Kaged Muscle FERODROX Test Booster Review


  • Zinc supports healthy testosterone levels
  • Ashwagandha can raise power output
  • Eurycoma Longifolia Root Extract can boost your libido


  • Missing key test boosting nutrients (eg. Vitamin D3)
  • Most ingredients dont have any impact on testosterone levels
  • Shilajit is banned in Canada and hasnt proven to raise T

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About The Product

Ferodrox is a testosterone booster supplement made by Kaged Muscle, released in early 2018. It costs $59.99 for 30 serving containers, with a serving size of 2 capsules daily.

We personally prefer supplements that come with a 3-4 capsule serving size; this has shown to keep your body fuelled in T-Boosting mode in studies. But we also recognize that some people dont like swallowing capsules and prefer to consume less.

Anyway, from first glance, Kaged Muscles Ferodrox looks like a very respectable testosterone booster. Were especially glad that none of its ingredients are hidden in any proprietary blends, and that its not loaded with many unnecessary nutrients.

Well expand on this as we analyze Ferdroxs nutrient profile for you in the next section. But first, well tell you more about the company behind it.

Who is Kaged Muscle? 

Kaged Muscle is a USA-based supplements company thats heavily promoted by CEO, Kris Genthin (previously the Editor-In-Chief of Bodybuilding.com).

Theyve produced some very high-quality supplements, with their pre-workout called Pre-Kaged being listed on our highest rated pre-workout rankings. So were big fans of this company ourselves.

As well as being fronted by Kris Gethin, Kaged Muscle also sponsor high-level athletes including; Neil Hill, Fouad Abiad and Tawna Eubanks.

But youre here to learn more about Kaged Muscles testosterone booster, Ferodrox. So lets see which ingredients have been added in the section below…

Ferodrox Ingredients Explained

Ferodrox contains 6 ingredients overall, which is a great number to have in a supplement; from personal experience, weve found that products with more than 10 nutrients are often under-dosed.

Were also very happy to see that there are no proprietary blends in Ferodrox, so you can see the exact dosages of each ingredient in this testosterone booster. This is great, as we can really analyze how good this product is (as the ingredients of products are like the engine of a car).

From first impressions, the outside of Ferodrox looks very shiny and impressive. But well take a look to see whether its packing a tiny 1.0-liter engine or a v8 under the hood.

To do this, well take you through each ingredient Ferodrox. By the end of this review, youll have a good idea of how safe and effective this testosterone booster really is.


Heres Everything You Need To Know:


In case you dont know, Zinc is an essential mineral that plays an important role in sustaining your general health. But more importantly, its shown to help support healthy testosterone levels in men.

For this reason, its a no-brainer to add to a natural testosterone booster like Ferodrox.

Its been dosed at 30mg per serving here, which is a good amount. However, one small warning we would give is to try and stay away from other supplements containing Zinc; this is because the TUL (tolerable upper level) for Zinc has proven to be 40mg before side effects.

But all-in-all, Kaged Muscle have dosed Zinc very well here. Good start for Ferodrox!

Ashwagandha Extract

Ashwagandha is a herb thats been used in Ayurvedic (Traditional Indian Medicine) for decades. It was once thought to improve your testosterone levels, but modern studies have shown that its not capable of delivering this benefit.

That doesnt mean its useless though; Ashwagandha has shown to have a positive effect on your power output in the gym. So we feel that its more beneficial when added to pre-workout supplements.

But in our honest opinion, we would have preferred to see something tried-and-tested to boost your T levels, such as Vitamin D3 instead. With that being said, we do still consider Ashwagandha Extract to be a great bonus addition to Ferodrox here.

Eurycoma Longifolia Extract 

Also known as Tongkat Ali & Longjack, this is another herb thats been used in Ayurvedic medicine for a very long time.

Again, it was once believed to raise T levels, but there simply isnt enough studies proving that it works to make it reliable (in our honest opinion). But the good news is that Eurycoma Longifolia Extract has shown to help boost libido.

For this reason, while it might not have any effect on your testosterone levels, a rise in libido is certainly positive. Although we w0uld have personally preferred to see something proven to boost your T, such as Vitamin D3 instead.


This is a patented form of Shilajit, which is a fairly recently discovered mix of minerals. But the bad news is that its hard to determine the exact amounts of minerals in Shilajit, which is the reason why its been banned in Canada.

Not only that, Shilajit has only shown to reliably boost testosterone levels in infertile men. We couldnt determine whether it had the same effects on fertile men, so in our honest opinion, this isnt a reliable nutrient to add to a T-Booster supplement.

There will most likely be many more studies conducted on Shilajits relationship to testosterone, so well keep you updated if there are any breakthroughs.


Also known simply as DIM, this is known for its ability to prevent testosterone from converting into estrogen (due to being an antiaromatase inhibitor).

In terms of its effects on T, DIM hasnt shown to raise your testosterone levels. Not only that, you wont be in any danger of your T converting into estrogen unless you inject yourself with more hardcore drugs.

The benefit of natural testosterone boosters such as Ferodrox is that theres no risk of side effects like gynecomastia (man boobs). So we dont believe that theres any need for antiaromatase inhibitors such as DIM, in our honest opinion.


Youre probably wondering what this is. Well, its also known as Black Pepper Extract as its literally extracted from the same black pepper that you add to your food.

Why? Well, Black Pepper Extract contains piperine, which has proven to improve your digestion and the absorption rates of other ingredients that its consumed alongside.

For this reason, we dont consider Black Pepper Extract to be a key addition to any test booster. But as its able to improve the overall absorption of supplements, we consider it to be a useful bonus to any product.


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Side Effects

The good news is that Kaged Muscles Ferodrox isnt likely to cause any side effects and doesnt contain any harmful nutrients.

But one thing we will point out is that you shouldnt consume any other supplements containing high amounts of Zinc; as Ferodrox contains 30mg Zinc, consuming more than 10mg in other sources puts you past Zincs tolerable upper limit and at risk of side effects.

As we mentioned though, you shouldnt be at direct risk simply from taking Kaged Muscles test booster, Ferodrox by itself.

Ferodrox Review Conclusion

We had great first impressions of Ferodrox after glancing at its container and ingredients. And after analyzed everything, we believe that its a very respectable addition to both Kaged Muscles line-up and the testosterone booster supplement market.

Were especially glad that none of Ferodroxs ingredients have been hidden in any proprietary blends and that there are no potentially harmful nutrients added to it.

However, one slight criticism well make is that it lacks tried-and-trusted ingredients that have proven to boost your test levels, such as Vitamin D3. So in our personal opinion, Pre-Kaged (their pre-workout supplement) remains our favorite Kaged Muscle product in their line-up.

Ferodrox Review

Bottom Line

While its clear that Kaged Muscle has put a lot of effort into creating a very respectable supplement, we dont believe Ferodrox can compete with the highest rated testosterone boosters on the market.

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