Performix TCP Timed Cognitive Priming Review


  • Bacopa Monnieri shown to enhance cognition
  • Citicoline proven to boost memory
  • Contains ‘smart-caffeine’ combo – Caffeine & L-Theanine


  • All ingredients inside proprietary blends – increased risk of side effects
  • Don’t know the dosages of each ingredients inside (not sure whether they’re effective or not)
  • Contains numerous ineffective ingredients

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About The Product

TCP (Timed Cognitive Priming) is a nootropic supplement made by Performix. It costs $74.99 for 30 servings containers, with a daily serving size of 2 per day.

This is a good serving size, as it’ll keep you fuelled with brain-boosting ingredients during work hours – when you need it the most.

When we’re looking for a Nootropic supplement, we want to see ingredients that improve our memory, focus, and reaction time; for this reason, we’ll be checking whether the ingredients inside Performix TCP can tick these boxes.

We’ll do this after telling you a bit about Performix (for those that don’t know who this company is).

Who are Performix? 

Perfomix are a supplements company based in the USA, which consider itself to be a premium brand. They place a big emphasis on their ‘TERRA time-release’ system used in their products (that’re supposed to be more effective during longer periods of time).

However, we always say this: you can tell by how many people are trying to copy innovation, how effective it really is. Think about it, when the iphone came out, everyone made smart phones. However, we’ve not seen anyone else try to create a ‘time release’ system in their products.

Anyway, you’re here to learn about the ingredients in Performix TCP – so read on to find out.

Performix TCP Ingredients Explained

When looking at Performix TCP’s ingredient list, it’s hard to miss the proprietary blends inside – you’ll see that they’re named ‘Brain Energizer Matrix’ and ‘Brain Focus Matrix’ – but you’re not given the exact dosages of each ingredient inside. We’ll expand on this below.


Simply put, proprietary blends are mixtures of numerous ingredients shown to you as 1 quantity – meaning companies can hide the dosages of individual ingredients inside.

This is bad, as you won’t know how effective an ingredient is, or whether it causes any side effects. To get the best value for money, you should always know the exact dosage of each ingredient.

Anyway, we’ve also spotted a few ingredients we like. For this reason, we’ll take you through the ingredients inside Performix TCP – to show you how good this Nootropic really is.

Perfomix TCP timed cognitive priming ingredient list review

Here’s Everything You Need To Know:

Medium Chain Triglycerides 

Also know simply as (MCT), and are basically 3 fatty acids that are found in foods that are high in fat such as Coconut Oil, and is believed to help suppress your appetite. For this reason, Terry Crews often consumes a spoon full of Coconut Oil to help him with intermittent fasting.

However, this hasn’t shown to be very beneficial to your cognition – meaning it’s not necessary in Performix TCP.

Smart-Caffeine Combo 

Simply put, Caffeine and L-Theanine form what’s known a ‘smart-caffeine’ when consumed together – this is believed to improve your focus, which is useful in a Nootropic.

However, Performix TCP contains 175mg Caffeine – which is a big dosage for a Nootropic. We prefer nootropics with a lower dosage of Caffeine at around 75-100mg per serving to ensure you stay safe from jittery side effects.

As Performix TCP contains as much Caffeine as most pre-workouts, we can’t recommend this to everyone. However, Caffeine + L-Theanine certainly is a combination that you should be looking for in a top nootropic supplement.


A study by G.N Owens et al (2008) found that a 50mg dosage of caffeine paired with 100mg L-Theanine (to form the optimal 2:1 ratio of caffeine & l-theanine) was able to significantly benefit subjects’ mental performance in cognitively demanding tasks.

The issue with Performix TCP (in our honest opinion) is that you’re not shown the dosage of L-Theanine, so no-one can be sure whether there’s enough in this nootropic to actually benefit you.

As a result, if you’re looking for a caffeinated nootropic supplement, we recommend VyvaMind; it contains 75 mg Caffeine along with 150 mg L-Theanine to provide you with the perfect 2:1 ratio. It’s a great dosage of caffeine that will offer benefits without any jittery side effects too.

