PMD Methyl Andro HARDCORE Review


  • Fenugreek has shown to raise testosterone
  • D-Aspartic Acid is a key T-Boosting ingredient
  • Mucuna Pruriens can improve testosterone levels


  • DHEA can cause numerous side effects
  • D-Aspartic Acid seriously under-dosed at 1,000mg (optimal dose is 2,000-3,000mg)
  • Many ingredients in proprietary blends
  • The high amount of Zinc (30mg) can lead to side effects
  • DIM can raise estrogen levels

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About The Product

Methyl Andro HARDCORE is a testosterone booster supplement made by PMD Sports.

It costs $113.99 for 30 serving containers, with a serving size of 3 capsules per day - we prefer serving sizes of 3-4 daily, as this makes sure your body is topped up with test boosting ingredients throughout the day (instead of just 2-3 hours).

But we have to mention that this is one of the most expensive testosterone boosters weve reviewed on here; $113.99 for 30 servings is crazy, and our favorite testosterone boosters are almost half of this price.

Who are PMD Sports? 

PMD Sports are a supplements brand owned by FitLife Brands Inc, which is based in the USA.

It was founded in 2002, and PMD Sports has since released numerous products to the market, including pre-workouts (such as ACG3 SuperCharged+, which weve also reviewed - and also PMD Flex Stack Hardcore)…and fat burners.

Read on to see the ingredients inside Methyl Andro Hardcore below.

Methyl Andro HARDCORE Ingredients Explained

The first thing we noticed about Methyl Andro HARDCORE, was that it contained masses of ingredients - 18 ingredients overall. To put this into perspective, our favorite testosterone boosters only contain 4-5 main ingredients…

A supplement containing loads of ingredients isnt always a bad thing - but it is when it also contains proprietary blends.

What are proprietary blends? 

Simply put, proprietary blends are mixtures of numerous ingredients that are only shown to you as 1 overall quantity (as you can see from the ingredient list below, the Activate Blend is 490mg, but youre not shown the dosages of each ingredient inside).

This is a problem, as certain ingredients can cause side effects in high dosages - and if you dont know what the exact dosages of the ingredients inside are, then youre risk of side effects increases.

Not only that, you cant see whether the ingredients have been optimally dosed (meaning you dont know whether youre getting good value for your cash).

Anyway, well take you through each ingredient inside Methyl Andro HARDCORE - so you can see how good this testosterone booster really is. Its a long ingredient list, so get ready for a long analysis (skip to the side effects & conclusion if you want a quick summary).


Heres Everything You Need To Know:


Fenugreek is a herb thats been used in Ayurveda medicine for decades; its proven to raise libido and testosterone levels in numerous studies.

For this reason, its one of our favorite T-Boosting ingredients available. But theres a problem - its part of a proprietary blend, meaning you dont know how much is inside Methyl Andro HARDCORE (meaning it might be ineffective here).

This is a great example of why we avoid supplements that contain proprietary blends - you simply dont know what youre getting with them.

Tribulus Terrestris 

Tribulus Terrestris is quite a well-known T-Boosting ingredient, but its on our blacklist of things to avoid in these supplements. Simply put, its been reported to increase your prostate weight (which can lead to serious male health issues that you should avoid at all costs).

Not only that, studies have shown that Tribulus has no effect on your testosterone levels; which makes this a useless ingredient in any T-Booster supplement.

Avena Sativa 

This is simply a fancy name for oats…yes, the same stuff you eat in porridge and oatcakes. As you can imagine, its not a great ingredient in a testosterone booster; the worst part is, this might be filling the whole AndroTest Blend, which would make it useless.

My point is, youll never know as its part of a proprietary blend.

Furastanolic Saponins & Protodioscin 

Weve put these 2 together, as theres only 1 thing you need to know about them: they havent proven to raise your testosterone levels in any study. Excuse me for being blunt, but this is a HUGE ingredient list Im spending my spare time going through here…no time for useless ingredients.

D-Aspartic Acid 

Finally an ingredient worth talking about! D-Aspartic Acid has shown to raise both luteinizing hormone (LH) and testosterone levels in numerous studies.

