Alpha Lean-7 Fat Burner Review


  • Contains Green Tea Extract
  • L-Carnitine can slightly promote fat loss
  • Caffeine Anhydrous can raise energy levels


  • Every ingredient is part of a proprietary blend (unknown quantities of each ingredient)
  • There is a potentially high dosage of Caffeine Anhydrous in Alpha Lean-7 (can lead to jittery side effects)
  • Rauwolfia Vomitoria Extract has been  reported causing side effects in the past
  • No ingredients to suppress appetite
  • Not good value for money, in our opinion

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About The Product: Alpha Lean-7

Alpha Lean-7 is a fat burner supplement made by Hard Rock Supplements. It costs $34.95 from an online retailer called ‘strongsupplements’ for 90 serving containers.

While this might seem like a great deal at first, it’s important to know that you only get 1 capsule per serving; studies have suggested that serving sizes of 3-4 capsules daily helps keep your body fueled more efficiently, so this Alpha Lean-7’s serving size isn’t ideal for best results.

But it’s not all negatives at all. In fact, we’re happy to see that key fat burning ingredients such as Green Tea Extract have been added to Alpha Lean-7 by Hard Rock Supplements.

Anyway, we’ll analyze this fat burner’s nutrient profile for you in the next section. But first, we’ll tell you more about the company behind it.

Who are Hard Rock Supplements? 

Hard Rock Supplements don’t seem to have their own dedicated website for their business, so we found it very difficult to find out more about this company.

After some digging around, we’ve come to the conclusion that Hard Rock Supplements seems to be ‘’ own brand; this isn’t a bad thing, but we do wish that there was more information available online.

As a result, we believe that Hard Rock Supplements are a USA-based company. The good news is that ship to most places around the world, so you’ll be able to get your hands on this regardless of whether, or where, you are.

Hard Rock Supplements also market a range of other supplements on the same online retailer, including a range of other fat burners, as well as testosterone boosters.

But you’re here to learn more about Alpha Lean-7, so let’s see which ingredients are inside below…

Alpha Lean-7 Ingredients Explained

We’ll analyze Alpha Lean-7’s nutrient profile for you in this section. Why is this important? It’s important because each ingredient contributes to the overall safety and effectiveness of Alpha Lean-7.

Think about it, if you don’t like spicy foods, then simply don’t cook with chilies or spices; this same rule applies when looking for your ideal fat burners, as you should try to avoid potentially harmful nutrients that have been reported to cause side effects.

In terms of Alpha Lean-7’s ingredients, Hard Rock Supplements has added a total of 10 ingredients. This isn’t a bad number to have in a fat burner, but the problem we have personally, is that every nutrient has been added into a proprietary blend (we’ll expand on this below).


Proprietary blends are mixtures of numerous ingredients that are only shown to you as 1 quantity. As you can see from the ‘Alpha Lean-7 Proprietary Blend’ on Alpha Lean-7’s ingredients list, the overall amount is 675mg – but you’re not shown the dosages of each ingredient inside such as Caffeine Anhydrous.

This increases your risk of side effects, and also makes it uncertain whether this fat burner will work. For this reason, we try to avoid any supplement that contains proprietary blends.

Right, so now you know why we personally dislike proprietary blends in supplements. So let’s try and focus on the positives of Alpha Lean-7; it does contain some great ingredients, especially Green Tea Extract, which has been proven to boost your metabolism in countless studies.

Anyway, we’ll take you through each ingredient in Alpha Lean-7 in this section. By the end of this review, you’ll have a good idea of how safe and effective this fat burner supplement really is.

Alpha Lean-7 Ingredient List 

Alpha Lean-7 Proprietary Blend (675mg Overall):

  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Taraxacum Officinale (Dandelion Root Powder)
  • Dimethylethanolamine
  • Theophylline Anhydrous
  • Eria Jarensis Extract (N-phenyl-Dimethylamine)
  • Betaine Anhydrous
  • Green Tea Extract (50% Catechins)
  • Cissus Quadrangularis (5% Ketosteroids)
  • L-Carnitine
  • Rauwolfia Vomitoria Root Extract

Here’s Everything You Need To Know:

Caffeine Anhydrous 

Caffeine Anhydrous is the best stimulant you can find in supplements; it’s a pure form of Caffeine that’s been dehydrated into powder form, so it can be added into supplements like Alpha Lean-7.

However, you’ll know that if you drink too much coffee, you’ll suffer from jittery side effects that eventually lead to a big energy crash. Well, this exact same thing happens when you consume large dosages of Caffeine Anhydrous in supplements.

How do you avoid this? We always advise you to consume under 100mg Caffeine Anhydrous per capsule serving with fat burner supplements.

But the bad news is this; as Caffeine Anhydrous is part of a proprietary blend, you’re not shown the exact dosage inside Alpha Lean-7. This means that you’ll only know whether it contains too much after you’ve taken it, and once you suffer jitters, there’s no going back until you crash.

