Wrkethic HARD WORK Pre-Workout Review


  • Citrulline can enhance muscle pumps
  • Beta-Alanine can boost muscular endurance
  • L-Tyrosine raises cognition


  • Beta-Alanine also causes itchy & tingly skin
  • Caffeine in proprietary blend (unknown dosage can cause jittery side effects)
  • Missing key pre-workout ingredients (eg. Creatine Monohydrate)

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About The Product

HARD WORK is a pre-workout supplement made by Wrkethic Supps. It costs $49.95 for 30 serving containers, with a choice of 2 flavors – Strawberry Lemonade and Twisted Citrus.

To show you how effective this pre-workout really is, we’ll analyze its nutrition profile for you. But first, we’ll tell you more about the company behind it.

Who are Wrkethic Supps? 

Wrkethic Supps are a supplements company founded by online fitness sensation, Cass Martin.

She’s become one of the modern-day female bodybuilding icons, and has inspired countless women to begin lifting weights. We’re big fan’s of Cass Martin, so we’re hoping that HARD WORK pre-workout will impress us too.

One good thing is that HARD WORK pre-workout isn’t gender specific; we don’t think gender specific pre-workouts are needed, because there’s no ingredients in these supplements that benefit one gender more, so this is a good thing.

Anyway, we liked Wrkethic Supps’ website, with it being one of the best sites we’ve seen from a new company. Good job by Cass Martin here.

HARD WORK Pre-Workout Ingredients Explained

We’re never too critical of new companies releasing their first products; we all started from somewhere, and everyone deserves time to get find their feet in the industry.

However, from first glance, HARD WORK pre-workout looks very good. It contains Citrulline, which can enhance your muscle pumps when consumed in optimal dosages, and Beta-Alanine can raise your muscular endurance in the gym.

But one thing we have to point out, is that HARD WORK pre-workout contains a proprietary blend (we’ll expand on this below).


Proprietary blends are mixtures of numerous ingredients that’re only shown to you as 1 quantity. As you can see from the ‘Energy Performance Blend’ on HARD WORK pre-workout’s ingredient list, the overall amount is 570mg – but you’re not shown the dosages of each ingredient inside such as Caffeine Anhydrous.

This increases your risk of side effects, and also makes it uncertain whether this pre-workout will work. For this reason, we try to avoid any supplement that contains proprietary blends.

Anyway, now that you know why we don’t like proprietary blends in supplements, we’ll take you through each ingredient inside HARD WORK pre-workout.

By the end of this review, you’ll know exactly how safe and effective this pre-workout really is.


Here’s Everything You Need To Know:


We can see why Wrkethic Supps has decided to add this into HARD WORK pre-workout; it’s known for being able to raise your muscular endurance in the gym.

However, many people prefer to avoid Beta-Alanine, due to it causing itchy and tingly skin (a side effect officially known as paresthesia).

For this reason, we prefer Creatine Monohydrate as it offers the same benefit, without causing any side effects.

Citrulline Nitrate 

A great addition to any pre-workout, Citrulline Nitrate is simply L-Citrulline bound to Nitrate.

However, the bad news is that Citrulline has only shown to work when consumed in dosages of 3,000mg per serving or more; as HARD WORK pre-workout only contains 1,000mg, it might not be completely effective here.

Agmatine Sulfate 

Agmatine Sulfate is extracted from L-Arginine through a chemical process, and has shown to be effective at treating drug addiction and reducing pain.

However, neither of these benefits are really necessary to improve your performance in the gym. And while it’s believed to raise your nitric oxide levels (which would enhance your muscle pumps), there hasn’t been any studies that prove this yet.

For this reason, we have to consider Agmatine Sulfate to be an unreliable addition to HARD WORK pre-workout here.


Norvaline is another ingredient that’s believed to raise your nitric oxide levels. And while it’s not completely reliable, there are more studies suggesting that it works than Agmatine Sulfate.

However, the only studies we could find were conducted on mice, not humans. So while it improves the nitric oxide levels of mice, there’s no evidence to prove that it works as well in humans too.


L-Tyrosine is a key addition to any nootropic supplement, as it’s able to improve your cognition.

However, it’s not as necessary in a pre-workout, as you don’t need improvements in your memory in the gym (unless you’re frequently asked to remember your wife’s shopping list…)

Anyway, it can make a great ‘bonus’ addition to HARD WORK pre-workout, but it’s not a key ingredient here.

