LeanBulking’s Secret For 6-Pack Abs

Theres no better feeling than looking into the mirror and staring at a shredded 6-pack. 

You cant deny it. Every time you see someone with a stone-cold 6-pack, you wish you had one yourself. And if youve clicked on this page, then were guessing youre someone who is serious about changing their life here.

Well, let me congratulate you for coming to the right place and making an active step towards your fitness goal: sculpting those abs youve been dreaming of.

In this article, Ill tell you the best way for you to lose body fat and reveal that 6-pack we all want. I achieved a 6-pack in 8 weeks and Ill show you exactly how.

Youll learn my secrets for:

  • Best Supplements For Abs
  • Most Effective Diet Plan
  • Best Workout Plan
  • Conclusion

Best Supplements For Abs

As I mentioned, taking supplements between my meals really helped me lose body fat. And if you choose the right fat burner, then youll have similar results too.

Why? Because the best fat burners contain nutrients that are proven to suppress your appetite - and boost your metabolic rate and promote fat loss, of course!

But its important to know that every supplement on the market is different; they all contain different ingredients in different dosages - meaning its easy to see which ones are better than others.

This is part of the reason why I made LeanBulking.com - to save you time and money when choosing to buy supplements. I wasted hundreds of dollars on useless products, with many causing me unwanted side effects and I dont want you to suffer the same fate.

For this reason, Ill tell you about my go-to fat burner and multivitamin I use when shredding body fat.

My Favorite Fat Burner - Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout review - leanbulking

After testing many ineffective fat burners, I was relieved when I chose Instant Knockout. Ive worked in the supplements industry for many years and this is one of the best products Ive used during this period.

I learned this fat burner was originally made for UFC fighters, and I saw a video with Diego Sanchez giving his positive experiences while using Instant Knockout. This made me want to try this fat burner and see whether it really was good enough for the pros.

Heres how Instant Knockout will help you get abs:

  • Suppressed My Appetite - cutting calories was easier with Instant Knockout as I didnt experience hunger cravings.
  • Increased Energy - the worst thing about dieting is being tired, but the Caffeine in Instant Knockout helped pick me up when I needed it the most.
  • Faster Fat Loss - Before using Instant Knockout, Id tried getting a 6-pack for over 6 months and failed. However, after taking this fat burner, I managed to get there in under 4 months.
  • More Motivated - Supplements should give you that kick you need to get to the gym, which is vital when sculpting your dream physique.

Personally, I believe what sets this fat burner apart is that it contains Glucomannan; this fiber safely expands in your stomach, making you feel full for longer (and is great while youre intermittent fasting).

Youll find that not a lot of fat burners contain Glucomannan. And I really believe that this ingredient made a big difference during my fat burning journey.

Ultimately, I believe that this is the best fat burner on the market right now (Im constantly trying and reviewing new products, so Ill update this part if I find anything better).

If youre still seeing Instant Knockout as my favorite fat burner, then its still my go-to supplement when aiming to cut fat.

Progress Pictures of my 8 Weeks on Instant Knockout

Week 1: 

Week 3: 

Week 5: 

Week 8: 

To Buy, Visit
- www.InstantKnockout.com -


This is the second supplement I use when cutting fat - consuming a multivitamin makes it easy to consume the vitamins you need to keep your body performing at its best.

Basically, when youre cutting calories, you might not be able to consume these vitamins through foods in your diet. For this reason, I believe a multivitamin is very helpful when aiming to shred fat.

Disclaimer: Most multivitamins contain the same vitamins & minerals for around the same price. Of course, in the much cheaper options, the vitamins and minerals are all chemically produced. While in the premium products the nutrients will be as close to natural as possible, so your body can absorb them better.

If youre going to save some cash, then get yourself a cheaper multivitamin; this is exactly what I did after I bought Instant Knockout due to its premium price tag. However, when Im not spending cash on fat burners, I do go for premium multivitamins.

Q: Which premium multivitamin do I recommend?
A: Performance Labs Whole Food Multi


Ive tried many multivitamins and its not like with fat burners or pre-workouts where you can actively feel the caffeine taking effect. So, its important that you dont expect to feel a kick after taking these products.

After listening to other fitness experts, I now buy Performance Labs Whole Food Multi when possible. The nutrients in this product are as close to their natural counterparts as possible; this means that your body absorbs them much better so you dont just p*ss them out - youve probably noticed with cheaper multivitamins that your urine turns yellow…

To Buy, Visit
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Most Effective Diet Plan 

Track Your Calories!

If youre going to skip any sections in this article, DONT skip this one. Your diet plan will determine whether you succeed in your fitness journey - its really as simple as that.

If you consume an excess of calories, then youll put on fat. On the other hand, if you eat fewer calories than your body requires to maintain itself, then youll lose body fat.

For this reason, Ive added a calorie calculator for you to work out your calorie limit (this is your calorie limit to burn fat and get that shredded 6-pack).

Ultimately, youll have to keep track of your calories to succeed here; I know this sounds like a lot of work, but you can download apps like MyFitnessPal for your iPhone or Android phone to save you time and help you out here.

IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) Diet 

Okay, so heres a big part of my secret - the IIFYM Diet. Simply put, this is where you can eat any foods you enjoy - as long as youre under your calorie limit.

Harris Benedict Equation For 6 Pack

  • For men, Basal Metabolic Rate = 66.4730 + (13.7516 x weight in kilograms) + (5.0033 x height in centimetres) - (6.7550 x age in yrs)
  • For women, Basal Metabolic Rate = 655.0955 + (9.5634 x weight in kilograms) + (1.8496 x height in centimetres) - (4.6756 age in yrs)

By now, you shouldve used the calorie calculator above to workout what your maintanance calories are - subtract 500 calories from this equation and yourll find your calorie limit in order to lose body fat.

Stay Under Your Calorie Limit! 

Well repeat this; you NEED to stay under your calorie limit in order to lose body fat and get shredded abs. If you dont do this, then you wont succeed - its as simple as that.

Personally, I enjoy the IIFYM diet, as it allows me to enjoy tasty foods without restricting myself of anything. However, youll soon notice that unhealthy foods are higher in calories than healthier options - so youll end up eating clean anyway.

Intermittent Fasting 

So heres another thing I enjoy doing - intermittent fasting. Basically, this means that I eat my first meal at 12 (midday at lunchtime) and eat my last meal before 8pm - meaning I fast for 16 hours (which includes 8 hours of sleeping time).

Why I Do This

You might be wondering why I do this alongside my IIFYM diet. Well, intermittent fasting allows me to eat unhealthier meals more often as Im only eating during 8 hours per day - meaning I naturally eat fewer calories.

People believe that intermittent fasting boosts up your metabolism, but I only do this so I can eat more foods that I enjoy while staying under my calorie limit.

Ultimately, intermittent fasting results in myself only eating 2 big meals per day - but trust me, theyre big plates of food every-time (and I still stay under my calorie limit, keeping my lean physique).

Diet Summary

I just gave you a huge amount of information all at once there - so Ill quickly summarise everything youve learned now.

IIFYM dieting is where you eat anything you want, as long as youre staying under your calorie limit (ensuring you continue losing body fat).

Intermittent Fasting is where you eat during an 8 hour period every day, fasting for 16 hours (which includes the time you sleep). For example, I have my first meal at 12 midday for lunch, then have my final meal before 8pm.

Of course, youre still allowed to consume supplements while you fast - which is the main reason I choose to use a fat burner and multivitamin supplements

 Best Workout Plan

Your workout plan isnt as important as the other things in this article. But you can make the mistake of following the wrong workout routine that wont get you any results.

I tried countless online workout plans and wasted tons of cash. Until I finally found a workout guide that actually worked.

Boss Workouts


This revolutionary workout plan, released in 2018, was created by fitness experts, nutritionists and presented by a celebrity personal trainer. You know, the kind of trainers that youd usually pay thousands for.

Fortunately, Boss Workouts comes at a fraction of the price, but this guide provides everything you need to succeed like we did - in 12 weeks or under!

What you get with Boss Workouts: 

  • Specialist workout guide created expert personal trainers that train Hollywood A-Listers
  • Nutrition guide (diet plans) created by leading nutritionists in the industry
  • Exclusive video workout tutorials and guidance presented by expert personal trainers
  • Premium Boss Workouts mobile app, so you can take your training anywhere
  • Lifetime access to Boss Workouts

Boss Workouts have really created something special here. They offer 2 different programs:

  • Boss Shred - for those looking to cut body fat and reveal their 6-pack abs
  • Boss Lean Mass - for those looking to gain lean mass while keeping body fat at a minimal

We chose to go with Boss Shred, and we truly believe that alongside a strict diet plan and the right fat burner supplement, everyone will achieve their dream physique.

To Learn More, Visit
» www.BossWorkouts.com «


So now you know my secret to getting a 6-pack. The most important things to remember is to always track your calories and stay under your calorie limit.

Personally, Instant Knockout helped make my fat burning journey easier by delivering these benefits:

  • Suppressed My Appetite - cutting calories was easier with Instant Knockout as I didnt experience hunger cravings.
  • Increased Energy - the worst thing about dieting is being tired, but the Caffeine in Instant Knockout helped pick me up when I needed it the most.
  • Faster Fat Loss - Before using Instant Knockout, Id tried getting a 6-pack for over 6 months and failed. However, after taking this fat burner, I managed to get there in under 4 months.
  • More Motivated - Supplements should give you that kick you need to get in the gym, which is vital when sculpting your dream physique.

As weve mentioned, while your diet comes first, following the wrong workout routine can leave you disappointed. So we chose to ensure our hard work paid off by investing in Boss Shred; this provided us with the expert guidance we needed from expert personal trainers and industry leading nutritionists too.

You should have seen our progress pictures by now, so you know were not messing around. Ultimately, with the right knowledge and work ethic, you too can shred your dream 6-pack physique!


The Best Fat Burner This Year!

Instant Knockout is the best natural fat burner on the market for:

  • Faster Fat Loss
  • More Energy 
  • Suppressed Appetite
  • Raised Metabolism

Instant Knockout review - leanbulking

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