Can Testosterone Boosters Promote Fat Loss?

Testosterone booster supplements, either natural (through the consumption of vitamins, minerals, etc.) or artificial (through steroids) have been really popular among athletes since the Golden Era of bodybuilding.

Basically, testosterone plays an important role in both women and men’s physical progress. For this reason, it’s important to know how to boost your testosterone naturally – and safely.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • What Is Testosterone
  • Does Testosterone Promote Fat Loss?
  • Other Benefits of Testosterone
  • Conclusion

What Is Testosterone?

Higher Test Levels = Faster Results

Before jumping to the benefits that testosterone in the human body (both men and women) can offer – first, we have to know what testosterone really is.

Simply put, testosterone is a sex hormone produced naturally in humans, mammals, birds, and other animals. An interesting fact is that testosterone is an anabolic steroid (meaning that it can help you increase muscle mass, strength, and bone density).

As a result higher levels of this hormone can help you completely transform your physique.

Men Have Higher Test Levels Than Women

Testosterone also plays an important role even before we’re born; this hormone is key for the formation of reproductive tissue, prostate and, most importantly is the hormone that makes a man “masculine” and different from women (women naturally have lower levels of testosterone, while having higher levels of estrogen).

The concentration of testosterone in men is, on average, 10x more than it is in women. And, the daily production in men is 20x more than in women.

However, testosterone is also important for bone density and muscle formation in women  – this is why some female bodybuilders use steroids.

On the other hand, as we mentioned before; women have higher levels of estrogen  – which is the hormone that makes women “feminine” (and can cause gynecomastia, man boobs, in men).

The amount of testosterone in the human body reaches its top in the adolescence and early adulthood. But, at the age of 30, it starts to reduce constantly (1% a year on average); this is why many choose to consume natural testosterone booster supplements.


Does Testosterone Promote Fat Loss?

Now, for people who want to lose fat in a natural way (without steroids), your best option is to boost your body’s testosterone production by supplementing a quality testosterone booster supplement.

Why? Because testosterone does promote fat loss if you follow the right diet, and it’ll help you reach your fitness goals faster and more efficiently.

Here’s how higher test levels promote fat loss:

  • Increasing Metabolic Rate

Good levels of testosterone in the blood stream will help you preserve muscle mass while you are dieting and exercising. It’ll also help you burn more fat by preventing the formation of new fat cells.

Not only that; testosterone also increases your metabolic rate (which means you will burn more calories per day), therefore, burn more fat by following a caloric deficit diet.

  • Preventing Muscle Loss

When you’re dieting, you want to make sure to lose fat – not muscle. With higher levels of testosterone, you will minimize muscle loss and maximize fat loss.

Keep in mind that a caloric deficient diet and daily exercise routine can decrease testosterone levels. For this reason, a testosterone booster can be very beneficial while you’re ‘cutting’.

The average concentration of testosterone in the blood is 250-1200 ng/dL. Studies have proven that people with a low testosterone level of 300-600 ng/dL, who used testosterone booster supplements increased their fat mass by 36%.

You’ve probably heard someone saying “as you get old losing fat becomes harder”. Well, this is actually true.

As mentioned before, as you get older your testosterone levels decrease by 1% each year (after you turn 30-years-old). Therefore, your natural ability to preserve muscle mass and lose fat goes every year down as well.

Ultimately, a natural testosterone booster will help prevent this from happening.

Other Benefits of Testosterone

Besides losing fat, the testosterone has many other benefits in the human body (especially men).

Here’s the other benefits from having high test levels:

  • Lean Muscle Gain – Studies show that higher levels of testosterone directly impacts your ability to build lean muscle mass, helping you achieve your dream physique at any age.
  • Increases Mood – High levels of testosterone elevates your mood, increasing your quality of life. Ultimately, this gives you a more positive outlook on life, and the reason for this is because it reduces your levels of cortisol (the hormone related to stress).
  • Raise your Sex Drive – Testosterone is, in essence, a sexual hormone produced in the men testicles. So, it’s not surprising that high levels of this hormone have proven to increase libido in men (promoting greater sexual activity).


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 Best Testosterone Boosting Ingredients

Up until this point, we’ve really recommended you to check out natural testosterone boosters; we’ve used them ourselves, and enjoyed the benefits they can provide.

However, there are also ways to increase your testosterone naturally by changing your diet and lifestyle too. We’ll list some of the best herbs and ingredients to help give your test levels that ‘kick’ your body needs to boost test levels.

Take a look:

  • Vitamin D3 – Vitamin D is somehow related to testosterone and has been proved that it helps with lower testosterone by increasing it to a normal level. Studies show that the production of testosterone stops when a certain level of vitamin D is reached, which is, on average, 50-70 ng/dL.
  • D-Aspartic Acid – This is a powerful, safe, and natural amino acid that has shown to increase the testosterone levels up to a 42%. It’s one of the best test boosting ingredients as it’s proven to work in numerous studies; the recommended dosage to increase testosterone is 2,000mg-3,000mg per day.
  • Fenugreek – The seeds of this plant have shown to increase testosterone levels naturally, in dosages above 50mg per serving. As a result, Fenugreek is the most efficient test boosting ingredient you’ll find.


Testosterone is really important for natural processes in the human body. It’s also extremely beneficial for people aiming to losing fat and reveal their 6-pack.

However, you need to choose a tried-and-tested testosterone booster supplement – or follow a strict diet containing the ingredients we mentioned in the last section.

Ultimately, the benefit of test booster supplements is that they can provide you with the ingredients your body needs, to raise its T levels, in a convenient pill. Ultimately, this makes it easier than adding fenugreek seeds to every meal you cook.

Bottom Line: Higher levels of testosterone have proven to help you reduce belly fat and thrust you back into your prime. To raise your T levels, either follow a diet containing fenugreek seeds in every meal or choose a tried-and-tested test booster supplement to get the job done more efficiently.

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