Trans4orm Review


  • Caffeine is a key fat burning ingredient
  • CLAs can help preserve lean mass while cutting fat
  • L-Carnitine shown to slightly promote fat loss


  • Only 1 serving isnt good for a fat burner (pre-workouts are 1 serving supplements)
  • L-Carnitine is a key pre-workout ingredient, but not as effective in a fat burner
  • Caffeine dosage per serving more suited to a pre-workout supplement (175mg)
  • Choline is ineffective but causes fishy odors in your breath and sweat
  • Alpha-GPC causes numerous side effects (see side effects section for more info)
  • Yohimbes banned in UK and Canada for causing harmful side effects

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trans4orm review - leanbulking

About The Product

Trans4orm is a fat burner supplement made by EVLution Nutrition. Its a strange fat burner, as it comes in comes in a powder (most fat burners come in capsules) - however, you can choose to order it in capsule form when ordered servings of 20, 60 or 120.

We chose to review the powder form as most of the fat burners we review come in serving sizes of 30 per container. This costs $29.99, and comes in a choice of 2 flavors - Blue Raz and Fruit Punch.

Who are EVLution Nutrition? 

EVLution Nutrition are a USA-based supplements company. They market a variety of products - from pre-workouts to fat burners like this one.

But there wasnt much more information available about them on their website. Hopefully this fat burner can make-up for the lack of information there,

Trans4orm Ingredients Explained

Tran4orm contains 11 ingredients in total, which is a large amount for a fat burner with a serving size of 1 per day. We prefer to consume 3-4 servings spread throughout the day - this splits up the overall caffeine dosage (keeping us safe from jitters or energy crashes) and keeps your body topped up with fat burning nutrients at all times.

Anyway, were not giving up on Trans4orm yet - lets take a look at how effective the ingredients in this fat burner are.

trans4orm-ingredient-list-review - leanbulking

Heres Everything You Need To Know:


Also known as Conjugated Linoleic Acid, this has shown to help preserve lean mass while cutting body fat. However, this will also depend on your diet (calorie and macro intake) too.

As a result, we believe there are better ingredients available, such as Green Tea Extract which is proven to promote fat loss (but has been left out of Trans4orm).

L-Carnitine Tartrate 

L-Carnitine can play a key role in a pre-workout as its shown to reduce fatigue and improve focus in the gym. However, its effects on fat loss arent as significant - for this reason, L-Carnitine simply isnt as beneficial in a fat burner supplement.


This is always the worst ingredient in any supplement when its included. Basically, studies have shown that its ineffective, but can cause fishy odors in your breath and sweat.


L-Tyrosines proven to improve focus, but doesnt offer any fat burning benefits. As a result, theres no need for this inside Trans4orm, as Caffeine offers enough improvement to cognition.


As we just mentioned, Caffeine can benefit your focus, and its great for boosting your energy levels when cutting calories on a diet. We believe this is a key fat burning ingredient, so were happy to see this in Trans4orm.

But the problem is that Trans4orm has a serving size of 1 per day. This means youll be consuming 175mg Caffeine at once - which will give you a massive boost of energy at once.

To put this into perspective, pre-workouts contain this amount of Caffeine (and theyre designed to get your PUMPED and ready to take on the world!). You dont want to be taking this if youre going to sat at work or college all day, thats for sure.


Coleous Extract

Also known as Forskohlii (which sounds dangerously close to foreskin…), its actually shown to boost testosterone and promote fat loss in 1 study. However, until more studies prove that it works, its an unreliable ingredient.

Well be keeping an eye on this ingredient, as it could be very beneficial if proven to work.


Alpha-GPC has no benefit on fat loss, but has been reported to cause numerous side effects (see side effects section below for more info).


This is one of the worst ingredients you can find in fat burners. Basically, its been banned in numerous countries after causing harmful side effects.

We recommend that you avoid any ingredient thats been banned anywhere, to stay safe - there are plenty of better ingredients that dont cause side effects for companies to choose from, so this isnt a good choice from EVLution Nutrition here.


This is the same Black Pepper that you put on your food. However, its actually more beneficial than you think - its shown to improve help digestion and improve the absorption rate of other ingredients its consumed with.

However, this is a bad thing in Trans4orm as there are potentially harmful ingredients such as Yohimbine (and Huperzine A which well analyze just below).

Huperzine A 

As weve mentioned, this is one of the potentially harmful ingredients in Evlution Nutritions Tran4orm. Basically, its shown to reduce cognitive decline in older men, but has been reported to cause numerous side effects (which well also explain below in more detail).

trans4orm-fat-burner-review - leanbulking

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Side Effects 

Tran4orm contains 3 ingredients that consistantly cause side effects in supplements - Choline, Alpha-GPC, and Yohimbine.

In fact, Yohimbines been banned in the UK and Canada (among other countries) for this very reason. As a result, we avoid this ingredient, along with any others that are likely to cause side effects.

Simply put, we dont want to spend our hard-earned cash on products that might cause side effects - especially when the best fat burners on the market are free from side effects.

Heres the potential side effects from taking Trans4orm: 

  • Fishy odors in your breath and sweat (Choline)
  • Headache (Alpha-GPC)
  • Insomnia (Alpha-GPC)
  • Dizziness (Alpha-GPC & Yohimbine)
  • Nausea (Yohimbine)
  • Anxiety (Yohimbine)

Trans4orm Review Conclusion

We were suprised when we saw Trans4orm only offered a serving size of 1 per day, as fat burners usually offer at least 2 (only pre-workout supplements come with 1 serving per day).

And it didnt get much better for this fat burner after we analyzed its ingredients; only 2 out of the 10 ingredients are effective in promoting fat loss (Caffeine & CLA), with L-Carnitine having a very weak effect, which is why we prefer it in pre-workouts.

Trans4orm Review

Bottom Line

Ultimately, the list of potential side effects should be enough to keep you away from Trans4orm.

We believe the best fat burners come with serving sizes of 3-4 per day, so your bodys constanly topped up with fat burning nutrients, and also so the Caffeine serving is split up (so you dont get the energy hit all-at-once).

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