Rockstar Skinny Gal Thermogenic Fat Burner Review


  • African Mango can help suppress appetite
  • Green Coffee Bean can boost metabolism
  • Cayenne Pepper Extract is a thermogenic


  • Most ingredients part of proprietary blends
  • An unknown quantity of Caffeine Anhydrous (increased risk of jittery side effects)
  • Missing key fat burning nutrients (eg. Green Tea Extract)
  • Contains unreliable ingredients such as Raspberry Ketones
  • Not good value for money, in our opinion

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About The Product

Skinny Gal is a fat burner supplement made by Rockstar, priced $29.95 on Amazon. It comes in 60 serving containers, with a serving size of 1 capsule per day; this isn’t great, as studies have shown that 3-4 capsule servings spread throughout the day keeps your body in fat burning mode for much longer – giving you better value for money and results.

From first impressions, we’re very happy to see that there is an appetite suppressant ingredient in Skinny Gal; this is something that isn’t usually seen in fat burning supplements, but saying that, the dosage of African Mango is very low and we wouldn’t consider 25mg a reliable dosage for any ingredient.

Anyway, we’ll expand on this and more in the next section when we analyze Skinny Gal’s nutrient profile. But first, we’ll try and find out more about the company behind it.

Who are Rockstar? 

We really looked everywhere to try and learn more about Rockstar, but we couldn’t find anything. In fact, the only reliable place we found Skinny Gal on sale was Amazon.

It’s strange when company’s simply sell products through online retailers without even having a website to improve their outreach. So in our honest opinion, this makes this fat burner less reliable too.

Ultimately, it’s much better to know for sure that supplements are made in either the USA or UK; products created in these countries need to pass strict quality control and regulations under cGMP or FDA rules.

But with that said, let’s see which ingredients have been added to Skinny Gal below…

Skinny Gal Ingredients Explained

Skinny Gal contains 16 ingredients overall, which we consider to be wayyy over what is necessary in a supplement; we usually find that products containing more than 10 nutrients tend to contain under-dosed ingredients, as the company has had to spread their production costs more.

Not only that, we personally don’t like that most of Skinny Gal’s ingredients have been added to a proprietary blend (we’ll expand on this below).


Proprietary blends are mixtures of numerous ingredients that are only shown to you as 1 quantity. As you can see from the ‘Proprietary Blend’ on Skinny Gal’s ingredients list, the overall amount is 675mg – but you’re not shown the dosages of each ingredient inside such as Caffeine Anhydrous.

This increases your risk of side effects, and also makes it uncertain whether this fat burner for women will work. For this reason, we try to avoid any supplement that contains proprietary blends.

Anyway, now you know our initial negative first impressions about Skinny Gal. But it’s not all bad; as we’ve already mentioned, we’re happy that Skinny Gal contains a potential appetite suppressant, African Mango Extract.

Also, we’re glad to see Green Coffee Bean Extract, which has shown to be an effective thermogenic capable of boosting your metabolism.

You’ll learn more about each ingredient as we analyze Skinny Gal in this section. By the end of this expert review, you’ll have a good idea of how safe and effective this fat burner really is.


Here’s Everything You Need To Know:

Garcinia Cambogia Extract 

This is a great example of the problems we have with many fat burners aimed at women; companies add ineffective ingredients that have had the spotlight in the media for being some sort of ‘miracle fat loss ingredient’.

But it’s important to know that Garcinia Cambogia hasn’t shown to be effective in recent studies conducted on it; these studies suggest that rats may benefit from Garcinia Cambogia consumption, but it can’t be replicated in research conducted on humans.

For this reason, it’s good that you’re doing your research and learning the truth. Instead, it’s wise to choose fat burner supplements containing tried-and-trusted fat burning nutrients such as Green Tea Extract instead.

African Mango Extract 

African Mango Extract is a soluble fiber that’s believed to help improve your cholesterol levels and promote fat loss. It’s also considered to be an effective appetite suppressant, which would be useful at helping you stay away from guilty snacks between meals.

