Testogen vs Testofuel vs Prime Male: Battle of the Test Boosters

Here at LeanBulking.com, we appreciate every single one of you. So when someone asks us to write a review for them, we get the job done, quick!

In this case, one of our readers asked us to compare TestoGen vs TestoFuel vs Prime Male; and that’s exactly what we’ve done. We created a comparison table that compares all of these testosterone booster supplements against each other – as well as giving you quick summaries of each product underneath.

We hope that you enjoy this review, and let us know if you have any more requests in the comments section!

Testogen vs TestoFuel vs Prime Male #1 TestoFuel #2 Prime Male #3 TestoGen
TestoGen vs TestoFuel vs Prime Male
LeanBulking Overall Rating: 5/5



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Company Reputation: Excellent  Great Great
Money-Back Guarantee: Yes – 90 day Guarantee  Yes – with ‘3 Month Supply’ Deal No
Increases Libido?: Yes – 5/5  Yes – 5/5 Good – 3/5
Increase Test Levels?: Yes – 5/5 Yes – 5/5 Yes – 3/5
How Effective Is It?: Excellent – 5/5 Great – 4/5 Great – 3/5
Price: $65.00
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$69.99 $54.95
Side Effects: None Reported Very Rarely Reported Commonly Reported
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Best Overall Testosterone Booster

Winner: TestoFuel


LeanBulking Overall Rating:  
Ingredients Rating:  Excellent 
Side Effects:  None Reported
Effectiveness:  Excellent 
Best Deal:  ‘Ultimate Gainers Package’ (Buy 3 boxes, get 1 free & 2 training guides)
Where I Bought From: www.TestoFuel.com

Quick Summary 

TestoFuel is our favorite testosterone booster for one reason – it works. We felt incredible while taking it, and when we want to gain lean mass again, we’ll be buying some more ourselves! (at the moment, we’re still cutting body fat).

It’s endorsed by bodybuilding legend and Masters Mr. Olympia champion, Robby Robinson. This athlete rubbed shoulders and trained with other legends such as Arnold Schwarzenegger – so he knows a thing or 2 about bodybuilding, and you have to respect his opinion.

The main things you notice with TestoFuel: 

  • Crazy Sex Drive – It’s always great to raise your libido, and we were able to please our wives for longer everyday!
  • Intense Muscle Gains – If you’ve hit a plateau like we did, TestoFuel really helped us make further changes to our body.
  • Feel Like THE BOSS – With increased confidence and motivation, you’ll feel ready to take on the world.
  • Lose Belly Fat – Clearly fat burners are best for shredding fat, but a raise in testosterone levels helps you trim belly fat away too.


  • Only available online – You can only buy TestoFuel from its official website
  • Premium Price – It costs more than other test boosters, but a Ferrari is more expensive than a Hyundai too.

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Full TestoFuel Review Here

Best Test Booster For Men Over 30

Winner: Prime Male

Quick Summary 

We placed this second in our overall test booster rankings. But Prime Male the best option for men over 30; it’s specifically designed to combat the 1% decline in testosterone levels per year after turn 30-years-old.

It contains great ingredients (100% natural) that won’t cause you any side effects, but will raise your testosterone levels. We like that it appeals to the wiser generation, as there aren’t many test boosters that are made specifically for us!

Prime Male is also endorsed by Hollywood and Rocky III legend, Dolph Lundgren; after trying this test booster for ourselves, we can see why it’s attracted some celebrity names.

Key Benefits of Prime Male

  • Raises & Maintains Test Levels In Men Over 30
  • Feel Like Your 20 Again!
  • 100% Natural Nutrient Profile
  • No Side Effects


  • Only available online – You can only buy Prime Male from its official website
  • Most expensive product in this list

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Read Our Full Prime Male Review

Cheapest Option

Winner: TestoGen

TestoGen vs TestoFuel vs Prime Male

Quick Summary 

We’ll be honest here; TestoGen can’t compete with the other testosterone boosters, but it’s the cheapest option for this reason.

Here’s why TestoGen isn’t as good as TestoFuel or Prime Male:

  • Only 400IU Vitamin D3 – The optimal dosage is 3,332IU-5,000IU, so you can see how small the dosage of Vitamin D3 in TestoGen is.
  • Potentially harmful dosage of Zinc – The TUL (Tolerable Upper Limit) of Zinc is set at 40mg to keep you safe. However, TestoGen contains a HUGE 72mg, which can put your health at risk.
  • Tribulus Terrestris can increase prostate weight – This side effect can lead to serious male health issues that you should avoid at all costs.
  • Not good value for money – Although TestoGen is the cheapest option here, you can see why after realizing Vitamin D3 has been severely underdosed (meaning it’s not likely to work either).

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