BrainBridge Nootropic Review


  • PhosphatidylSerine proven to promote cognition
  • L-Theanine increases focus and concentration while reducing stress
  • L-Tyrosine is a key nootropic ingredient
  • Bacopa Monnieri shown to accelerate mental processing


  • Alpha-GPC reported to cause numerous side effects
  • Huperzine A known for causing side effects
  • Fat burning ingredients, such as Green Coffee Bean Extract arent needed
  • Missing key nootropic ingredients (eg. Rhodiola Rosea)
  • Only 1 serving per day, not likely to deliver sustainable benefits

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About The Product

BrainBridge is a nootropic supplement made by Man Sports. It usually costs $42.99 for a 20 serving container, but they sometimes offer deals including a reduction in price.

This product comes with a serving size of 1 scoop per day; so yes, that means it comes in powder form like pre-workout supplements. Personally, we prefer capsules with nootropics, as this enables you to consume servings on-the-go, but mixing powder into a drink takes more time and can be more of a hassle for us.

What did it taste like? Well, not adding any sugar to a product is a good thing (it doesnt take a genius to know that decreasing sugar from your diet is a good thing). But without any addition of natural sweeteners such as Monk Fruit Extract, BrainBridge doesnt taste good at all.

We believe that Man Sports Nutrition should have made more of an effort to enhance the taste of this nootropic - as they made the choice to present it in powder form.

Anyway, well analyze the nutrient profile of BrainBridge nootropic, after telling more more about the company behind it.

Who are Man Sports Nutrition? 

We found out that MAN stands for Metabolic Augmenting Nutrition for this companys name.

In all honesty, we didnt learn much about this company from their website; this is because Man Sport didnt have any about us page on there, which is a shame.

Personally, we like learning about the company before buying a product - so you can see what their morals and values are, to see if theyre well-represented in the supplement.

Anyway, none of this really matters to you, does it? You want to know whether the ingredients inside BrainBridge nootropic are effective or can cause side effects. Find out in the next section below…

BrainBridge Nootropic Ingredients Explained

The first thing we noticed about BrainBridge nootropic, was that it contained a HUGE amount of ingredients - around 15, to be exact.

We dont believe that its necessary to have this amount of ingredients in 1 supplement. In fact, we find that the best noootropic supplements usually contain around 10-12 ingredients maximum.

However, we are glad that Man Sports havent included any proprietary blends in the nutrient profiles of BrainBridge nootropic. This means you can see the exact dosages of each ingredient inside this product (allowing you to see whether theyve been optimally dosed or not).

A negative we found was that BrainBridge nootropic contains 2 ingredients that have been reported as being potentially harmful before; Huperzine A and Alpha-GPC. For this reason, we usually try to supplements containing these ingredients.

Anyway, well take you through the main ingredient inside BrainBridge (or well both be here all day writing & reading) - so you can see how effective it really is.


Heres Everything You Need To Know:

Coleus Forskohlii 

Were not sure why Man Sports have added this ingredient into BrainBridge nootropic. Basically, Coleus Forskohlii is believed to promote fat loss while enhancing your testosterone levels.

Sounds like the perfect ingredient right? Well, unfortunately, this hasnt been confirmed by reliable studies yet - making Coleus Forskohlii an unreliable nutrient.

Well be keeping a close eye on this ingredient, as it could be useful in testosterone booster supplements in the future. However, as it definitely has no effect on your cognition, theres no need for this to be inside BrainBridge nootropic.


L-Carnitine is a great addition to a pre-workout supplement, as its main benefit is being able to reduce muscular damage and fatigue. However, while it can slightly improve your focus, there are many better ingredients for this job (such as Lions Mane Mushroom).

For this reason, we dont believe that L-Carnitine is a necessary addition to BrainBridge nootropic.


If you read our introduction, this is one of the ingredients that we warned you about for one reason - its been reported to cause numerous side effects.

As a result, its not a good idea to consume a supplement containing Alpha-GPC, and we advise you not to (in order to stay safe from side effects).

Simply put, theres no need to risk side effects. Especially when there are ingredients that are better than Alpha GPC that are proven to be safe and effective (such as Lions Mane Mushroom).


To start with, we have reason to believe that Man Sports have misspelled this ingredient (its supposed to be L-Phenylalanine). So lets hope that the people who formed this ingredient list werent taking BrainBridge nootropic…

Anyway, all you need to know is that is that L-Phenalalanine is naturally found in breast milk, and is believed to improve your cognition. However, there havent been any studies to prove whether this is actually works - making it very unreliable.

Again, we know that there are better ingredients Man Sports could have added here instead, such as Rhodiola Rosea (which is tried-and-tested to reduce stress, while improving your cognition).

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Finally, a key addition to a nootropic supplement. L-Tyrosine has proven itself to be one of the best ingredients to boost your cognition.

In fact, to test this, we bought a sample of pure L-Tyrosine and consumed optimal dosages of 175mg per serving; we found that even alone, this was able to boost our concentration, memory and attention span.

