Best Pre Workouts For Women 2021

Stop buying pre-workouts that come in pink packaging. Its time you looked past the labels and checked whether products contain safe and effective ingredients.

Sometimes you get back from work, sit on your couch and dont feel motivated. Whether its because youve had a rough time at work, are looking after your children, or that you simply cant be bothered on that certain day - you could do with a bit of a boost.

Well, these are the types of scenarios where pre-workout supplements are perfect. But, its not quite as easy as searching on google and buying the first product you see.

Ultimately, with so much choice out there, making the right decision can be a difficult task. Luckily, we here at are here to help you.

In this article, youll not only find out what the best pre workout supplement for women is, youll also learn some of the things you should look out for before hitting that buy now button.

Read on and youll learn about:

  • What are pre-workout supplements?
  • Benefits of pre-workout supplements for women
  • Stimulant vs non-stimulant pre-workouts: which are better for women?
  • What to avoid in a pre-workout
  • Conclusion

What Are Pre Workout Supplements?

If youve done your research and know exactly what these products are, then just skip this section. If not, take a look…

Put simply, a pre-workout is exactly what you think - a supplement you take before working out (typically 20-30 minutes before your session). This is because these products are designed to increase your energy and endurance to help you get the most out of your workout.

Essentially, after taking an effective pre-workout, youll be able to train harder for longer - leading to improved results in less time. This means that youll look better in a bikini, just look more toned, or build lean muscle - whatever your goal is, the best pre-workouts can help speed up the process.

Sounds good, right - but what do you need to look out for?

There are plenty of things to look out for, both good and bad. Well expand on this later on, but first, well outline the main benefits that you should be getting from the best pre-workouts available, below…

look better in a bikini, just look more toned, or build lean muscle - whatever your goal is, the best pre-workouts can help speed up the process. - Kelsie, Female Fitness Expert

Benefits Of Pre Workout Supplements For Women

As we just mentioned, were going to take you through the main benefits that you should be getting from a pre-workout that you decide to buy.

Simply put, if you dont experience these key benefits, then theres simply no point in spending your hard-earned cash. After all, youve had your eye on that nice sports bra for a while now…

Take a look:

Raised Energy Levels & Motivation

One of the main reasons for taking a pre-workout supplement is to feel that kick in your energy levels; this helps you make the most out of your session in the gym and see results faster when youd otherwise be sat on your couch.

But just which ingredient should you look out for? Answer: Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine is undoubtedly one of the best ingredients to increase your energy levels. Everyone knows this, or coffee and tea wouldnt be so popular around the world!

Basically, Caffeine gives you a boost when you need it the most - like we mentioned at the start, such as when youve had a long day at work or youve been looking after the kids and just dont feel motivated to work your booty off in the gym.

In case youre wondering, the Anhydrous simply means that Caffeine has been dehydrated into powder form so that it can be added to supplements (as almost all pre-workouts come in powder form).

But make sure to consume a maximum Caffeine Anhydrous dosage of 150mg per serving

Be sure to take it easy with Caffeine Anhydrous, or you might get the exact opposite of what you want - experiencing an energy crash and wanting to go to bed early!

Weve tried tons of different dosages, and we feel that the max that you should consume is 150mg per serving; this gives you more than enough energy, without suffering jittery side effects.

So when youre looking for a pre-workout supplement, try and find one that contains a maximum of 150mg (maybe 200mg if you drink bucket loads of coffee every day and are very tolerant to this stimulant).

👓Increased Focus and Self-Confidence

There are always days when you feel self-conscious. Maybe its that spot thats just appeared on your nose or forehead, or that youre having a bad hair day. Well, this can all negatively affect your performance in the gym; its not good worrying about what others are thinking about you, while youre building up a sweat.

In short, everyone knows that you should be focused on your workout when youre in the gym. But its not always that easy.

However, once youve taken a pre-workout supplement, youll set your sights on achieving a certain fitness goal. Youll forget about your surrounding and work harder than you ever have before.

Basically, along with the extra energy, youll be more focused to tone-up and fit into that dress youve always wanted - and make your booty pop in those jeans!

🏃‍♀️Increased Strength & Endurance

Listen, we know your goal isnt to grow huge muscles and compete with the guys on bicep size. If it is, then fair enough - we just know that most girls would prefer looking toned, curvy and with a round booty.

Anyway, increasing your strength levels is going to help you reach your goals faster. You might not like this, but your favorite fitness model probably squats more than you think. In fact, if theyve grown a great booty, then theyll have grown considerable amounts of muscle mass there; this is down to increasingly squatting more weight, coupled with a clean, high protein diet.

Even if you want to lose body fat and tone-up, it certainly doesnt hurt to lift slightly heavier weights.

Well, the best pre-workouts should contain the right nutrients to deliver enhanced strength and endurance levels; the best ingredient for this has been creatine for a couple of decades now.

We still take Creatine Monohydrate, and it really does give us that edge in sporting performance - which obviously helps us stay trim when we want, and lift heavier weights when we set our goals to do it.