Ultimately, this is a great example of why we personally try to avoid supplements containing proprietary blends. It’s much better to know the exact amount of ingredients that you’re putting into your body – to stay safe and ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.

Dandelion Root Powder 

You might be wondering why Hard Rock Supplements have added part of a flowering plant into Alpha Lean-7. Well, it’s because Dandelion Root Powder is a diuretic that’s able to help you lose water weight.

However, unless you’re a competitive bodybuilder and need to ‘dry out’ before stepping on stage, we don’t recommend purposefully trying to dehydrate yourself to lose water weight; remember that losing water weight doesn’t mean you’ve lost body fat, and the moment you stop taking Dandelion Root Extract, the pounds will come straight back on.

In our honest opinion, we believe that companies add diuretics into fat burners to try and fool customers into thinking their losing body fat when it’s really just water weight.

If you do insist on consuming Dandelion Root Extract, we recommend increasing your water intake and consuming at least 3 liters of water per day. This will help keep you hydrated to avoid any risk of side effects.


Also known as DMAE, this is one ingredient that we always try to avoid. This is because DMAE has shown to be teratogenic, meaning it can cause defects to unborn babies, which isn’t what you want.

As this is a potentially serious side effect, we strongly recommend that you stay away from products containing DMAE if you’re considering having children in the near future.

Of course, we’re not staying for sure that you’ll experience this side effect, but some studies have shown DMAE to be capable of it, and it’s simply our honest opinion.

Simply put, there are much safer and effective ingredients available when it comes to fat burning, such as Cayenne Chilli Pepper Extract. So we wish that Hard Rock Supplements had replaced DMAE with this instead.

Theophylline Anhydrous 

This is the first time we’ve seen Theophylline Anhydrous in a supplement before, and we’re not really sure why it’s been added to Alpha Lean-7.

What does it do? Well, Theophylline Anhydrous is most commonly used to treat patients with asthma, as it’s shown to help clear your airways.

However, there’s no evidence to prove that it’s able to help you burn fat in our opinion. For this reason, we would have much preferred to see a more reliable nutrient such as Cayenne Pepper Extract instead.

Eria Jarensis Extract

Eria Jarensis is a stimulant that’s believed to improve your cognition. As a result, we consider this to be more useful in nootropic supplements, which are created for this purpose.

However, in a fat burner such as Alpha Lean-7, there’s not any need to cognitive boosting ingredients like Eria Jarensis. In fairness, there doesn’t seem to be anything bad about having this in Alpha Lean-7, so we’re happy to consider Eria Jarensis as a ‘bonus’ addition here.

While it’s not the best ingredient, we’d take this over DMAE anytime. But we would have preferred a more tried-and-tested fat burning nutrient such as Green Coffee Bean Extract instead.


Betaine Anhydrous 

Betaine Anhydrous is a slightly controversial addition to any supplement, due to being infamous for being able to cause your breath and sweat to smell fishy. We don’t know about you, but personally, we don’t like smelling fishy while working out in the gym.

You can see one of the studies that show Betaine is capable of causing this side effect here:

Anyway, in fairness, there are also studies that suggest Betaine is beneficial for your general health. But personally, we don’t believe that there are reliable studies to show it can help you burn fat.

For these reasons, we consider Betaine to be an unreliable addition to Alpha Lean-7 fat burner.

Green Tea Extract 

Green Tea Extract is by far our favorite ingredient in Alpha Lean-7.

It’s so good that it’s actually hard to argue against it; there have been countless studies that proven Green Tea Extract is able to promote fat loss, and it’s general knowledge that Green Tea is beneficial for your health.

In fact, Green Tea Extract is basically a super-ingredient, as it benefits almost every organ in your body.

So how does it help you burn fat? Well, due to containing high amounts of catechins (EGCG), it works as a thermogenic to boost your metabolism.

However, the studies suggest that you need to consume at least 500mg Green Tea Extract for it to work. Now, as it’s part of a proprietary blend, you’re not shown the exact dosage of this nutrient in Alpha Lean-7, so it’s hard to determine how effective it is here.

Ultimately, this is another great example of why we try to avoid fat burners containing proprietary blends.

Cissus Quadrangularis

Cissus Quadrangularis is another ingredient that we haven’t seen in supplements before. So fair play to Rock Hard Supplements for trying to create a unique fat burner here.

From the research we’ve seen, Cissus Quadrangularis looks reliable at improving your joint health in a similar manner to fish oil, which is a very good thing.

However, it doesn’t seem to be reliable at helping you burn fat; the one study that showed promise used obese subjects, and it’s important to remember that those very overweight are able to lose weight faster than those at a reasonable starting weight (for example, if you’re simply trying to achieve those elusive 6-pack abs).