While it’s ‘fat burning’ abilities haven’t been shown to actually work, African Mango is still still suggested to help control your appetite. So Rockstar has actually done a good job by adding this into Skinny Gal.

However, we personally prefer a safer and more reliable appetite suppressant ingredient in fat burners; Glucomannan (also known as Konjac Root) has proven to suppress your appetite and increase your chances of melting unwanted body fat.

White Kidney Bean Extract 

In case you’re wondering why this has been added to Skinny Gal, White Kidney Bean Extract is believed to help ‘block’ carbs and slow down digestion by your body.

What would this do? Well, your body would be less likely to suffer from insulin spikes if it helps your body digest carbs at a slower rate.

But personally, we would prefer to follow a healthy diet consisting of complex carbohydrates instead of simple sugars and simple carbs, which would have the same effect anyway.

For this reason, while White Kidney Bean Extract is suggested to be beneficial, it’s not entirely necessary in fat burner supplements either. You should be following a healthy diet when taking fat burners anyway.

Caffeine Anhydrous 

Caffeine Anhydrous is the best and safest stimulant you can consume when consumed in sensible dosages. Now, as we’ve already mentioned, you don’t know the exact amount in Skinny Gal fat burner, as it’s part of a proprietary blend.

As a result, it’s impossible to determine whether Skinny Gal will cause you jittery side effects or not. But your chances of suffering side effects are increased, as there could be a large dosage without you knowing prior to consuming it.

For this reason, we always advise that you consume under 100mg Caffeine per capsule serving; as Skinny Gal only comes with 1 capsule serving per day, you’ll be consuming the full dosage in one big hit, which also increases your chances of suffering jittery side effects.

Ultimately, this is a great example of why we try to avoid fat burners containing proprietary blends. It’s much better knowing the exact dosages of nutrients you’re putting into your body – to stay safe and ensure you get better value for money too.

Raspberry Ketones 

We mentioned earlier that Garcinia Cambogia gained attention for being some sort of ‘miracle’ fat loss ingredient. Well, it’s exactly the same story with Raspberry Ketones; this also hit the spotlight, with many believing the hype and choosing to supplement it.

However, recent research has proven that Raspberry Ketones aren’t actually very effective when it comes to burning fat. In fact, WebMD have stated that there have been many reports of side effects such as rapid heartbeat, jitters and high blood pressure from those consuming Raspberry Ketones.

For this reason, we also advise that you try to avoid fat burner supplements containing Raspberry Ketones too; instead, choose those containing tried-and-tested nutrients such as Green Tea Extract instead.

Hoodia Extract 

Also known as Hoodia Gordonii, this is a small shrub that’s believed to be effective at promoting fat loss. However, once you do more research on this ingredient, you’ll soon realize that it’s not able to deliver this benefit.

Not only that, the worst part is that Hoodia Extract is believed to be mildly toxic, with studies showing worrying signs that it can negatively increase your blood pressure. Now, your risk of these side effects is increased, as there could be a huge dosage included in Skinny Gal without you knowing, due to Hoodia Extract being part of a proprietary blend.

As a result, we advise you to avoid supplements containing Hoodia Extract for now. There’s simply no need to consume potentially harmful nutrients when there is safe & effective fat burning nutrients available.


In case you’re wondering, 5-HTP is the precursor to serotonin and is believed to have positive effects on your mood. But it also comes with the potential side effects of increased brain serotonin levels.

We strongly recommend that you consult your doctor before consuming ingredients able to mess with your brain and serotonin levels such as 5-HTP.



Yes, this is the same Turmeric that you use in your cooking. It contains high amounts of the antioxidant, curcumin, which is why it’s believed to promote fat loss.

But while it’s shown to be capable of improving your general health, recent studies have not proven whether it’s 100% reliable at helping you lose body fat.

Guarana Seed Extract

Now, this is another stimulant that offers similar effects to Caffeine Anhydrous. We’ve already mentioned that there’s potentially a high dosage of Caffeine, which would increase your risks of side effects; Guarana Seed Extract added to Skinny Gal’s proprietary blend increases your risks of jittery side effects even further.

