Complete Nutrition UNTAMED Review


  • Creatine Monohydrate can enhance strength & endurance
  • L-Citrulline can improve muscle pumps
  • Contains the ‘smart-caffeine’ combo (Caffeine Anhydrous & L-Theanine)


  • Unknown dosage of Caffeine (increased risk of jittery side effects)
  • Contains numerous ingredients in a proprietary blend
  • Tries to do 2 things at once (it’s a pre-workout/test booster hybrid supplement)
  • Beta-Alanine can cause itchy & tingly skin
  • Not great value for money in our honest opinion

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About The Product

UNTAMED is a pre-workout/testosterone booster hybrid supplement by Complete Nutritrion. It costs $44.99 for 40 servings; this would be incredible value for money, but you’re not shown the exact dosages of over 10 ingredients (meaning you can’t be sure that they’re under-dosed).

However, we’re impressed by the flavor options of Complete Nutrition UNTAMED; many pre-workouts usually only come in 1 flavor, but this product comes in Strawberry Kiwi, Mango Pineapple, Glacier Ice, and Lightning Lemon Lime – which all sound like very tasty options.

But what really determines how safe and effective Complete Nutrition UNTAMED is, is the ingredients inside. So we’ll analyze this pre-workout/test booster’s nutrient profile for you in the next section. First though, we’ll tell you more about the company behind it.

Who Is Complete Nutrition? 

We really like Complete Nutrition’s website; it’s very clean without being too promotional and in your face. It gives you all the information you need and we were especially happy that it had an ‘about us’ page.

We learned that Complete Nutrition was founded in 2004. It started out as a chain of supplement retail stores, then later expanded into creating supplements themselves.

We like an ambitious company, so we respect that Complete Nutrition aren’t scared of competing with the big boys of the supplements industry.

However, you’re here to learn more about Complete Nutrition UNTAMED, so let’s see which ingredients have been added inside…

Complete Nutrition UNTAMED Ingredients Explained

As we mentioned before, the ingredients inside a product really determine its safety and effectiveness. From first glance, we’re happy that Complete Nutrition UNTAMED contains some great nutrients such as Creatine Monohydrate and L-Citrulline.

However, one problem that we have personally, is that Complete Nutrition UNTAMED contains a proprietary blend (we’ll expand on this below)…


Proprietary blends are mixtures of numerous ingredients that are only shown to you as 1 quantity. As you can see from the ‘UNTAMED Blend’ on the ingredient list below, the overall amount is 2.5g – but you’re not shown the dosages of each ingredient inside such as Caffeine Anhydrous or Tribulus Terrestris.

Why is this bad? Well, we believe that this increases your risk of side effects such as jitters, and also makes it uncertain whether Complete Nutrition UNTAMED will work. For this reason, we try to avoid any supplement that contains proprietary blends.

Right, so now you know why we really believe companies need to stop using proprietary blends in their product. The good thing is that many have stopped using them recently, so we are disappointed to see a blend in Complete Nutrition UNTAMED here.

But we’re not here to focus on the negatives of this product.

So we’ll take you through each ingredient in this pre-workout/test booster. By the end of this review, you’ll have a good idea of how safe and effective Complete Nutrition UNTAMED really is.

The supplement facts for Complete Nutrition UNTAMED pre-workout/testosterone booster hybrid supplement.

Here’s Everything You Need To Know:

Creatine Monohydrate 

Creatine Monohydrate has been around for many years, and it’s no surprised to see it still being commonly used by lifters around the world and supplement companies.

You simply can’t deny that it works. In fact, Creatine Monohydrate has built a reputation for itself as one of the safest and effective nutrients on the market.

What does it do? Well, Creatine Monohydrate helps to increase your ATP levels, which enhances your strength and endurance in the gym.

For this reason, we believe that Creatine Monohydrate is a key addition to any pre-workout supplement. If you’re looking at Complete Nutrition as more of a test booster though, it’s not going to have any effect on your T levels.


In case you’re wondering, this is basically a patented form of Inositol Arginine Silicate. Now, usually we don’t agree with patented nutrients; you can get unbranded versions for cheaper and they’re likely to be just as effective in our honest opinion.

However, we have started to like NitroSigine; there are clinical studies that have been conducted on it, proving that it works.

What does it do? It’s believed to enhance your nitric oxide levels, which improves your muscle pumps. While there are a few doubts whether this is a better option than L-Citrulline or Citrulline Malate, Nitrosigine seems to be one of the better patented ingredients available.

