Best Testosterone Boosters For Women 2021

Most females don’t know increased testosterone can result in toned arms, legs, thighs and booty, as well as clearer skin with fewer spots.

You’ve probably heard tons of myths about a woman with high levels of testosterone. But not all of it is true, and you might be surprised to hear that high T levels in females can actually be very beneficial.

Some of the myths persistent through the years include things like excessive growth of hair, building pounds of muscle and gaining masculine features. In fact, many women mistakenly believe that a natural increase in testosterone will lead to increased body and facial hair, basically turning into a she-hulk – but again, this isn’t the case.

While these can be side effects of injecting yourself with anabolic steroids, you should be expecting them if you’re willing to take these extreme measures to go down the oath of extreme bodybuilding. In fact, trust us when we say you won’t be packing on muscle mass without trying!

Instead, a slight increase in testosterone naturally can result in:

  • Elevated sex drive and mood
  • Enhanced decision making and a clearer mind
  • Less acne and spots on your face and body
  • Better regulated menstrual cycles
  • Improved self-confidence and sex appeal

Pretty surprising, right? So as long as you’re not injecting anything into your body, raising your testosterone levels naturally can only be beneficial – without any risk of turning you into a muscular ‘she-hulk’.

Well, our aim is to spread the message and help you fully understand how increased testosterone levels will help improve your quality of life, and how to safely get the job done without any side effects.

By the end of this article, you’ll learn:

  • What is testosterone?
  • Benefits of raising your testosterone levels
  • How to safely raise your T levels
  • How to choose the best testosterone booster for women
  • Best testosterone boosters for women
  • Conclusion

What Is Testosterone?


Women from all over the world are constantly surprised by how effective a slight boost of testosterone in the human body can be. This is simply because not many are informed about what this hormone can do, as it’s always marketed as the ‘holy grail’ for men.

However, it’s important to remember that not only men benefit from higher levels of testosterone. Ultimately, it can improve the quality of life of everyone, regardless of gender.

So let’s answer the question, what is testosterone?

Simply put, testosterone is an essential hormone naturally produced by both men and women. But if you listened in biology classes at school, you’ll know that women have much lower levels of this hormone than men.

Women naturally have wayyy less testosterone than men

As we’ve mentioned, it’s common knowledge that women have less testosterone than men. You produce testosterone in your ovaries, similarly to how men create this hormone in their testes.

But you might not know that you have almost 15 times less than men – that’s a serious difference.

Does it matter? Well, as there are many women who are slightly deficient in testosterone, this can be a bad thing.

In fact, testosterone deficiency in women is more common than you think, with the most common symptom being low libido. Other signs of low T levels in women include mild depression, fatigue, and lack of wanting to your fierce self.

So if you’re not wanting to have sex very frequently in your relationship or are seriously lacking in self-confidence, then you’ll want to keep reading this article.

Ultimately, part of the reason why fit women who are ‘in-shape’ are more confident, is because they have higher levels of testosterone – which would have helped them achieve their stunning bodies in the first place.

Testosterone is an important hormone for women too

One of the biggest myths is that men are the only ones who benefit from testosterone; it’s also fundamental for supporting muscular functions, increasing energy levels, and even sex drive in women.

So it’s sad that not many companies are taking the time to educate females about the disadvantages of having lower testosterone levels.

By having healthy levels of testosterone, you’ll find it easier to tone up, have more stamina during workouts and feel improvements in your mood; this will improve your relationships and your quality of life.

Not only that, studies have proven that women with lower levels of testosterone have much lower chances of having orgasms during sex. So next time you don’t leave a late-night-session fully satisfied, don’t blame your partner – think about your testosterone levels instead…

Are you still skeptical?

Here are more proven benefits of boosting your T levels:

  • Helps maintain healthy levels of fats.
  • Prevents weight gains and fat accumulation.
  • Healthy for your heart
  • Reduces cortisol production and acts as an anti-aging hormone
  • Improves confidence, self-esteem, and well-being
  • Enhances cognitive functions like focus, clarity and decision making
  • Reduces and regulates cholesterol and menstrual cycles
  • Elevates your mood
  • Help to maintain red blood cell production
  • Clearer & healthier skin

However, even though some might be aware that they have an unnaturally low sex drive and potentially testosterone levels, most females still don’t know how to raise it safely.

For this reason, we’re going to tell you how to raise your testosterone levels naturally, while staying safe from side effects.


How To Safely Raise Your Testosterone Levels?

Most people know about steroids, but using them is exactly what leads to a serious increase in muscle mass, enlarged clitoris and facial hair. In fact, those women you’ve seen that are extremely muscular would have taken steroids, without a doubt.

As a result, we STRONGLY recommend that you stay away from steroids and don’t inject yourself with anything at all costs. If you do decide to take steroids, then you will suffer from the consequences – trust us, you won’t be happy about it.

