SteelFit Steel Pump Review


  • Citrulline Malate can enhance muscle pumps
  • L-Theanine works in synergy with Caffeine to boost focus
  • Beta-Alanine can improve muscular endurance


  • Beta-Alanine can also cause itchy & tingly skin
  • Betaine can cause fishy breath & sweat
  • Missing key pre-workout nutrients (eg. Creatine Monohydrate)
  • Not good value for money, in our honest opinion

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About The Product

Steep Pump is a pre-workout supplement made by SteelFit. It costs $69.95 for 30 serving containers, which is more on the expensive side of the market.

However, we would prefer to pay more for a premium supplement that works, so we’ll check out Steel Pump’s nutrient profile in the next section – to see how safe and effective it is.

But first, we’ll tell you more about the company behind it.

Who are SteelFit? 

SteelFit are a USA-based supplements company that market a range of supplements. We’ve also reviewed their fat burner, Steel Core, as well as a testosterone booster called Steel Hard.

We can see that SteelFit are currently looking for athletes to sponsor, but as of the time of writing, they don’t seem to have any sponsors.

Anyway, you’re here to learn more about Steel Pump. So let’s see which ingredients have been added inside…

Steel Pump Ingredients Explained

From first glance, Steel Pump seems like a very respectable pre-workout supplement; it contains some great ingredients such as Citrulline Malate and L-Theanine, and none of them have been hidden in any proprietary blends (meaning you can see the exact dosages of them).

But while our first impressions our mostly positive, there are some negatives too. This includes Beta-Alanine being able to cause paresthesia (itchy & tingly skin), and Betaine being capable of making your breath and sweat smell fishy too.

We’ll expand on this as we take you through each ingredient in Steel Pump. By the end of this review, you’ll have a good idea of how safe and effective this pre-workout supplement really is.


Here’s Everything You Need To Know:

Citrulline Malate 

Great start by SteelFit. Citrulline Malate is one of the best ingredients y0u can find in pre-workout supplements, as it’s shown to enhance your muscle pumps when dosed correctly.

Now, there’s a reason why Arnold Schwarznegger raved about muscle pumps; they make you feel invincible and make your gym sessions much more enjoyable.

But what’s the optimal dosage for Citrulline Malate? Answer: 6,000mg per serving.

The bad news is that there’s only half of that in Steel Pump (3,000mg). So while SteelFit did well to include Citrulline Malate in this pre-workout, they haven’t dosed it corrently (meaning it might not work).

Ultimately, this is a great example of why dosing ingredients correctly is so important.

Betaine Anhydrous

We’re always unsure about Betaine Anhydrous being added into pre-workout supplements; it’s believed to promote muscle gains and fat loss, but the problem is that no study has actually proven that it works.

For this reason, we have to consider Betaine as an unreliable addition to Steel Pump here. But that’s not the only problem…

There’s been clinical studies that have shown Betaine to cause a strange side effect. It can cause your breath and sweat to smell fishy, which isn’t what you want when lifting weights in the gym.

In case you’re interested, you can see the study we’re talking proving Betaine causes fishy odors here:

As a result, we personally prefer to avoid pre-workouts containing Betaine Anhydrous. We would have preferred to see something tried-and-tested to work instead, such as Creatine Monohydrate.


The theory behind adding adenosine-5′-triphosphate is great; it’s a currency of energy that your body uses, and Creatine Monohydrate is effective as it’s able to raise your ATP levels.

However, after looking at clinical studies that have conducted research on adenosine-5′-triphosphate in human trials, it’s not shown to actually work.

Why? Because ATP hasn’t shown to be orally bioavailable and consuming it directly didn’t lead to increases in ATP levels (you can see this study here:

For this reason, we still consider Creatine Monohydrate to be the best nutrient when aiming to increase your strength and endurance levels in the gym.

Ashwagandha Extract

Ashwagandha is a herb that’s been used in ayurdeva (traditional Indian medicine) for decades; it’s been believed to raise testosterone levels, but has shown not to work in recent studies.

That doesn’t mean Ashwagandha is useless though. While it can’t raise your T levels, it can have a positive effect on your power output in untrained people who began weight training.

But we still prefer Creatine Monohydrate, as it’s shown to deliver far more significant raises to your strength. Still, Ashwagandha is definitely a good addition to Steel Pump here.

Grape Seed Extract 

You might be wondering why the seeds of this tasty fruit has been added to Steel Pump. Well, it’s because Grape Seed Extract is high in nitrates, which can have a positive effect on nitric oxide levels.