But theres a problem with the dosage in Methyl Andro HARDCORE; this T-Booster only contains 1,000mg, however, the optimal dosage is between 2,000mg-3,000mg (meaning its likely to be ineffective here).

For this reason, we recommend making sure testosterone boosters contain an optimal amount of D-Aspartic Acid (2,000mg-3,000mg).

Smilax Officinalis Root Powder 

This is consumed as a tea to treat arthritis or stop fluid retention. However, it has no effect on your testosterone levels - making it an ineffective ingredient in Methyl Andro HARDCORE.

Androstenolone (DHEA) 

Also known simply as DHEA, this is a hormone thats believed to increase your testosterone levels, but its very controversial; DHEA has been banned in Canada, and the UK (where its been listed as an anabolic steroid and a Class C drug).

Simply put, DHEA shouldnt be inside any supplement as it can cause side effects if youre not aware its a steroid; we know many people who have suffered from gynecomastia (man boobs) as a result.

It can also cause numerous other side effects which well expand on in a later section of this review. For now, we recommend avoiding any testosterone booster that contains DHEA - and stick to 100% natural testosterone boosters.


This is a herb thats been used in Ayurveda (traditional Indian) medicine for decades; its shown to enhance your strength but doesnt have any effect on testosterone levels.

Not only that, it only improves your strength in dosages of 500mg per serving. As its in a proprietary blend, its not likely to be effective in Methyl Andro HARDCORE.

Mucuna Pruriens 

Also known as Velvet Bean due to its furry texture (dont worry, you dont feel or taste it in powder form), Mucuna Pruriens has shown to be able to boost both testosterone and HGH levels.

But the problem is that this ingredient is part of a proprietary blend - meaning you dont know how much is inside Methyl Andro HARDCORE. Simply put, you need at least 300mg of Mucuna Pruriens for it to work; as the whole blend containing over 10 ingredients only adds up to 490mg, its extremely unlikely that this testosterone booster contains an optimal amount.

Deer Antler Velvet

This is on our blacklist of test boosting ingredients to avoid. Its become popular from being used in traditional Chinese medicine. But studies have shown that it has no effect on your testosterone levels (making it an ineffective ingredient).

Yacon Root 

This is simply a carbohydrate (similar to a potato…). Its not very impressive, and itst not fooling us - it might deliver some energy (due to being a carb), but it wont do much else.

The worrying thing is, this might be filling most of the blend - youd probably be better off eating some chips from McDonald.


This is simply black pepper extract, but its more useful than Yacon Root. Basically, this can improve the absorption rate of supplements its inside - its not a key ingredient, but it makes a nice bonus ingredient.

However, as the majority of this testosterone booster is ineffective, it wont do much.

Bladderwrack, Calcium Lactate Glucorate, DIM, Indole-3-Carbinol, Chrysin, Resveratrol, White Button Mushroom Fruit Extract

Weve grouped these ingredients together, as the only thing you need to know about them is this: none of these ingredients raise your testosterone levels.

This should shock you, especially as Methyl Andro HARDCORE costs $113.99 (making it one of the most expensive testosterone boosters weve ever reviewed). Just to put this into perspective, this is almost double the price of our favorite testosterone booster.

Not only that, DIM can actually raise your estrogen levels when dosed incorrectly; as its part of a proprietary blend, youll never know until you start growing man boobs (gynecomastia)…in all seriousness, this is something you want to avoid.


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Side Effects

There are 3 ingredients in Methyl Andro HARDCORE that can cause side effects - Tribulus Terrestris, DHEA, & DIM, For this reason, we recommend you to avoid any supplements containing these ingredients.

Since we took so long going through the numerous ineffective ingredients inside this testosterone booster, well give you a quick overview of the side effects here.

Heres the potential side effects from taking Methyl Andro HARDCORE: 

  • Increased prostate weight (Tribulus Terrestris)
  • Headache (DHEA)
  • Fatigue (DHEA)
  • Insomnia (DHEA)
  • Gynecomastia (DHEA & DIM)
  • Increased estrogen levels (DIM)

Methyl Andro HARDCORE Review Conclusion

For a testosterone booster that costs $113.99 on PMD Sportss website, Methyl Andro HARDCORE is one of the worst products weve ever seen.