Instead, there are ways to naturally raise your testosterone levels; we believe that consuming a natural testosterone booster supplement is the best and safest method.

However, moments after you start looking for these supplements, you’ll realize that there are literally hundreds of them. This makes choosing 1 product very hard, especially when you don’t know what to look for.

But don’t worry girl, we’ve got your back.

We’ll tell you the best ingredients to look for in natural testosterone boosters for women, that have proven to work without causing any side effects.

Best Ingredients To Boost Your Testosterone Levels 

If the proven benefits have convinced you to try your first testosterone booster, then you should always check 2 things; the ingredients and dosages inside products.

Why? Because if a supplement doesn’t contain tried-and-tested nutrients, it won’t work. And if it doesn’t contain optimal dosages of effective nutrients, it still won’t work.

Ultimately, the best way to choose a safe and effective natural test booster for women is to make sure it contains the optimal dosages of scientifically proven ingredients.

For this reason, we’ll show you which nutrients have proven to safely raise your testosterone levels, and deliver the benefits mentioned before…

  • Vitamin D3: Although it’s called a ‘vitamin’, Vitamin D3 is actually a hormone as your body produces after your skin is exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D3 is proven to work best when consumed in dosages of 3,332IU-5,000IU, but it can even make small differences in lower dosages too.
    If you’ve ever wondered why people are happier in sunny weather, then it’s because they’re exposed to more Vitamin D3. Nutritionists and fitness experts believe that this is the single most important ingredient when it comes to safely boosting your testosterone levels, and we completely agree with them.
  • D-Aspartic Acid: Also known as DAA, this regulates levels of testosterone naturally, and it can be found in poultry and meat.
    Statistically speaking, D-Aspartic Acid has proven to raise testosterone levels up to 50% in just two weeks – making it one of the most effective nutrients in the industry at boosting you T levels naturally. Make sure to consume an optimal dosage between 2000mg-3000mg per serving, and you’ll be sure to notice the difference.
  • Fenugreek Seed Extract: A herb used in Ayurveda (Traditional Indian Medicine), Fenugreek Seed Extract has been used for decades.
    In fact, it’s proven to raise your testosterone levels and sexual appetite when consumed in dosages when consumed in supplements. For this reason, we always keep an eye out for this ingredient to ensure a product actually works.


How To Choose The Best Test Booster For Women

What about my budget?

When thinking about buying anything, it’s natural to think about the cost – how much you’re willing to spend.

Well, we believe that supplements aren’t something you should cut costs with, as budget products can cause potentially harmful side effects and ultimately be a waste of money.

However, we’re also not telling you to buy the most expensive testosterone booster you can find either; you’ll be shocked to hear that some companies raise the prices of their products, even though they don’t contain optimal dosages of tried-and-trusted nutrients.

In fact, this is exactly why we showed you the most effective ingredients at raising your testosterone levels above. Look out for those nutrients in optimal dosages, and you won’t go wrong – they’re scientifically proven to work.

Think about which ingredients you can’t obtain from your lifestyle

This is important. If you can consume ingredients with some easy changes to your lifestyle, then we recommend doing that.

For example, while protein powders provide an easy way to increase your protein intake, you can easily consume enough protein through your diet; this is why we don’t feel it necessary to recommend protein powders to you, especially if muscle building isn’t your main fitness goal.

It can be difficult for many to get enough Vitamin D3 due to their location or job

If you live in a cold country that isn’t known for its sunny weather, you’ll find it almost impossible to get the optimal 3,332IU-5,000IU dosage of Vitamin D3 each day – even if you stand outside all day!

Not only that, you might even live in sunny Florida, USA, but if you spend most of your day working inside offices, then you won’t intake the necessary Vitamin D3 to boost your testosterone either.

For this reason, we believe that natural testosterone boosters containing optimal dosages of nutrients such as Vitamin D3 offer great value for money; it’s true that you should consume as many fundamental nutrients through your diet, but supplements are a great option for when you simply can’t.

Ultimately, you can’t put a price on raising your self-esteem, sex drive and quality of life. So we believe that spending your money wisely on an effective testosterone booster is a good investment to make.

Best Testosterone Boosters For Women

We want you to know exactly which testosterone booster supplements we personally use and feel confident recommending; too many websites simply throw supplements in your face without any explanation why, so we didn’t want to do this.