Now, a raise in nitric oxide levels can result in enhanced muscle pumps.

But here’s the bad news; Grape Seed Extract has shown to have poor bio availability, so it might not be absorbed and used effectively by your body.

For this reason, we have to consider Grape Seed Extract to be an unreliable addition to Steel Pump. This wouldn’t have been a problem if SteelFit had dosed Citrulline Malate optimally…



This is the first time we’ve seen L-Glutathione in a pre-workout supplement before, so credit to SteelFit for trying to be unique.

However, it’s not shown to be the most useful addition to a pre-workout; it’s believed to be great for your immune system and general health, but there isn’t evidence that it can improve your performance in the gym.

For this reason, while it can be a good ‘bonus’ addition to a pre-workout, it’s not going to help improve your gym session.

Medium Chain Triglycerides Powder 

Also known as ‘MCT’ powder, this is a fatty acid that’s most notably found in coconut oil; it’s believed to improve your brain and heart health, and can be beneficial during a keto diet.

However, remember that Steel Pump is a pre-workout supplement, not a fat burner. If you’re main aim is to lose fat, then you should be looking at fat burner supplements instead.

Ultimately, we’ll also consider MCT powder to be a useful ‘bonus’ addition to Steel Pump, but it certainly isn’t necessary as it doesn’t have any immediate impact on your sporting performance.

Caffeine Anhydrous 

When it comes to raising your energy levels, there’s no better stimulant than Caffeine Anhydrous; it’s basically a pure form of Caffeine that’s been dehydrated into powder form, so it can be added directly into supplements.

As it’s great to feel that ‘kick’ when you enter the gym, we consider Caffeine Anhydrous to be a key addition to any fat burner supplement. However, if you consume too much, you can suffer from jittery side effects.

Steel Pump contains 300mg Caffeine Anhydrous, which we consider to be more than necessary; we always advise that you consume under 200mg Caffeine Anhydrous per serving in pre-workouts, to stay safe from jitters and energy crashes.

The bottom line is that 300mg Caffeine Anhydrous will be too much for many people, especially if they have a low tolerance to stimulants.


We’re impressed when SteelFit has added L-Theanine alongside Caffeine Anhydrous in Steel Pump. This really shows that they’ve done their research before formulating their pre-workout supplement.

What does it do? Well, L-Theanine can form a ‘Smart Caffeine’ when consumed in higher dosages than Caffeine Anhydrous; this enhances your focus while keeping you safe from side effects.

But the problem is that SteelFit has added 300mg Caffeine Anhydrous and only 200mg L-Theanine, so the 2 nutrients might not work in synergy. Basically, SteelFit should have known to add more L-Theanine, so they would have needed at least 350mg in Steel Pump here.


Alpha-GPC is known as a ‘brain booster’ ingredient that’s able to improve your cognition. This would be great for improving your focus in the gym, but Alpha-GPC has also shown to be capable of causing side effects.

For this reason, we don’t consider Alpha-GPC to be a good addition to Steel Pump, in our honest opinion. If you want an ingredient able to increase focus, then Rhodiola Rosea is a good option; this can also reduce muscular fatigue and damage too, making it a perfect addition to pre-workout supplements.


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Side Effects

There are 4 things that can cause side effects in Steel Pump; Beta-Alanine can cause itchy & tingly skin, Betaine Anhydrous can cause your breath & sweat to smell fishy, the big 300mg dosage of Caffeine Anhydrous can cause jitters and Alpha-GPC can cause a range of unwanted effects.

But the good news is that the majority of ingredients in Steel Pump are side effects free.

Here’s the potential side effects from taking Steel Pump: 

  • Itchy & Tingly Skin (Beta-Alanine)
  • Fishy Odors In Breath & Sweat (Betaine Anhydrous)
  • Jitters (Over 200mg Caffeine Anhydrous)
  • Energy Crashes (Over 200mg Caffeine Anhydrous)
  • Nausea (Alpha-GPC)
  • Diarrhea (Alpha-GPC)
  • Headaches (Alpha-GPC)

Steel Pump Review Conclusion

Steel Pump is a very respectable pre-workout supplement that’s clearly been formulated well. We might seem like we’ve been very critical in this review, but we do believe Steel Pump is better than many other pre-workouts on the market.

However, you can’t ignore that Steel Pump contains some ingredients that can cause side effects. And that some key ingredients have been under-dosed.


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