Prime Male vs Nugenix Review

Here at, we always listen to your requests. And the other day, you asked us to write a review comparing 2 testosterone boosters - Prime Male vs Nugenix Test Booster.

So this is exactly what were giving you below. Remember that you asked for this review, so dont complain about us being biased about one product - if youve read the individual reviews, you know that theres a clear winner here.

Anyway, well show you a table comparing the best features of these testosterone boosters; then, well leave you to make your own mind up at the end.

We wont promise that this will be better than the Conor McGregor v Floyd Mayweather fight. But itll still be quite entertaining regardless. So without wasting any more time…

DING DING…Lets Get Ready To Rumble Below!

Prime Male vs Nugenix Test Booster

Prime Male vs NugenixPrime MaleNugenix
Product Picture:Nugenic testosterone booster review picture, showing three of the bottles lined up next to each other.
LeanBulking Overall Rating:

Nugenix leanbulking star rating v prime male2/5

Supplement Website:Visit SiteVisit Site
Capsules Per Day:43
Shipping:Worldwide, with Free USA & UK Delivery
(Dispatched from both USA & UK in under 1 week - and to APO addresses)
Only USA & Canada
Company Reputation:Excellent Average
Money-Back Guarantee:Yes - 90 day Guarantee No
Increases Sex Drive?:Yes - 4.5/5Slightly - 2/5
Increase Testosterone?:Yes - 5/5Slightly - 2/5
Effectiveness:Excellent - 4.5/5Quite Bad - 2/5
(Discounts on multiple boxes)
Side Effects:None ReportedVery Rarely Reported
Reoccurring Charges?:NoYes
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Prime Male by Propura

LeanBulking Overall Rating:
Ingredients Rating:4/5
Side Effects:Very Rarely Reported
Price per box:$51.75 with the 3 Month Supply Deal
Best Deal:Buy Now

What Makes it Stand Out?

Prime Male contains similar ingredients to TestoFuel - which explains why its almost as effective. For this same reason, most of the benefits are the same - and Prime Male didnt cause any side effects either.

Its a great product, and were happy to place this second on our list.

Heres the benefits I experienced from using Prime Male:

  • Improved mood - I felt happier when using this supplement.
  • Less fatigue, more energy - I recovered from workouts quicker than before. Feeling less sore is definitely a bonus.
  • Trimmed belly fat - The increase in testosterone levels helped me trim some belly fat.
  • Lean muscle gains - I managed to add some lean muscle mass while taking Prime Male.


  • Premium price (same price as Nugenix Test Booster)
  • Mainly aimed at 30-year-old+ men
  • Not sold in retailers - You can only buy Prime Male from their website:

Quick Summary

Prime Male is a testosterone booster marketed by Propura. They have an excellent reputation and are endorsed by Hollywood actor and start of Rocky III - Dolph Lundgren.

The main thing we noticed was this; it was aimed at men over 30-years-old, as studies show testosterone levels decline at a rate of 1% per year after this age.

As this fact caught our attention, we were more than willing to try Prime Male - especially after we heard Dolph Lundgrens shining testimonial.

Did Prime Male Work? Yes, it did.

In fact, we felt more energetic and could train for longer in the gym (helping us make more progress on our physique). Ultimately, we were able to trim belly fat, which we struggled to do before. And our sex drive was sky high!

Its aimed at men over 30, but weve seen reviews by customers in their 20s saying it works well for them.


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#3 Free Testosterone Booster by Nugenix

Nugenic testosterone booster review picture, showing three of the bottles lined up next to each other.

LeanBulking Overall Rating:Nugenix leanbulking star rating v prime male
Ingredients Rating:2/5
Side Effects:Very Rarely Reported
Price per box:$69.99
Best Deal:Check It Out


  • Contains Fenugreek Seed Extract
  • Zinc can boost test levels


  • Tribulus Terrestris commonly reported to cause side effects
  • Missing key test boosting ingredients
  • Tiny 1mcg Zinc
  • Most ingredients part of a proprietary blend

Quick Summary

Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster is made by Nugenix. It costs almost exactly the same price as Prime Male (which is why were guessing you wanted us to compare them.

But unfortuantely, Nugenix is let down by the addition of Tribulus Terrestris & the fact that most ingredients are part of a proprieatry blends (meaning you dont know the individual dosages of most ingredients, which can lead to side effects and makes Nugenix Test Booster more likely to not work).

But on a positive note in this Prime Male vs Nugenix mini review, this does contain Fenugreek Seed Extract & Zinc - which have shown to raise test levels (although theres only a tiny 1mcg Zinc dosage inside).

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- Nugenix Test Booster Review -


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To be honest, we told you that there was one clear winner. And dont complain that we were being biased, as you asked us to compare and review these 2 testosterone boosters.

Ultimately, if you look at the ingredient lists of both products, its easy to see why Prime Male wins here; its filled with key nutrients proven to raise your test levels, while Nugenix only contains 1 tried-and-tested nutrient (fenugreek seed extract).

For this reason, were awarding Propura the victory with their test booster supplement, Prime Male.

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