Performix TCP Timed Cognitive Priming Review

Pros Bacopa Monnieri shown to enhance cognition Citicoline proven to boost memory Contains ‘smart-caffeine’ combo – Caffeine & L-Theanine Cons All ingredients inside proprietary blends – increased risk of side effects Don’t know the dosages of each ingredients inside (not sure whether they’re effective or not) Contains numerous ineffective ingredients Want to Save Some Time?  … Read more

BrainBridge Nootropic Review

Pros PhosphatidylSerine proven to promote cognition L-Theanine increases focus and concentration while reducing stress L-Tyrosine is a key nootropic ingredient Bacopa Monnieri shown to accelerate mental processing Cons Alpha-GPC reported to cause numerous side effects Huperzine A known for causing side effects Fat burning ingredients, such as Green Coffee Bean Extract aren’t needed Missing key … Read more

CRIT Gaming Nootropic Review

Pro’s ‘Smart Caffeine’ combo improves focus Reasonable price tag Con’s Alpha-GPC can cause side effects Huperzine A reported for causing numerous side effects Missing key Nootropic ingredients (eg. Lion’s Mane Mushroom) See Your Best Options In Our – Top 3 Nootropics Page – About The Product CRIT is a nootropic supplement made by GG Labs … Read more

Neuro-Peak Review

Pro’s L-Carnitine shown to improve cognition and reduce fatigue Bacopa Monnieri is a key nootropic ingredient Phosphatidylserine proven to boost memory and reduce cognitive decline No Proprietary Blends – so you can see the exact dosages of each ingredient inside Con’s St John’s Wort shown to cause numerous side effects DMAE shown to be teratorgenic … Read more

Controlled Labs Gamer UP Review

Pros Lion’s Mane Mushroom is a key nootropic ingredient proven to work Bacopa Monnieri shown to improve memory and reduce anxiety L-Tyrosine shown to boost focus No proprietary blends Cons Huperzine A reported to cause numerous side effects Caffeine not needed in nootropics Alpha GPC also reported to cause side effects Missing key nootropic ingredients See Your Best … Read more