4 Gauge vs Pre Kaged Review

Again, weve chosen to listen to you (our readers and fans) to deliver on your request of comparing 2 market-leading pre-workout supplements - 4 Gauge and Pre Kaged.

These 2 products really impressed us, with both of them being the highest rated pre-workouts weve reviewed. However, as both contain different ingredients in different dosages, there has to be a winner.

For this reason, weve tried and tested both 4 Gauge and Pre Kaged, to determine which is the safest and most effective supplement available.

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4 Gauge vs Pre Jym

4 Gauge vs Pre Kaged4 GaugePre Kaged
Product Picture:4-Gauge-vs-Pre-Kaged
LeanBulking Overall Rating:5/5


Where To Buy:Visit SiteVisit Site
Shipping:Worldwide, with Free USA & UK Delivery
(Dispatched from both USA & UK in under 1 week - and to APO addresses)
Depends on retailer
Company Reputation:Excellent Good
Does It Boost Energy Levels?Yes Yes
MixabilityExcellent - 5/5Great - 4/5
Artificial Sweeteners?:No - 5/5Yes - 3/5
Effectiveness:Excellent - 5/5Great - 4/5
(Discounts on multiple bottles)
Side Effects:None ReportedSome Reported
Reoccurring Charges?:NoNo
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4 Gauge by Roar Ambition


LeanBulking Overall Rating:  
Ingredients Rating:Excellent - 5/5
Side Effects:None Reported
Effectiveness:Excellent - 5/5
Best Deal: $37.50 per bottle (with the Ultimate Ammo Crate Deal)
Where I Bought From:www.4Gauge.com

Heres how 4 Gauge helped me:

  • Faster progress - I packed muscle on my arms, chest and legs quicker than before.
  • Clean energy boosts - No more feeling tired halfway through a gym session, and it helped me get there in the first place!
  • Crazy muscle pumps - Feel the blood rushing to your muscles, and train for longer too.
  • Broke numerous PBs - 4 Gauge helped take my gym training to the next level.
  • No side effects - No distractions from gym sessions by any unwanted jitters, crashes or itchy skin.


  • You can only buy 4 Gauge on their website - cant buy from any online retailers or shops.
  • Only comes in one flavor - Fruit Blast
  • Premium price - you have to pay more to get the best product.

Quick Summary

If youre looking for intense muscle pumps, energy boosts, as that kick to keep going at the end of your sets, then 4 Gauge is the answer. It delivers all of that, in an explosive shotgun shell bottle.

Created and marketed by Roar Ambition, a premium supplements company, 4 Gauge costs $45 per bottle normally. However, they offer discounts when you buy more - so the more you spend, the more you save.

I know what youre thinking, its pretty expensive. However, after suffering from jittery side effects with most other pre-workouts, its worth spending extra to stay safe and get the most for your money.

What does it taste like? Sherbet, and its quickly become our favorite tasting pre-workout on the market; taste isnt very important, but helps when you dont have to feel sick after consuming it!

Anyway, it makes sense that 4 Gauge comes in a shotgun shell; it provides explosive muscle pumps, but keeps you safe with clean energy boosts, without the jittery feeling.

Most importantly, it gave me that kick to motivate me into training harder than ever - to help make serious changes to my body.

To Buy, Visit
- www.4Gauge.com -
Read Our Full
- 4 Gauge Review Here -

Pre Kaged by Kaged Muscle 


LeanBulking Overall Rating  
Ingredients Rating 4/5
Side Effects Some Reported
Effectiveness 4/5
Price $36.91
Best Deal:Check It Out


  • 6,000mg L-Citrulline
  • 31.9g serving size
  • Choice of 2 flavors


  • Quite expensive
  • 274mg dosage of Caffeine (those sensitive might suffer jittery side effects)

Quick Summary

Pre Kaged is made by Kris Gethins company, Kaged Muscle. And you can tell hes used his expertise when formulating this pre-workout, as its contains optimal dosages of great nutrients.

After trying this product for ourselves, we can confirm that its in the top 3 for the best pre-workouts on the market.

But there are a few things that lets it down; one big negative for us, was that Pre Kaged caused itchy and tingly skin while we were lifting weights.

Why? Because it contains Beta-Alanine which is known for causing this side effect, officially known as paresthesia.

Saying that, its still one of the better pre-workouts weve tried.

- Read My Full Pre Kaged Review Here -


 Visit their website: www.kagedmuscle.com


Ultimately, this is one of the best battles weve seen; both 4 Gauge and Pre Kaged are amazing products thatll help give you that boost in the gym.

Both contain great ingredients, with 4 Gauge most notably containing an optimal dosage of Citrulline Malate, which really inflates your biceps when curling weights - making you feel great.

However, the 2 bad points with Pre Kaged, is that it contains Beta-Alanine, which causes paresthesia (itchy & tingly skin). And the huge 274mg dosage of Caffeine, which can cause jitters and energy crashes to those sensitive to it.

4 Gauge vs Pre Kaged Review


If we were forced to choose 1 product, then we would choose 4 Gauge; its one of the only side-effects-free products on that market thats still able to raise your performance to the next level - helping you pack on slabs of muscle or shred body fat.


Winner: 4 Gauge

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