Not only that, as it’s been added into the ‘Nootropic [proprietary] Blend, there might not be an effective dosage here; this is a great example of why companies need to stop using proprietary blends in their products.

Choline Bitartrate 

We’re disappointed to see Choline Bitartrate in HARD WORK pre-workout; it’s not shown to deliver any benefits to improve your gym session, but it causes your breath and sweat to smell fishy.

Even if you’re not self conscious, smelling like a salmon in public will always make you aware of yourself…

For this reason, Choline Bitratrate is one of the nutrients that we always try to stay away from.



Hordenine is a molecule found in plants and some chemicals such as Synephrine (which isn’t good, as Synephrine was banned after causing harmful side effects).

What does it do? Well, Hordenine is believed to be effective at promoting fat loss and raising your energy levels; it’s actually considered to be a stimulant, but no-one really knows the equivalent caffeine dosage it delivers (which puts you at risk from jittery side effects).

Ultimately, if fat loss is your main fitness goal, then we recommend choosing a specialist fat burner supplement instead.

Caffeine Anhydrous 

In case you’re wondering what this is, ‘Anhydrous’ means that Caffeine has been dehydrated into powder form, so it can be added into supplements.

Caffeine Anhydrous is usually a perfect addition to pre-workouts, as it’s a pure form of Caffeine, meaning you can keep a close eye on the amount you consume to stay safe.

However, as it’s been added into a proprietary blend, you’re not shown the exact dosage of Caffeine inside HARD WORK pre-workout.

Ultimately, this is a problem, as consuming unknown quantities of Caffeine can lead to jittery side effects and energy crashes – which is the opposite of what you want.

For this reason, we don’t recommend consuming supplements containing stimulants in proprietary blends.


Glucoronolactone is quite commonly seen in energy drinks, but there’s no evidence to prove that it’s able to raise your energy levels.

In fact, there hasn’t been any study to prove exactly what it does; this is worrying, considering that it’s quite commonly consumed through energy drinks.

We never recommend consuming ingredients unless they’re both safe and effective. And we simply can’t guarantee whether Glucoronolactone is or not.

PurEnergy & Theobromine

PurEnergy is basically a patented form of caffeine, and it’s also been added into the proprietary blend here; this only raises your risk of suffering from jitters and energy crashes.

We’ve grouped this with Theobromine, as it’s another stimulant, so it also makes it likely for you to suffer side effects. One thing we hope that Wrkethic does in the future, is only add 1 stimulant into her products.


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Side Effects

The big concern we have with HARD WORK pre-workout, is that it contains numerous stimulants in a proprietary blend; this means that you’ll be consuming unknown quantities of stimulants, which puts you at risk from side effects such as jitters and energy crashes.

However, while Beta-Alanine doesn’t cause any harmful side effects, the itchy and tingly skin it can cause, can be quite distracting.

Here’s the potential side effects from taking HARD WORK pre-workout: 

  • Jitters (overload of stimulants in proprietary blends)
  • Energy Crashes (overload of stimulants in proprietary blends)
  • Itchy & Tingly Skin (Beta-Alanine)
  • Fishy Breath & Sweat (Choline Bitartrate)

HARD WORK Pre-Workout Review Conclusion

For a first attempt at a product, Hard Work pre-workout is a very good attempt by Cass Martin’s Wrkethic. In fact, we’re confident that this company will release some great supplements in the future, so we’re excited for this.

However, judging HARD WORK against the best pre-workout on the market, we don’t believe that it can compete with them; the overload of stimulants are likely to cause jitters and energy crashes, which will send you home from the gym early.

But there are positives here too; Beta-Alanine can enhance your muscular endurance, and they’ve also added Citrulline, which is known for it’s ability to enhance muscle pumps.


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2 thoughts on “Wrkethic HARD WORK Pre-Workout Review”

    • Hi Brian,

      Thanks for this information! We believe that’s a HUGE dosage to consume in 1 serving, and we definitely wouldn’t advise you to consume this – it’ll almost definitely result in jitters for most people, unless you drink 6-7 cups of black coffee per day.

      To stay safe, we always advise that our readers consume under 200mg caffeine per serving with pre-workout supplements; this will ensure they benefit from energy boosts in the gym, but stay safe from jittery side effects.

      Thanks again for the information!



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