SteelFit Hydra Steel Fat Burner Review



  • Caffeine raises energy levels while cutting calories + carbs
  • Nettle Lead Extract can raise testosterone levels
  • Seems very effective as a diuretic (so don’t confuse this with a thermogenic fat burner)


  • Dandelion Extract can cause dehydration
  • Mostly contains unreliable ingredients

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About The Product

Hydra Steel is a fat burner supplement made by SteelFit. It costs $24.99 for 20 servings, which makes it one of the cheaper products on the market – with a serving size of 4 capsules per day.

Now, this is a great serving size; 3-4 capsules spread throughout the day has proven to keep your body fuelled with the nutrient it needs to burn fat.

We’re impressed by the price of SteelFit Hydra Steel, so we’ll be taking a closer look, to see whether it’s a bargain or a budget supplement.

Who are SteelFit? 

SteelFit are a supplements company based in the USA. We’ve reviewed their other product, Steel Core, which is their other fat burner on the market.

But you’re here to learn about SteelFit Hydra Steel; our first impressions are confused. It seems more like a diuretic than a fat burner product, as there aren’t any key thermogenic nutrients such as Cayenne Pepper Powder or Green Tea Extract.

Instead, SteelFit have chosen to add diuretic ingredients such as Dandelion Extract (we’ll explain more about this in the next section below…)

SteelFit Hydra Steel Ingredients Explained

In all fairness to SteelFit, they’ve clearly labelled SteelFit Hydra Steel as a ‘diuretic formula’. So it’s the consumer’s fault if they mistake this for a thermogenic fat burner.

It’s basically designed for competitive bodybuilders who need to dry out before a competition; this means that the average Joe shouldn’t really use this supplement.

Not only that, we found that SteelFit Hydra Steel contains a proprietary blend, which we don’t like to see in any supplement (we’ll expand on this below…)


Proprietary blends are mixtures of numerous ingredients that’re only shown to you as 1 quantity. As you can see from the ‘Hydra Steel Diuretic Matrix’ blend in this pre-workout’s ingredient list, the overall amount is 1,125mg; however, you’re not shown the dosages of each ingredient inside such as Caffeine Anhydrous.

This increases your risk of side effects, and also makes it uncertain whether SteelFit Hydra Steel will actually work –  making it harder to know whether you’re getting good value for money.

For this reason, we try to avoid any supplement that contains proprietary blends.

Anyway, back to whether SteelFit Hydra Steel is suitable for the average Joe.

If a normal gym-goer believes this is a thermogenic, without realizing that it’s able to dehydrate you, they can put themselves at risk. Basically, when consuming a diuretic if you’re not drying out for a competition, you need to consume more water – or risk becoming severely dehydrated.

For this reason, we’ll be looking to see how effective SteelFit Hydra Steel would be for the people it’s designed for (competitive amateur bodybuilders). We’ll do this, by taking you through each ingredient inside – so you can see how effective this diuretic really is.


Here’s Everything You Need To Know:

Dandelion Extract 

Also known as Taraxacum Officinale, this is actually a vegetable (but most people believe it’s a flower or weed). Anyway, we’ll now get to some important things after that short introductory gardening lesson.

Dandelion Extract is useful, if you know what it does. Basically, studies have shown that it’s an effective diuretic; this means that it encourages you to pass more urine than normal, as well as being able to accelerate your digestion.

SteelFit have perfectly utilized this nutrient in SteelFit Hydra Steel. They’ve clearly labelled this as a diuretic, so as far as we’re concerned, it’ll be the consumer’s fault for not checking the product reviews if they become severely dehydrated.

However, we don’t like when companies add Dandelion Extract to their thermogenic fat burners; some try to fool you into thinking you’ve rapidly lost weight, when all it is, is water weight from consuming a diuretic.

Again, we’ll repeat that we have no problem with SteelFit adding Dandelion Extract to Hydra Steel, because it’s clearly listed as a diuretic.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a thermogenic, then you’re looking in the wrong place. Check out our top rated thermogenic fat burners is this is the case.

Corn Silk 

This is extracted from female corn plants (we’re actually being serious). It’s also believed to be a diuretic, but there hasn’t been enough evidence for us to claim that it’s reliable.

As a result, there’s a chance that Corn Silk is unreliable. However, in all honesty, Dandelion Extract will help to dry you out, so Hydra Steel is still likely to get the job done.

Juniper Berries 

Otherwise known as Juniperus Chinensis, if you enjoy gin & tonic, then you’ll have seen this floating in your glass before.

As well as enhancing the taste of alcoholic beverages, it’s been believed to offer a range of medicinal benefits in the past. However, modern studies haven’t shown that it actually works.

For this reason, stick to adding this to your gin and tonic, not in supplements.


Nettle Root Extract 

We’re slightly confused why SteelFit have added Nettle Root Extract here; this is known to be an effective testosterone booster nutrient, which isn’t needed in SteelFit Hydra Steel.

Basically, if you’re looking to raise your T levels, then check out our highest rated test booster supplements on the market.

After completing some more research on Nettle Root Extract, we found that it’s able to help treat Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (enlarged prostate). But again, this isn’t really needed in SteelFit Hydra Steel either.

Caffeine Anhydrous 

Now, this is a key ingredient in any weight loss supplement; everyone knows that Caffeine can raise your energy levels, which is great while you cut carbs and calories for your diet.