Ultimately, it’s for this reason that we always advise you to try avoiding fat burners containing more than 1 stimulant, to stay safe from jitters -especially when there are stimulants in proprietary blends.

Rhodiola Rosea Extract

It honestly seems like Rockstar ran out of ideas and starting adding random ingredients when formulating Skinny Gal fat burner…

Rhodiola Rosea Extract has shown to be effective at increasing your cognition, which is why we consider it to be a key addition to nootropic supplements. In fact, as it’s also shown to be capable of reducing muscular fatigue, we also believe it’s useful in pre-workout supplements.

But one supplement where Rhodiola Rosea isn’t necessary is in fat burner supplements such as Skinny Gal; this is because it hasn’t shown to have any positive effects on fat loss at all.

For this reason, we would have much preferred to see a tried-and-tested fat burning nutrient such as Green Tea Extract instead here.

Cayenne Pepper Extract 

Cayenne Pepper Extract is one of the best fat burning ingredients in Skinny Gal fat burner, as it’s hard to argue against it.

You don’t need to look at studies to see whether it works or not, because you know that it does after eating it; you’ll know that your body temperature rises after eating Cayenne Pepper, which is exactly how it works to boost your metabolism.

Ultimately, these processes all lead to your body being able to burn more calories, giving you a better chance of losing fat at an accelerated rate.

Now, the only problem we have here is that Cayenne Pepper Extract has been added to a proprietary blend. This means that no-one knows whether it’s containing in an effective dosage or a small dosage that won’t work.

Again, this is a good example of why we personally try to avoid supplements containing proprietary blends.

Apple Cider Vinegar 

This is a controversial addition to Skinny Gal fat burner here; while Apple Cider Vinegar is believed to help lower blood sugar levels and promote fat loss, experts know that there simply isn’t enough evidence to substantiate these claims.

For this reason, we consider Apple Cider Vinegar to be an unreliable addition to Skinny Gal fat burner.

Papaya Leaf Extract 

Papaya Leaf Extract has long been used to treat patients suffering from dengue fever. However, there isn’t enough evidence to prove whether it’s effective at promoting fat loss – making it another unreliable addition to Skinny Gal here.


L-Arginine is another strange addition to Skinny Gal fat burner; it’s believed to help improve your nitric oxide levels, which has numerous benefits. But not one of them is accelerated fat loss.

Not only that, studies have shown L-Arginine to have a poor absorption rate when orally supplements, making it unreliable anyway. Ultimately, we would have preferred to have seen a proven fat burning nutrient such as Green Tea Extract instead of the high number of unreliable ingredients in Skinny Gal.


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Side Effects

In our honest opinion, safety isn’t one of Skinny Gal’s strong points; there are many ingredients in this fat burner that can potentially cause numerous side effects. These include Raspberry Ketones, Hoodia Extract, and the potentially high dosage of stimulants.

As we’ve mentioned, as many of these nutrients are containing in unknown amounts. Due to being part of Skinny Gal’s proprietary blend, we believe your risk of side effects are increased.

It’s important to remember that you don’t need to take these risks, as there are fat burners containing safe and effective ingredients available.

Here are the potential side effects from taking Skinny Gal: 

  • Jitters (Raspberry Ketones & Unknown Quantity of Stimulants)
  • High Blood Pressure (Raspberry Ketones & Hoodia Extract)
  • Energy Crashes (Unknown Quantity of Stimulants)
  • Rapid Heartbeat (Raspberry Ketones & Unknown Quantity of Stimulants)

Skinny Gal Review Conclusion

We probably look like we’ve heavily criticized Skinny Gal in this review, but remember that we’re experts analyzing using our knowledge, evidence from scientific studies and our honest opinion.

We simply can’t recommend Skinny Gal to you, due to the possibility of side effects from taking it; this is why it’s important to complete your research on supplements before going in blind and taking them.

Ultimately, by choosing a fat burner containing safe & effective nutrients, you’ll ensure that you get the best results and best value for your money.


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