If youre paying that much for a 30 serving container, then you should know the exact dosages of each ingredient inside; something PMD Sports has hidden by using proprietary blends, which are one of the biggest gimmicks in the supplements industry (trust us, weve been working in the industry for over 20 years now).

Our favorite testosterone booster is almost half of this price - which should put how expensive Methyl Andro HARDCORE is, into perspective.

PMD Methyl Andro HARDCORE Review

Bottom Line

PMD Sports should have also made sure to have offered a testosterone booster that doesnt cause any side effects.

We dont know about you, but we wouldnt pay $113.99 for a supplement that might make us feel like sh*t or leave us with man boobs.

For this reason, we only try T-Boosters that contain 100% natural ingredients that are proven to work (and dont cause any side effects).

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12 thoughts on “PMD Methyl Andro HARDCORE Review”

  1. If You don’t have anything good to say then don’t say anything at all. Wow you just totally bashed the product altogether as ineffective.

    • Hi Tommu,

      We’re here to cut straight to the point, and some people won’t like it.
      But ultimately, the engine of a product is its nutrient profile. If it contains ingredients that haven’t proven to be reliable or effective in scientific and human studies, then the engine breaks down (and the whole product becomes mostly ineffective).

      We never recommend anything without any justification, and we also point out that there’s no such thing as a perfect supplement. But we try our best to find the best value-for-money products that’ll give our readers a good chance of achieving their dream body – without wasting cash on products that don’t seem likely to work.

      Kind regards,

  2. Thank you for the review. The sales person at GNC was insisting that this product was the best and started that Nugenix another one of their products was second rate. Just wondering about Nugenix also since we see so much advertising about it.

    • Hi Lee,

      Thanks for reaching out! It’s always wise to remember that employees at retail stores are sales people trying to sell products, and aren’t always experts in their field (no disrespect to them at all, they do a great job in most places, including many GNC’s I’ve visited).

      One thing we always do in our reviews, is take you through an analysis of each ingredient inside supplements; this gives you a true representation of how safe and effective they are to help you make your own mind-up, so we’re glad that you enjoyed it!

      With regards to Nugenix, it’s not the best test booster we’ve reviewed and in our honest opinion, we don’t understand why other sites have given it a 5 star rating (we’ll repeat this is our personal, honest opinion about this product).

      You can see our full review on Nugenix Free Testosterone Booster here:
      One of our other readers asked us to compare Nugenix and Prime Male, which you can see here:
      Or you can see what we believe to be the highest rated T-Boosters available here:

      Best regards,

  3. Yes I just bought a bottle of this product. Is it going to hurt me to take it for a month and change to something better after I read all this? It was on sale for 51 bucks. GNC was having a sale on alot of stuff. What would be a good product to take between 50 and 75 bucks if I can catch it on sale with no filler products in it?

    • Hey Travis, thanks for reaching out!

      We’ve analyzed each ingredient for you, along with the pros and cons of each one (using our experience, reliable sources and honest opinion).

      In our honest opinion, there are much better testosterone boosters in the price-range that you’ve mentioned (between 50-75 bucks). You can take a look at our top 3 test boosters page to find this information – we try to update this page as much as possible when we see any new, better T-Boosters released onto the market.

      Let us know if we can help you with anything else.

      Best regards,

    • Hey Javier,

      From what we can see, ZTest is another test booster so we don’t really see the benefit of taking them together.

      To see which products we recommend, check out our highest rated testosterone boosters on this page here:

      I hope this helps, but feel free to ask any further questions!

      Best regards,

  4. I have cycled this product 2 times 3 months on and a month break then three months on again and my strength has increased alot I don’t have any of those side effects and the gnc I go to the guy gives it to me for the same price as nugenics 79.00 bucks

    • Hey Felix, thanks for reaching out!

      Great to hear that you’ve had good results from taking PMG Methyl Andro HARDCORE! As mentioned, we’ve listed the potential side effects, so not everyone will experience them (if anyone at all), so it’s good that you’ve avoided them.

      GNC is a great store, so it’s no surprise that you’ve received good deals there. Thanks again for your feedback, I’m sure your personal experience will help others reading this review!

      Best regards,

  5. The product made me sick on my stomach. I have a hard time taking zinc and this is probably making me sick. I was sick from the first dose.


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