The amount of times that Caffeine has saved us from being lethargic from a reduction in carbs is amazing. We consider it to be an essential stimulant when aiming to lose weight.

However, it’s also important to know that Caffeine Anhydrous can cause side effects such as jitters and energy crashes when consumed in large dosages.

You can see that Caffeine Anhydrous is part of the ‘Hydra Steel Diuretic Matrix’ proprietary blend. So no-one knows the exact dosage of this stimulant inside SteelFit Hydra Steel (putting you at risk from side effects).

As a general rule, we advise that you consume less than 100mg Caffeine Anhydrous per capsule in weight loss supplements. This will ensure that you experience raises in energy levels (as well as strength and endurance), without the jittery feelings.

Guarana Extract 

Guarana Seed Extract is another stimulant like Caffeine. For this reason, it’s believed to improve your energy levels too.

However, there’s simply no need for 1 supplement to contain both Caffeine and Guarana; this only increases your risk of suffering from side effects such as jitters and energy crashes.

Again, we’ll repeat that we recommend consuming under 100mg Caffeine per capsule. As Guarana Seed Extract is also part of this proprietary blend, no-one knows the exact dosage of this stimulant inside SteelFit Hydra Steel.

Uva Ursi

We won’t lie to you, we didn’t know much about Uva Ursi before we asked some of our professional friends in the medicine sector – this should show you how rare it is to see this in a supplement.

Anyway, we found that Uva Ursi was able to treat urinary tract infections (due to its antibacterial properties). However, if you have problems with your urinary tract, we strongly advise you to see a doctor instead of just buying a supplement anyway.

For this reason, we have to consider Uva Ursi as an unnecessary addition to SteelFit Hydra Steel here.

What are the best ingredients for weight loss?

Right, we probably seem like we’ve heavily criticized SteelFit Hydra Steel here, so we’re going to justify our review in this section.

Basically, we’re going to show you which ingredients that are safe, and proven to actually help you lose your unwanted body fat – without suffering from any side effects.

In all fairness to SteelFit, they’ve included one of the best diuretic nutrients (Dandelion Extract). But the effects of lost water weight are only temporary, and you’ll pack the weight back on after stopping to consume Dandelion Extract.

Again, we’ll repeat that this isn’t a problem for amateur competitive bodybuilders. But for the average Joe, this isn’t great.

Here’s the nutrients that will help you lose unwanted body fat:

  • Green Tea Extract – We’ve mentioned this nutrient throughout this review, because it’s one of our favorites when it comes in fat burning. Not only does Green Tea Extract promote fat loss, but it also benefits almost every organ in your body. You can drink this as tea, but studies have shown that you consume more catechins (the polyphenol responsible for fat loss) in larger amounts when Green Tea Extract is orally supplemented.
  • Glucomannan – One benefit that all fat burners should offer, is appetite suppression. Think about it, you’re less likely to reach for that chocolate bar or candy when you feel full, which will make it easier for you to lose fat (that’s a fact). Glucomannan is the most reliable ingredient to supress your appetite, and it’s even consumed commonly as food in Asia, and more increasingly in the west too as part of ‘low-calorie & carb rice or noodle’ products.
  • Cayenne Pepper Extract – Think about when you last ate a curry. Rich taste, but also spicy, right? Well, this spice is exactly what raises your temperature and boosts your metabolism, encouraging your body to burn more fat. For this reason, Cayenne Pepper Extract is known to be one of the best thermogenic ingredients available for one reason (it works).


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Side Effects

The only concern we have with SteelFit Hydra Steel is that it contains 2 stimulants in proprietary blends. As we’ve mentioned, this means you don’t know the exact dosages of each ingredient inside, putting you at increased risk of jitters and energy crashes.

For this reason, we advise you to choose fat burner supplements that contain under 100mg Caffeine per capsule servings. This will ensure you experience the benefits of Caffeine without being at risk of side effects.

Remember this is a diuretic, not a thermogenic fat burner…

We’ll also repeat that SteelFit Hydra Steel is a diuretic product; this means that it’s not a thermogenic fat burner designed to boost your metabolism. Instead, this will encourage your body to pass more urine to get ‘dry’ before a bodybuilding competition.

It’s important that you know this, or you’ll risk becoming seriously dehydrated. And we praise SteelFit for clearly labelling Hydra Steel as a diuretic, so they’ve provided enough warning.

Here’s the potential side effects from taking SteelFit Hydra Steel: 

  • Jitters (2 stimulants in a proprietary blend)
  • Energy Crashes (2 stimulants in a proprietary blend)

SteelFit Hydra Steel Review Conclusion

If you appreciate what this product is and what it’s designed to do, then it seems likely to help you out; SteelFit has designed Hydra Steel to help amateur competitive bodybuilders to ‘dry’ out their physiques before stepping on-stage.

However, we don’t believe that this is for the average Joe. If you’re looking for a fat burner supplement that boosts your metabolism, then you’ll be benefitted more by a thermogenic fat burner supplement.

We really like that SteelFit hasn’t tried to pass Hydra Steel as a ‘fat burner’ and tried fooling their customers into thinking lost water weight is fat loss. We’ve seen companies add Dandelion Extract (a diuretic) into products that they claim to be ‘thermogenic’, trying to trick them into thinking their products are better than they are.


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