Low Testosterone In Women: Symptoms & Treatments

Why Is Testosterone Important For Women?

Testosterone is a hormone which is sometimes believed to be only present in, and important to men.

As a result, not many women know that a natural increase in testosterone levels can be extremely beneficial to them – instead of turning them into some-kind of hairy, she-hulk figure, like many many mistakenly believe.

Instead, a raise in testosterone levels in women can lead to:

  • Enhanced sex life (raised sex drive, easier to orgasm)
  • Regulated menstrual cycles
  • Reduced spots and acne
  • Clearer mind and less anxiety
  • Improved confidence and less fatigue
  • More efficient loss of unwanted body fat

How Do Women Produce Testosterone?

Similarly to how testosterone is produced in testes in men, the female body produces testosterone in the ovaries, adrenal glands and peripheral tissues – with ovaries being the primary manufacturer.

Ultimately, as you can see from the benefits listed above, certain levels testosterone are necessary to support the overall health of women.

However, women produce significantly less testosterone than men naturally (around 15x less). Instead, you’re packed with estrogen, which you’ll already know is also important for women.

So we’ve established that females produce much lower testosterone than men. But what many women don’t know, many women produce lower levels than they should – this is more common than you think.

Ultimately, maintaining the correct testosterone levels is essential in maintaining a healthy sex drive; this means women undergoing menopause or naturally deficient in testosterone can be treated by restoring their testosterone to normal levels.

But that’s not all.

Here’s some more benefits of maintaining healthy levels of testosterone:

  • Fertility
  • Making the bones healthy and strong
  • Raising the threshold of pain allowing women to manage pain better
  • Helping avoid cognitive fatigue.

For these reasons, it’s important that you ensure your testosterone are naturally where they should be.

In this article, we’ll take you through the main symptoms of testosterone deficiency, and how to make small changes to your lifestyle to support healthy T levels.


Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Women

Testosterone deficiency displays itself through numerous symptoms which we’ll mention in this section. But by far, the most common symptom is a decrease in libido.

Decreased sex drive & sexual pleasure 

A lowered sex drive and a decrease in sexual pleasure is a consequence of low testosterone levels [1]. But this in no way suggests that you do not love your partner anymore, and the good news is that it can be easily fixed.

For many, this is the main reason they begin to question their testosterone levels; decreased libido is something that can serious negatively affect your relationship – and on a personal level too.

As a result, this symptom alone can be enough for women to begin looking for natural testosterone boosters.

Increased body fat

One of the functions of testosterone is to regulate the placement of muscle and fat. However, it’s unable to do so if the levels dive too low; this results in an inability to lose weight or add some shape to your booty [2].

What does this mean? Well, you’ll just suffer from increased body fat, despite your rigorous efforts to keep up exercise and a clean diet – not what you want.

Not only that, while spot-reducing is generally not possible, you might find that your body fat shifts to less noticeable places, instead of clinging to your waist, and causing bingo wings; you might see this happen after naturally raising your testosterone levels to where they should be.

More fatigue & lower mood and confidence

Another classic symptom of low testosterone in women is feeling more fatigued than usual.

Basically, if you’ve been feeling more tired than usual and there’s been no major changes in your daily routine that can account for the exhaustion – then it is a cause for concern.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s quite normal to experience changes in mood through the day and week. But if you have noticed yourself feeling more depressed, anxious, angry or irritable without any reason, there is a possibility that you have low levels of testosterone levels.

Why? Because testosterone is responsible for mood regulation.

Ultimately, being deficient in testosterone can lead to being more fatigued and lacking that ‘spark’ that helps you ooze your own personality.

Weaker Bones 

We briefly mentioned that testosterone helps in making your bones strong.

Therefore, a drop in normal testosterone levels put women at risk of getting osteoporosis; this is basically bone deterioration and develops over a period of time.

What does this mean? Well, bones become weak and brittle increasing the probability of them getting broken or fractured easily. But again, you’ll be glad to hear that this can be easily prevented by ensuring your testosterone production is maintained where it should be.

Irregular menstrual cycles & hair loss

This might surprise you, but having irregular menstrual cycles can be a symptom of having lower testosterone levels than you should.

Not only that, hair loss is one of the more visual indicators of testosterone deficiency. Why? because the hormone accounts for the production and maintenance of healthy hair.

A lot of the traits of depleted testosterone levels such as the issue of weight gain and weight loss, mood swings, disturbed sleeping patterns, fatigue, depression, and anxiety are also symptoms of other conditions such as hypothyroidism and menopause.

However, if you’re considered a younger, otherwise healthy female, then you should be questioning your testosterone levels.

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Benefits of Higher Test Levels In Females

A woman’s body produces between 8-15 times less testosterone than a man’s, which is why women are more sensitive to its effects. For this reason, if your body stops producing even a small percentage below what it needs, then women begins suffering symptoms.

However, it’s important to know that women can only build ‘mountain biceps’ and become ‘bulky’ by injecting themselves with anabolic steroids; this is because your body is only capable of producing testosterone up to a certain level without forcing it to rise further synthetically.