We’ve tried and reviewed countless different testosterone boosters, to save you from wasting your money on useless products, and we didn’t want you to suffer from this. We also suffered from numerous side effects from terrible products in order to get this information, so we hope that you appreciate it…

Here are the best testosterone boosters for women that we found:

#1 TestoFuel


Key Benefits

  • Reach Orgasm Easier & More Frequently – We can all agree that sex plays an important role in relationships, and enhancing bedtimes ultimately strengthens your relationship.
  • Fewer Spots For A Better You – Feel much more confident in your own skin, and have more reasons to love yourself like you should.
  • Tone Up, Not Bulk-Up! – No need to worry about becoming a ‘she-hulk’ due to 100% natural ingredients in TestoFuel. Instead, you’ll tone-up areas you’ve always wanted such as your arms, legs, and stomach.
  • Elevated Mood and Energy Levels – Feel the like the version of yourself every day, and say goodbye to fatigue and those days you just don’t want to leave your bed.


  • More expensive than less effective test boosters – You pay more for shoes and make-up because you know you’ll get better products. And it’s no different with supplements, as those containing optimal dosages naturally cost more to produce.
  • You can only buy online from – This product isn’t sold in retail stores, so you can’t walk into a shop to buy it. But we prefer online shopping anyway, so it wasn’t an issue for us personally.

Our Personal Experience

Among all the bullsh*t in the supplements industry, it’s great to see a product that is completely transparent, safe and effective.

TestoFuel first caught our attention online, when we noticed it contained an optimal dosage of Vitamin D3 (5,000IU); this is quite rare to see, so we’ll always give any testosterone booster containing this a chance.

After seeing it also contained an optimal dosage of D-Aspartic Acid too, as well as Fenugreek Seed Extract, we just had to give it a go – and we’re glad we did.

Ultimately, we had clearer skin in under 3 months, making it more effective than many cosmetic products we’ve tried! But most importantly, TestoFuel helped strengthen our relationships after it raised our sex drive through the roof.

Not only that, this test booster helped us feel good about ourselves again, helping to tone-up in the right places (arms, legs, stomach, and thighs) – so say goodbye to unwanted fat and bingo wings.

We could talk about the benefits of TestoFuel all day, but it really is something you have to try for yourself to fully believe. As it contains 100% natural ingredients, we didn’t suffer any side effects either – making it the safest and most effective testosterone booster for women this year.

To Buy, Visit

#2 Prime Male


Don’t be fooled by its name

By looking at the name of this product, it’s clear that the company behind it has marketed Prime Male to men. However, is sunlight only there for men? No, which is why Vitamin D3 benefits us all, regardless of gender.

In fact, there’s no such thing as ‘gender-specific’ ingredients at all. And one thing we know about Prime Male, is that contains an optimal dosage of Vitamin D3, which makes it worth trying.

While we didn’t quite feel the same ‘kick’ we did with TestoFuel, we can still confidently say that Prime Male beats many other testosterone booster supplements on the market.


  • You can only buy online at
  • Premium price – the most expensive testosterone booster on our list, but it was effective too.

To Buy, Visit

#3 Testo Lab Pro

Testo Lab Pro Bottle

What Makes It Stand Out?

Finishing off our list of recommendations is Testo Lab Pro. It contains all 3 key testosterone boosting nutrients, Vitamin D3, Fenugreek Seed Extract and D-Aspartic Acid.

The good . And it does also contain a great dosage of D-Aspartic Acid too.

Ultimately, we wish that it contained an optimal dosage of Vitamin D3, but nothing is perfect. For this reason, we feel that EVLTest is a worthy 3rd place product here.


  • Lower but safer dosage of Vitamin D3
  • Premium price – same price as the other 2 testosterone boosters on this list.

To Buy, Visit

I’m Still Not Sure Whether I Need A Testosterone Booster…

Right, so we’ve hit you with A LOT of information in this article, so don’t worry if you haven’t quite understood everything yet.

We know it’s quite shocking that women aren’t really told about the problems of being deficient in testosterone – even though studies have shown it affects more females than you might think (some studies suggest up to 50% of women).

One of the biggest causes of low testosterone levels in women is taking oral contraceptives; these can interact with your ability to produce hormones such as estrogen, progesterone and, you’ve guessed it, testosterone.

Now, we’re not telling you to stop taking oral contraceptives. But one thing you can do is raise your testosterone levels naturally to combat your fatigue, low confidence and almost non-existent sex drive.

We’ll remind you of the main benefits of having slightly raised testosterone levels naturally:

  • Elevated sex drive and mood
  • Enhanced decision making and a clearer mind
  • Less acne and spots on your face and body
  • Better regulated menstrual cycles
  • Improved self-confidence and sex appeal


Ultimately, we found that taking natural testosterone boosters delivered the benefits above. But as we’ve mentioned, it’s important to check that the product you choose contains optimal dosages of key nutrients proven to work – such as Vitamin D3.

After trying countless testosterone boosters and suffering from side effects, we believe that TestoFuel is the best option on the market for women right now; it contains safe and effective ingredients, so you’ll experience the benefits of raised T-levels, without any risk of turning into a ‘she-hulk’.

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