Fasted Weight Training Benefits

Fasted Weight Training Benefits

We all know the benefits of weight training and how it is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. We all know that it’s important to use weights and perform different kinds of exercises to get the most out of our workouts. But, what we might not know is that there are different kinds of … Read more

Rugby Sevens Weightlifting Training Program


It’s my opinion (totally unbiased, of course) that 7s Rugby is the most challenging sport to an athlete’s level of fitness across the entire spectrum. According to the NSCA, total physical fitness is consistent with 11 components [Michealides, et al.]: Body Composition Heart Rate/Blood Pressure Metabolic Rate Aerobic Power Lactate Threshold Muscular Strength Muscular Endurance … Read more

Bikini Competition Prep Guide


So you’re interested in how the bikini athletes prepare for a competition? Bikini girls are all over Instagram and social media showcasing their perfect curves, killer glutes and legs to die for. But not many people are aware of exactly what it takes to get in that sort of shape. Usually, the look isn’t maintainable … Read more