Anyway, the level of testosterone varies from woman to woman, therefore restoring the levels of this hormone will deliver benefits; of course, these benefits depend on what symptoms you’re presented with while suffering from low levels of testosterone.

However, general belief is that all females will benefit from less body fat in unwanted places (waist, arms and legs) with normal testosterone levels.

Reduced Fat Loss & Increased Confidence

As we just mentioned, the outcome of raising testosterone levels from below normal can result in modest weight loss [2]. This combined with regular exercise and better eating habits will help in adopting a healthier and balanced lifestyle.

Ultimately, once you’re able to get the curves she has always wanted, you’ll be happier with your body and self-image – resulting in increased self-esteem.


Who doesn’t want to be happy? This is something everyone can achieve and we all aspire to be happy in life.

However, low levels of testosterone which disrupts our mood making us easily irritable. Add menopause to the mix and the chances of being depression’s next victim become significantly high.

For this reason, getting your testosterone to the right level naturally, will boost your mood – preventing mild depression and more.

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Toned Muscle

Many women face the issue of being unable to tone-up despite exercising regularly or hitting the gym a couple times during the week. Even being unable to gain lean mass to build shape and curves to their figure.

This can be very detrimental, as if they don’t get the desired results, they may think the exercise isn’t working and may give up.

While there is a chance that there is something wrong with their workout routine or exercise position, there is a possibility that the hormones are at work here – with low testosterone most likely being the issue.

Why? Because research suggests that testosterone can enhance muscle mass and growth which in turn gives a boost to the metabolism.

With age, the level of testosterone in a female’s body drop even further and you can observe the effect with your naked eye: the flabby skin which in many cases is replaced by fatty tissue causing the already loose skin to hang.

For this reason, it can be a good idea to consume natural testosterone booster supplements; these contain natural herbs that are proven to raise your testosterone levels back to where they should be.

Ultimately, with your testosterone at normal levels, you’ll find it easier to add curves and tone-up your muscles in the right places [3].

Sex Drive

There is a direct correlation between sex drive and testosterone levels in women so naturally low levels of the hormone will result in a decreased sex drive [1]. Testosterone effects sex drive and libido in multiple ways:

Greater Desire

If you have had an imbalance in testosterone levels, then once they have been restored you will experience a higher desire to have sexual intercourse than before.

Greater Sexual Pleasure

As an added bonus to the elevated desire, there is an increase in the intensity and sexual pleasure that one gains from sexual intercourse.


When testosterone levels are at the levels they should be, you’l experience elevated levels of energy [1].

Some claim that the energy boost is not only because the balance has been restored, but coupled with a more toned, shapely figure and improved mood, it’ll have an overall positive effect – giving you that spring in your step again.

Low levels of energy or feeling lethargic can result from an imbalance of testosterone or other sex hormones such as estrogen, progesterone or thyroid. Thus, it is important to get your hormone level tested and consult with your physician before starting any treatment.


Tips On Changing Your Lifestyle

As well as using a natural testosterone booster to rise your T levels, small positive changes made in the lifestyle can help women improve their well-being too.

Replace oral contraceptives that affect testosterone levels

Obviously taking oraly contraceptives is a sensible choice, but not many know that it can really decrease your testosterone levels [4] – leaving you with unbalanced hormones.

As a result, if you’re experiencing symptoms of low testosterone then it can be a good idea to drop the birth control pills that you are currently consuming and switch to alternatives that do not affect testosterone levels.

If you’re going to make the change, then we recommend talking with your doctor about this (the same rule applies to any other medication that you might be taking).

Exercising 3-4 times per week

Exercise such as training with weights increases testosterone levels temporarily. But for long-lasting effects, regular exercise is imperative.

For this reason, we recommend going for long-walks, running, or lifting weights in the gym; this will provide your body with the stimulus that it needs to tone-up, resulting in you sculpting your dream bikini beach body.

Follow a healthy diet plan

In the busy modern times that we live in, it can be hard to make enough time to cook meals every day. However, one thing you shouldn’t do is turn to fast food every.

Consuming fast food will inevitably lead to you adding inches to your waist, and decreasing your general health; this is because fast food is generally very calorie dense, forcing you to go over your basal rate metabolism (we explain this in our secret for a 6-pack page).

For this reason, preparing your meals in advance can be very beneficial. This will allow you to consume healthy foods, without wasting hours cooking everyday. But if of course, it’s fine to treat yourself with a ‘cheat meal’ once per week.


Ultimately, as you age, your hormones will inevitably become unbalanced. However, if you consider yourself to be in your younger years and are experiencing symptoms of low testosterone, then it can be a good idea to combat it.

We’ve experienced success using natural testosterone boosters; they contain natural herbs that are proven to raise your testosterone levels, safely and effectively.

However, as we mentioned in the last section, by making small changes to your lifestyle, you can also benefit yourself too.

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