💃Reduced Muscle Fatigue and Damage

You dont really expect to be able to reduce muscle fatigue and damage. You just accept that the next day or two after a hard workout is going to ache - but it doesnt always have to be that way.

Why? Because if you choose the right pre-workout, itll contain nutrients that are proven to reduce this benefit. Ultimately, this will help you perform at your best for longer while in the gym, and help you stay fresher for your next workout too - a win, win situation.

Simply put, this means youll be able to train at a higher intensity more often, without feeling the worst the next day.

Best Pre-Workout Supplement For Women

Unless you just skimmed past all of our juicy information, you would have learned exactly what you should get by taking a pre-workout supplement. In fact, if you buy a pre-workout and it doesnt deliver the benefits above, then sorry to tell you the truth, honey, but youve just wasted your cash - youll be wishing you bought a chocolate bar instead, girl.

Dont worry if youve been a victim in the past. We know we have. But thats why were writing this article for you; we dont want you to waste your cash on useless supplements again.

Weve actually spent the last couple of years trying out all kinds of pre-workouts. From the ones that come in pink packaging, to the ones that are made exclusively for men. And weve learned a lot - mainly that you shouldnt buy the ones aimed at a certain gender (in our honest opinion).

However, along with bad experiences, we finally found and tested 1 pre-workout supplement that delivers the main benefits we look out for. And youll be glad to hear that its had good reviews from tons of male and female users.

Check it out:

4 Gauge (LeanBulking’s #1 Pre-Workout For Women)


From first glance, we were slightly put-off trying 4 Gauge. This is because it comes in a shotgun shell container, which felt really masculine.

But after we saw that it contained key pre-workout ingredients in great dosages, we had to at least give it a go - and were glad we did. Well give you a mini review of our experience with 4 Gauge below:

Best Pre-Workout For Women

The Main Benefits We Experienced While Taking 4 Gauge:


  • Felt more motivated to work our booty off in the gym - We had no motivation issues after taking 1 scoop of 4 Gauge.
  • Had no self-confidence issues and didnt mind sweating in front of guys at the gym - The gym can be a scary place if you let it be, but when you start working hard, youll notice everyone is working towards the same fitness goals as you and are also in pools of sweat!
  • Set more goals and actively worked towards them - We found it easier to set a certain number of reps and sets to work towards, and 4 Gauge actually helped us overachieve on them.
  • Didnt suffer from low energy levels or energy crashes - 4 Gauge delivered the right amount of energy for us to smash our workout, without keeping us up at night afterward.


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What Makes 4 Gauge Tick

As weve mentioned throughout this article, it really is the ingredients inside a supplement that make or break them. So your parents werent kidding around when they told you its whats inside that counts - they were just setting you up to achieve that bikini model look later in your life, girl…

Anyway, we were originally attracted to 4 Gauge because it contained all the ingredients that we look out for. A 150mg dosage of Caffeine Anhydrous raises your energy levels without going over-the-top, 1,000mg Creatine Monohydrate allows you to work your booty off for longer, while 500mg L-Carnitine is scientifically proven to reduce muscle fatigue and damage - not bad, huh?

Not only that, the real bonus about 4 Gauge for us, is that this pre-workout contains L-Theanine, which is proven to work in synergy with Caffeine - to further protect you against jitters and energy crashes, while still benefiting from increased energy and endurance levels.

Ultimately, while 4 Gauges container might look slightly masculine, who says girls cant handle a shotgun anyway?! For us, we prefer to stay away from feminine looking pre-workouts anyway, and after helping us improve our performance in the gym and improve our figure, 4 Gauge has become our #1 pre-workout supplement for women.

Other Female Experiences

We always like seeing how other people reacted to a certain supplement before trying it ourselves. For example, if you read that something causes regular side effects in other people, its going to be less likely that you try it out.

So another factor that convinced us to try 4 Gauge was the great reviews from other females. Heres one that weve picked out from the testimonials on 4 Gauges website:


Michelle from the United Kingdom

Ive been training for a long time and tried a million supplements for different things. Normally I use pre workouts 3 times per week. This helps me avoid crashes and still get best results from them.

Straight away I was drawn to 4 Gauge, ingredients wise its the cleanest pre workout Ive seen and its packaging is certainly striking. No artificial sweeteners and minimal calories. 5 per serving.

What can I say, 4 Gauge blew me away. I felt so energised and powerful, but not shaky and itchy, it made me go a few extra sets in the squat rack thats for sure!

You feel like you could keep pushing the weights for hours and actually feel the muscle working. It feels incredible!

Ive made some good progress on my physique and for the last few months Ive only been using 4 Gauge as my pre workout.

Its helped my with both HIIT training and weight training. And even powered me through a couple of gym classes.

Im not normally one to write reviews online. But ladies, this pre workout rocks and is now an essential part of my stack.

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Stimulant vs Non-Stimulant Pre-Workouts: Which are better for women?

Stimulants are great for boosting energy, which means theyre commonly used with pre workout supplements. However, many women have had bad experiences after consuming too much; this is exactly why weve recommended that you consume a maximum Caffeine Anhydrous dosage of 150mg per serving.

