SteelFit Steel Core Fat Burner Review


  • Dihydrocapsiate might promote fat loss
  • Doesn’t contain any proprietary blends


  • Missing key fat burning ingredients
  • Contains ineffective ingredients
  • Not likely to promote fat loss
  • Not good value for money

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About The Product

Steel Core is marketed as a ‘physician formulated visceral fat metabolizer’ by SteelFit. It cost $48.95 for 30 serving containers, with a serving size of 3 capsules per day.

This is a good daily serving of capsules; consuming nutrients more often, spread throughout your day, makes your chances of raising your metabolism and burning fat higher.

Anyway, we’ll tell you more about SteelFit, before analyzing Steel Core fat burner’s nutrient profile in the next section.

Who Are SteelFit? 

SteelFit is a USA-based supplements company that seem completely dedicated to marketing products promoting fat loss (they don’t offer any testosterone boosters or pre-workouts at the time of writing).

Anyway, there wasn’t much information about this company on their website – SteelFit didn’t have an ‘about us’ page. So let’s take a look at which ingredients are inside Steel Core fat burner below.

Steel Core Fat Burner Ingredients Explained

Steel Core fat burner contains 6 ingredients overall; this is a good number to have in a supplement, as it gives companies the chance to dose each ingredient optimally (for the same price as adding over 10 underdosed nutrients).

However, from first glance, Steel Core fat burner doesn’t seem very good. Why? Because it doesn’t contain any key fat burning ingredient such as Green Tea Extract.

Anyway, we’ll take you through each ingredient inside Steel Core fat burner – to show you how effective this product really is.


Here’s Everything You Need To Know:

L-Carnitine Fumurate

This is a form of L-Carnitine that’s believed to help raise your energy levels and reduce fatigue. However, personally, we prefer L-Carnitine Tartrate, as this is proven to be of much higher quality in numerous studies.

But here’s the problem; L-Carnitine hasn’t shown to be very beneficial at promoting fat loss in any study conducted.

For this reason, we believe Green Tea Extract or Green Coffee Bean Extract would have been more useful here (although L-Carnitine can be a key addition to a pre-workout supplement).

Sicilian Red Orange Fruit Extract 

Also known as blood oranges, this is a very tasty fruit (and one of the best ice cream’s we’ve tried contained blood oranges).

However, it’s not shown to be very useful in supplements; it contains vitamins like any other fruit, which might improve your general health – but there’s no evidence to suggest that blood oranges can promote fat loss.

Ultimately, SteelFit has tried to give this a fancy name – to try and fool you into thinking it’s better than it is.

Ashwagandha Root Extract 

Ashwagandha is a herb that’s been used for decades in ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine). And it can be useful, as it’s shown to improve your strength in the gym.

But here;s the problem; Ashwagandha hasn’t proven to promote fat loss (making it an unreliable ingredient in Steel Core fat burner).


Alpha Lipoic Acid 

Also known as ALA, this is an essential acid that can only be attained through your diet (meaning your body doesn’t produce it naturally).

Why is it used in fat burners? Well, ALA is believed to raise your energy levels and keep your blood sugar levels stable.

However, it’s only been successful at helping people lose weight in studies using obese participants. Ultimately, it’s not proven to work with normal subjects before – making it an unreliable ingredient, unless you’re obese.

Grains of Paradise 

If you don’t know what this is; Grains of Paradise is basically a spice used in African cooking – believed to offer the same benefits as Cayenne Pepper.

But here’s the bad news – Grains of Paradise hasn’t proven to work. And it’s a fairly recent addition to supplements, meaning it’s not been studied much either (meaning no-one knows whether it’s 100% safe or effective yet).

We’ll keep this review updated when there’s more evidence. But for now, Grains of Paradise is an ineffective nutrient in Steel Core fat burner.


The last ingredient inside Steel Core fat burner; it’s also known simply as DCT and is a capsinoidd found in chilli peppers, such as Cayenne Pepper.

Some studies suggest that Dihydrocapsiate might promote fat loss in dosages of 3mg per serving. However, there haven’t been enough to make it reliable.

For this reason, we believe that Cayenne Pepper Extract is the best spice for fat burners; it’s tried-and-tested to boost your metabolism and help you shred body fat (but unfortunately, Steel Core fat burner doesn’t contain Cayenne Pepper Extract).


See Your Best Options In Our
Top 3 Fat Burners Page

Side Effects

One good thing about Steel Core fat burner is that none of its ingredients have shown to cause any side effects.

However, that doesn’t make this product worth buying either – it only contains 1 ingredient that might work, and no key fat burning ingredients.

Steel Core Fat Burner Review Conclusion

Ultimately, we don’t believe Steel Core fat burner is worth $48.95, after analyzing its nutrient profile. Simply put, it doesn’t contain any tried-and-tested ingredients – making it likely to be an ineffective ingredient.

But there is 1 positive; it contains Dihydrocapsiate, which is extracted from chilli peppers and has shown promising signs of helping people lose body fat. However, there hasn’t been many studies which back this up, and it won’t make Steel Core fat burner worth trying by itself.

For these reasons, we believe you could get a much better deal by taking a look at the best fat burners on the market.


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