Vasculore Review

MHP Vasculore Rating: 2 Stars


  • Contains L-Citrulline
  • Not many side effects


  • L-Citrulline under-dosed (not likely to deliver muscle pumps)
  • Contains more fat burning ingredients than nutrients to benefit your gym session
  • Contains proprietary blends
  • Most ingredients have shown to be ineffective

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About the Product 

Vasculore is a pre-workout supplement by MHP. It comes in 30 serving containers, but differs from other pre-workouts. Why? Because it comes in capsules – most pre-workouts come in powder.

The Company: MHP

MHP is a supplements company that market a range of supplements under three categories – Proteins, Strength & Recovery, and Weight Loss.

However, we found a statement from their website strange: “Every product label tells you exactly what’s in the bottle”. Why? Well, Vasculore contains a proprietary blend, meaning you don’t know the exact dose of each of its ingredients.

There wasn’t much more information available on their website, so we’ve analyzed its ingredients below.

Vasculore’s Ingredients Explained

There are two things that determines how effective a pre-workout is – it’s ingredients, and its doses. This is why we’ve analyzed the key ingredients inside, so we can tell you how good Vasculore is, whether it causes any side effects, and if it’s worth buying.

Here’s everything you need to know: 


This can be a key pre-workout ingredient when dosed correctly. Why? Because L-Citrulline can enhance your muscle pumps while you lift weights int he gym.

How does it work? Well, it turns L-Arginine in your kidneys, raising your nitric oxide levels, and dilates your blood vessels (vasodilation). This results in increased blood flow and intense muscle pumps in the gym.

But here’s the problem – L-Citrulline’s only effective when optimally dosed (6,000mg-8,000mg). Vasculore only contains 750mg, so it’s not likely to be effective in promoting muscle pumps.

Ingredient rating: 


Also known as Arginine Alpha-Amino, this is believed to promote muscle pumps in the gym. But there’s not been many studies conducted on this ingredient, meaning it’s unreliable.

Not only that, there’s only a 125mg dosage of Arginine-ABB in Vasculore – a tiny amount.

So why don’t we think it’s effective? Well, Arginine has a poor absorption rate, meaning it has very little or no effect when orally supplemented. This is why L-Citrulline is better (it turns into L-Arginine in your kidneys and has a great absorption rate.

Ultimately, MHP should’ve just increased the dosage of L-Citrulline to 6,000-8,000mg, and left Arginine-ABB out.

Ingredient rating: 


This is a form of L-Valine (a BCAA shown to promote muscle gains). But that’s not the reason MHP’s included L-Norvaline here.

L-Norvaline is believed to allow your body to produce an unlimited amount of nitric oxide (your body limits nitric oxide levels to keep you safe). However, there’s not been many studies to prove that it actually raises nitric oxide levels in your body.

Basically, it’s an unreliable ingredient that’s not proven to work.

Ingredient rating: 


Pomegranate Fruit Extract

You’ve probably heard of this fruit, and eaten it before. Why have MHP added a fruit into Vasculore? Well, Pomegranate’s are believed to contain a high amount of nitrates and anti-oxidants.

Nitrate is the precursor to nitric oxide, so if Pomegranates really contain a high level of nitrates, it would promote muscle pumps in the gym. But here’s the problem – there’s not been enough studies on this fruit, to prove that it’s effective.

Ultimately, it’s unreliable and not proven to work.

Ingredient rating: 

Spectra – Proprietary Blend

This is the proprietary blend inside Vasculore.

What’s a proprietary blend? It’s a mixture of numerous ingredients that’re shown to you as one quantity – as you can see above, in this case it’s 50mg.

But the problem is that 50mg is a tiny amount to have in a supplement, and this is a mixture of over 20 ingredients. This means that no ingredient in this ‘Spectra’ blend will offer you no benefits.

Not only that, this blend contains many ingredients that’re shown to promote fat loss – fat loss isn’t a key benefit of a pre-workout supplement. MHP should’ve included better ingredients in optimal doses to improve your gym session.

Ingredient rating: 

Elite Muscle Performance & Hydration Blend

There’s no ingredients here that are worth mentioning.

MHP have even tried to fool you into thinking ‘Sodium’ is an important ingredient (it’s simply salt – the same stuff you put on your food).

Ingredient rating: 

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Side Effects

One positive about Vasculore is that it’s not likely to cause any side effects – unless your allergic to any ingredients inside this pre-workout supplement.

Vasculore Review Conclusion

After analyzing Vasculore’s ingredient list, it doesn’t seem likely to deliver any benefits – so it won’t improve your gym session.

There are no ingredients that’ve shown to boost your strength, endurance, or cognition (focus, alertness and reaction time) while you lift weights – these are key benefits of a pre-workout that Vasculore is missing.

Check out our pre-workout ingredients guide to see which are the best and worst.

Bottom Line: We’ve given this a 2 star rating, because it’s missing numerous key pre-workout ingredients. MHP have only tried to provide you with enhanced muscle pumps, and they’ve managed to mess this up.

There are many better pre-workout supplements on the market.

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