As a result, a popular question is: should I take a stimulant or non-stimulant pre workouts - which are the best option for women?

Well, Stimulant pre-workout supplements can be a great option as they provide a boost of energy throughout your workout. As well as giving you that kick to get into the gym in the first place!

Ultimately, youre not going to get that energy boost with non-stimulant pre-workouts. 

The bottom line is this; stimulant based pre-workouts are the way forward - they provide an energy boost while non-stimulant based pre-workouts dont.

As weve already mentioned, Caffeine Anhydrous is a fantastic supplement which can give you an effective boost of energy. When consumed in a maximum dosage of 150mg per serving, this can provide you with the energy boost you need minus the unwanted side effects.

So theres no reason to be scared of a stimulant pre-workout supplement. Just be sure to check the overall dosage of stimulants in the product before you buy it.

What To Avoid in a Pre Workout

Now that you know what to look for in pre-workout supplements, its equally as important to know what to avoid too - in order to stay safe, ensure you buy an effective pre-workout that doesnt cause unwanted side effects and get the best value for money.

For this reason, well take you through the main red flags to watch out for, on your search for the best pre-workout for women.

Pink Packaging


This is more important than you think. Being female, I know how easy it is to choose the pink products in a market generally filled with masculine looking products.

However, choosing one that specifically targets females by coming in a pink container or packaging is a seriously bad idea. Ive had a look at some of the supplement facts (ingredients) in some of these products, and companies really do rely on pink packaging to sell the product - instead of adding the most beneficial ingredients possible.

Ultimately, the packaging can sometimes fool its potential buyers into making them think that it is ideal for women. But, always remember this; its the ingredients inside the product itself that matters the most.

Betaine and Choline


Two ingredients which are commonly used in pre-workout supplements are Betaine and Choline. However, that isnt really a good thing.

Why? Because both of these ingredients have been known to cause fishy odor both in the breath and when sweating. This side effect is officially known as Trimethylaminuria.

While this side effect isnt necessarily harmful, were pretty sure you dont want to be wandering around the gym smelling fishy! So, when making your choice for a pre-workout supplement, ensure you avoid any products that contain these ingredients.

Potentially Harmful Ingredients



When looking at ingredients for a pre-workout, Yohimbe is one which should be avoided at all costs. Numerous studies have proven that Yohimbe causes various unwanted side-effects.

Particularly when consumed in high doses, Yohimbe has been known to cause loss of muscle function, chills, and vertigo - amongst other things. That doesnt really sound too appealing now, does it?

Youre taking a pre-workout in order to boost your performance in the gym, right? But, the unwanted side effects caused by Yohimbe means it just isnt worth the risk.

Bitter Orange Extract

Just like Yohimbe, Bitter Orange Extract is another ingredient which you should steer clear of in your search for the best pre workout supplement for women.

Bitter Orange Extract is an ingredient which is commonly seen in weight loss supplements. However, it contains an ingredient called synephrine which is similar to the dangerous ingredient known as ephedra.

In case you werent already aware, this ingredient has been banned in the US. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, this is the reason why:

Ephedra is banned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration because it raises blood pressure and is linked to heart attack and stroke.

If thats not a reason to steer clear of this potentially dangerous ingredient, then we dont know what is!

Over 200mg of Caffeine Anhydrous


Whilst Caffeine Anhydrous is undoubtedly a good ingredient to have in a pre-workout supplement, an excessive dosage of the ingredient can do the exact opposite of what you want to happen.

Instead of providing a boost of energy, you can encounter energy crashes, as well as jitters which really isnt ideal when youre trying to obtain results in the gym!


Beta-Alanine is used within many pre-workout supplements. However, it is an ingredient which you should approach with caution due to the tingling sensation that its been known to cause.

When looking for the best pre workout supplement for women, you should ensure that if beta-alanine is contained on the ingredients list, its dosage level per serving isnt too high. In turn, this will help you to avoid the tingling side effect.

Proprietary Blends


Some pre-workouts contain whats known as proprietary blends.

Simply put, this is when companies hide the individual dosages of ingredients by adding all of them into a blend that only contains the overall amount of several nutrients; this is particularly bad when these blends contain stimulants (as taking unknown dosages of stimulants can lead to jittery side effects).

In our expert opinion, its always better to know exactly what youre putting into your body. So we personally only chose pre-workouts that fully list each ingredient and is completely transparent - complete honesty from the company to their customers is key.


So, there you have it! By now, you should know exactly what makes the best pre-workout supplement for women. From reaching your fitness goals more efficiently to increasing your self-confidence - there are many benefits to consuming the right pre-workout supplement.

However, choosing the wrong one can jeopardize your results, be a complete waste of cash, or even put your health at risk - it just isnt worth it, so do your research!

Ultimately, a combination of effective ingredients that have been proven to work can improve your results in the gym without the need to worry about any side effects. For us, 4 Gauge is the best pre-workout for women that weve tried after years of testing supplements.

Dont forget that a sensible dosage of each ingredient is also important too, particularly with a stimulant such as caffeine. Get your dosages right, and the results will soon start to show, and jitters and energy crashes will be a thing of the past!

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