Learn more and buy VyvaMind direct from their website:
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We’ve mentioned that stimulants aren’t needed in Nootropics – well, Theacrine is another stimulant. This only raises your risk of suffering from jitters and energy crashes here – meaning it’s not necessary either.

Huperzine A 

Huperzine A was once a popular addition to pre-workout supplements. However, there were many reports of side effects caused by this ingredient – which is why it’s no longer commonly added to these products.

For this reason, we recommend that you avoid Nootropics containing Huperzine A; there’s no need to risk side effects. when there are safe and effective ingredients to choose from.

Not only that, as it’s part of a proprietary blend, Performix TCP might be filled with Huperzine A – which would significantly increase your risk of suffering side effects.


This herb has been used for decades in ayurveda medicine (traditional Indian Medicine). It’s shown to improve your strength in the gym, but it’s not proven to boost your cognition – which is the main aim of taking a Nootropic.

For this reason, Ashwagandha isn’t a key ingredient in any Nootropic, and isn’t necessary to have in Performix TCP. The only good thing about this, is that it’s shown to cause any side effects.

Mucuna Pruriens 

We’re not sure why Performix has added Mucuna Pruriens into their Nootropic supplment – while it’s shown to boost your testosterone levels, it’s not proven to raise your cognition.

For this reason, Mucuna Pruriens isn’t needed in Performix TCP. Not only that, Mucuna Pruriens wouldn’t even improve your testosterone levels, as you’ll only take 2 servings of this per day (this is a good serving size for nootropics, but not for a testosterone booster).


This is the first key nootropic ingredient inside Performix TCP so far. Also known as CDP-Choline, it’s shown to improve your memory in dosages of 500mg-2,000mg.

However, as it’s part of a proprietary blend, no-one knows the exact dosage inside Performix TCP – meaning it might be ineffective. This is a great example of why you should avoid supplements containing proprietary blends.

Bacopa Monnieri Extract 

Bacopa Monnieri has proven to boost your cognition in numerous studies – making it one of our favorite nootropic ingredients.

However, studies have also shown that you need at least 300mg per serving for it to work; as this is part of a proprietary blend, you don’t know whether there’s an optimal dosage inside (meaning it might not work in Performix TCP).

As we’ve previously mentioned, this is a great example of why we hate proprietary blends.


This is a cholergenic compound that’s believed to improve your strength in the gym. Although it’s shown to also have a minor effect on cognition, we’ve seen many products containing Alpha-GPC get bad reviews for causing side effects – and after trying Alpha-GPC ourselves a couple of years back, we can confirm it can cause numerous side effects (we’ll expand on this in the next section).


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Side Effects

There are 2 ingredients in Peformix TCP that can cause side effects – Huperzine A & Alpha-GPC. We’ve seen this in both reviews and also experienced side effects after taking these ingredients ourselves (which is why we try to avoid supplements containing them).

Not only that, as they’re part of proprietary blends, it Performix TCP might be filled with these ingredients without you knowing; this would significantly increase your risk of suffering from side effects – which is another example of why we hate these blends.

Here’s the potential side effects from taking Performix TCP: 

  • Nausea (Huperzine A)
  • Headache (Huperzine A & Alpha-GPC)
  • Diarhea (Huperzine A & Alpha-GPC)
  • Insomnia (Huperzine A)
  • Cramping (Huperzine A)
  • Heartburn (Alpha-GPC)

Performix TCP Review Conclusion

As you can see from the list of side effects, we didn’t take more than 2 servings of this before going back to our favorite nootropic. It’s not as big a market as testosterone boosters, fat burners or pre-workouts – so with this in mind, Performix TCP isn’t the worst product we’ve tested.

However, it’s also not comparable with our favorite nootropic supplement either – if this didn’t contain any proprietary blends or ingredients that can cause side effects, we would’ve rated this higher.


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