D-Aspartic Acid 

It’s important to remember that Complete Nutrition UNTAMED is a pre-workout/test booster hybrid supplement. So this is the reason why D-Aspartic Acid has been added here.

It’s one of the key ingredients in any T-Booster, as it’s proven to boost your testosterone levels in dosages between 2,000mg-3,000mg. Now, the slightly bad news is that there is only a 1,500mg (1,5g) dosage in Complete Nutrition UNTAMED – meaning it’s been slightly under-dosed.

So we do wish that there was at least 2,000mg D-Aspartic Acid in this product.

Ashwagandha Root Extract

Ashwagandha Root Extract is a herb that’s been used in Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine) for a while. It’s arguably quite useful, as it’s shown to improve your power output in a few studies – which might make it useful in a pre-workout.

Although, we wouldn’t consider it a key pre-workout ingredient. It’s more of a ‘bonus’ addition here.

But if you were to look at Complete Nutrition UNTAMED as a T-Booster, then the bad news is that Ashwagandha has no effect on testosterone levels.

Either way, Ashwagandha wouldn’t be our choice of ingredient to add to a pre-workout or T-Booster supplement.



This is quite a controversial ingredient because it works and also causes a side effect; Beta-Alanine has shown to enhance your muscular endurance, but it also causes itchy & tingly skin.

In case you’re wondering, this ‘itching and tingling’ side effect is paresthesia.

Personally, we find this side effect very distracting when we’re trying to focus on our gym session. So we would rather consume Creatine Monohydrate; this offers the same benefit without causing any side effects.

As Complete Nutrition Untamed already contains Creatine Monohydrate, we don’t believe that Beta-Alanine is necessary here.


As you can guess by its name, this patented ingredient is believed to increase your ATP levels in a similar way to Creatine Monohydrate.

However, there simply hasn’t been enough studies conducted on this nutrient to prove that it works (in our honest opinion). So we would still choose Creatine Monohydrate over this ingredient every time.

Ultimately, it’s a good job that Complete Nutrition UNTAMED already contains a great dosage of Creatine Monohydrate.


We mentioned earlier that Complete Nutrition UNTAMED contained a proprietary blend. Well, this is it – we’ll be analyzing the good and bad of this blend for you now.

Starting with the good; we’re glad that L-Tyrosine has been included, which is able to improve your focus in the gym.

Also, we’re glad that L-Theanine has also been added, which works in synergy with Caffeine Anhydrous to form a ‘Smart-Caffeine’ combo. If you’re wondering, then this enhances the focus enhancing effects.

However, here’s the bad news about having stimulants such as Caffeine Anhydrous in proprietary blends. As you’re not shown the exact dosage of this stimulant, you might consume too much and suffer jittery side effects.

Another bad thing about this proprietary blend (in our honest opinion) is that it contains Tribulus Terrestris; this has shown to be capable of increasing your risk of increasing the weight of your prospect.

For this reason, we don’t like to consume unknown dosages of stimulants or Tribulus Terrestris. And ultimately, we personally try to avoid products containing proprietary blends for this reason.


See Your Best Options In Our
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Complete Nutrition UNTAMED Side Effects

The good news is that the majority of the ingredients in Complete Nutrition UNTAMED isn’t capable of causing any side effects. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be side-effects-free.

Remember that Beta-Alanine can cause your skin to feel itchy and tingle. And that the unknown dosage of Caffeine Anhydrous in the proprietary blend might cause jittery side effects (especially if you have a low tolerance).

Also, some studies suggest that Tribulus Terrestris can cause an increase in your prostate weight – which isn’t good at all.

Here are the potential side effects of taking Complete Nutrition UNTAMED:

  • Itchy and Tingly Skin (Beta-Alanine)
  • Jitters (Unknown dosage of Caffeine Anhydrous)
  • Energy Crashes (Unknown dosage of Caffeine Anhydrous)
  • Increase in Prostate Weight (Tribulus Terrestris)

Complete Nutrition UNTAMED Review Conclusion

It might seem like we’ve been very critical in this review. However, we actually believe that Complete Nutrition UNTAMED is a respectable product.

It contains great dosages of Creatine Monohydrate and D-Aspartic Acid, making it one of the best ‘hybrid’ supplements that we’ve reviewed.

However, what ruins this product is that it contains a proprietary blend; this means that many ingredients are contained in unknown amounts, which can cause side effects – especially when a stimulant has been added.

Also, we personally prefer to buy specialist products depending on our goals. This means that we’ll choose a specialized testosterone booster when aiming to raise our T levels. And we’ll choose a specialized pre-workout when we’re just wanting to improve our performance in the gym.


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