Ultimately, consuming this with other effective nutrients will deliver great results. So were always happy when companies add L-Tyrosine into their product - like Man Sports have done with BrainBridge nootropic here.

Bacopa Monnieri 

They say good things come in 3s. Well, this is certainly the case here, as Bacopa Monnieri is another key nootropic ingredient thts tried-and-tested to work.

Simply put, studies have shown that Bacopa Monnieri is able to improve your memory and your ability to learn at an accelerated rate. For this reason, we consider this as a key addition to BrainBridge nootropic.

Man Sports have dosed this well at 150mg per serving, so no problems here.


PhosphatidylSerine completes the trio of best ingredients inside BrainBridge nootropic.

Basically, have you ever wondered why fish is known to be beneficial for your brain? Well, apart from the Omega 3 fatty acids, fish also contain high amounts of PhosphatidylSerine (which is proven to lower stress levels and improve cognition, especially as you age).

So if youre not a lover of seafood, then you can still experience the same benefit to your cognition by supplementing with a nootropic containing PhosphatidylSerine. Not bad, eh?

For this reason, this is one of our favorite additions to BrainBridge nootropic, and any nootropic supplement its found inside.

Huperzine A 

Now that were past the best nutrients in BrainBridge, were onto one of the worst…yes, Huperzine A is an ingredient that we commonly advise you to avoid, due to being reported to cause numerous side effects.

We acknowledge that Huperzine A has shown to actually promote cognitive health. But we dont think its worth suffering from side effects for; especially when there are safe & effective nutrients that put you at risk from side effects available.

Green Coffee Bean Extract 

You might be glad to hear that this is the last ingredient well analyze on BrainBridge nootropics nutrient profile. My wife is calling me for tea, and ive heared that theres spaghetti & meatballs on the table with garlic bread…

Anyway, we dont understand why Man Sports have added Green Coffee Bean into their nootropic supplement. Dont get us wrong, this is a key addition to a fat burner, as its shown to promote fat loss and general health.

However, one thing that Green Coffee Bean Extract isnt known for doing, is boosting your cognition. For this reason, we would have preferred to see a more effective nutrient instead, such as Lions Mane Mushroom or Rhodiola Rosea.


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Side Effects

As weve mentioned, there are 2 ingredients thatre commonly reported to cause side effects in BrainBridge nootropic; Huperzine A and Alpha-GPC.

For this reason, we always advise you to stay away from supplements containing these ingredients - to stay safe from side effects.

Ultimately, theres no point paying a premium price to improve your quality of life and cognition, if youre going to suffer from side effects. As a result, we always recommend that you take a close look at the nutrient profiles of nootropics your interested in, and determine how effective it will be (or risk wasting your hard-earned cash).

Heres the potential side effects from taking BrainBridge Nootropic: 

  • Nausea (Huperzine A)
  • Diarrhea (Huperzine A)
  • Cramping (Huperzine A)
  • High Blood Pressure (Huperzine A)
  • Heartburn (Alpha-GPC)
  • Insomnia (Alpha-GPC)
  • Headache (Alpha-GPC)

BrainBridge Nootropic Review Conclusion

If BrainBridge nootropic didnt contain Huperzine A or Alpha-GPC, it would have placed in our top 3 nootropic rankings at this moment in time. However, due to these 2 ingredients being reported to cause side effects, we cant recommend this product to you.

Ultimately, weve tried many nootropics and youll be surprised by how many cause side effects. As the market is filled with less nootropic supplements than others, such as testosterone boosters, fat furners and pre-workouts; its almost as if companies dont feel they need to spend as much time or effort formulating their nootropics as there isnt much choice available to you.

If theres one thing that we feel is very beneficial to the supplements industry, its more competition. More competition basically forces companies to be more careful when formulating their products, resulting in higher quality products.

As nootropics are still quite a new discovery, weve only found under 5 products that are even worth talking about. For this reason, were always keeping an eye out for new nootropics to hit the market, and waiting until more companies release more nootropics - to increase the competition for this market, which will result in higher quality nootropics.

BrainBridge Nootropic Review

Bottom Line

BrainBridge contains 2 ingredients that can cause side effects, so it cant compete with the highest rated nootropics at the moment.

For this reason, we believe that youll be benefited more by looking for better options elsewhere.

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  1. Thanks for this review, it has helped me loads. I don’t know much about ingredients in supplements so it’s great to see you and others deliver educated information about this, it’s clear that you really know your stuff. Thanks again.

    • Hey Cass, thanks for reaching out!

      We’re glad that you enjoyed our review of BrainBridge Nootropic! Indeed, people not knowing enough about the nutrients added to supplements is one of the main reasons why we create these reviews.

      Of course, we could go into more detail about each ingredient. But then we risk boring you guys who just want to main details without all of the ‘sales’ bullsh*t.

      We hope that others enjoy our easy-to-read format too, but if you have any recommendations then don’t hesitate to let us know!

      Best regards,


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