons of new ‘Instagram Models’ appearing online. Many have managed to gain a strong fan base due to sculpting amazing figures – one of them is Genesis Lopez. Boasting over 3 million followers on her Instagram profile and inspiring countless others to lead a healthy lifestyle, Genesis Lopez has become one of … Read more

Cass Martin – Female Fitness Sensation


Since Cass Martin caught the attention of the fitness and bodybuilding community, it’s safe to say that she has become a sensation. Millions of men and women have started to follow her social media profiles, and she now boasts almost 2 million followers on just Instagram. It’s easy to see why. She leads the way … Read more

The New Generation of Preston’s Sports Stars

There’s many things people don’t know about the wonderful Preston. Sitting in the heart of Lancashire, it’s England’s newest city and was home to the oldest KFC in the UK. However, others might be unaware of the plethora of rising talent emerging; they’re finding success in a variety of sports, ranging from Rugby Union, Athletics … Read more