But credit where credit is due. We’re happy to see that Rock Hard Supplements have done their research; they’ve shown this by adding a potentially effective, unique ingredient to Alpha Lean-7.


L-Carnitine is a great addition to pre-workout supplements, as it’s able to reduce muscle damage and fatigue. For this reason, we consider it a useful ingredient in Alpha Lean-7 too, so good job by Rock Hard Supplements here.

Not only that, L-Carnitine has shown to have a slight effect on fat loss in a few studies. So we’re happy to consider L-Carnitine as one of the best ingredients in Alpha Lean-7 in terms of fat burning too.


We mentioned before that DMAE was our least favorite addition to Alpha Lean-7.

Why? Well, Yohimbine is able to compete for that title; this is because Yohimbine is generally not 100& accepted as ‘safe’ in the US National Institutes of Health (you can find out more about this here:

In case you’re wondering, Yohimbe (which is the main nutrient analyzed in the linked page above) contains Yohimbine, so it’s shown to cause the same potential side effects.

Ultimately, it’s not hard to see why we try to avoid supplements containing Yohimbine or Yohimbe. Instead, we would have much preferred safe and effective options such as Green Coffee Bean Extract instead.


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Alpha Lean-7 Side Effects

While most of the ingredients in Alpha Lean-7 are free from side effects, this fat burner does contain a few that increase your risk. These include Yohimbine, Betaine, DMAE and the unknown quantity of Caffeine Anhydrous.

In case you skimmed past the previous section, we’ll give you a quick summary; Yohimbine (and Yohimbe) is generally not considered 100% safe by the US National Institute of Health, DMAE can be teratogenic (cause birth defects), Betaine can make your breath & sweat fishy, and the potentially big dosage of Caffeine Anhydrous can cause jittery side effects.

Of course, you’re not guaranteed to experience these side effects. This is simply our honest opinion on the risks here, but you might be completely safe after consuming Alpha Lean-7 for yourself.

But remember that there are fat burners available that don’t come with risks of side effects, which you can see in our highest rated fat burners page here.

Here are the potential side effects of taking Alpha Lean-7: 

  • Rapid Heartbeat (Yohimbine & Potentially Large Dosage of Caffeine Anhydrous)
  • High Blood Pressure (Yohimbine)
  • Jitters (Potentially Large Dosage of Caffeine Anhydrous)
  • Energy Crashes (Potentially Large Dosage of Caffeine Anhydrous)
  • Birth Defects (DMAE)
  • Fishy Breath & Sweat (Betaine Anhydrous)

What are the best fat burning ingredients?

Right, we probably seem like we’ve heavily criticized Alpha Lean-7 in this review, so we’re going to justify our review in this section.

Basically, we’re going to show you which ingredients are safe and proven to actually help you lose your unwanted body fat – without suffering from any side effects.

In all fairness to Hard Rock Supplements, they’ve included one of the best thermogenic nutrients (Green Tea Extract).

However, we’ll list the nutrients that would have raised our ranking of Alpha Lean-7 below:

  • Glucomannan – One benefit that all fat burners should offer, is appetite suppression. Think about it, you’re less likely to reach for that chocolate bar or candy when you feel full, which will make it easier for you to lose fat (that’s a fact). Glucomannan is the most reliable ingredient to suppress your appetite, and it’s even consumed commonly as food in Asia, and more increasingly in the west too as part of ‘low-calorie & carb rice or noodle’ products.
  • Green Cofee Bean Extract – A key thermogenic that Alpha Lean-7 is missing, Green Coffee Bean Extract contains high amounts of chlorogenic acid; this has proven to promote fat loss and boost your metabolism. As a result, Green Coffee Bean Extract is one ingredient we always look out for, when choosing a fat burner supplement.
  • Cayenne Pepper Extract – You can’t argue with this, as you’ll be sweating after eating a Cayenne Pepper. This rise in body temperature is exactly what boosts your metabolism; your body burns more calories to cool itself back down, which has proven to promote fat loss.

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Alpha Lean-7 Review Conclusion

Alpha Lean-7 contains some great fat burning nutrients such as Green Tea Extract and L-Carnitine. The addition of Caffeine Anhydrous can be useful for raising your energy levels; this helps while you cut carbs and calories when trying to lose body fat too.

As a result, Alpha Lean-7 is mostly a respectable fat burner that certainly has a place on the market.

However, the reasons why we personally can’t recommend Alpha Lean-7 is because it has the potential to cause numerous unwanted side effects, which you can see in the above section.


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  1. Thx so much for this review! I didn’t know why this made me feel a bit weird bt it after reading this I know it might have been the yohimbine now! I saw my fav ufc fighter Diego Sanchez was taking instant knockout which u and many other sites hav recommded so gonna try that!

    • Hi Jessie, thanks for reaching out!

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      Of course, everything in this review is our honest opinion, but Yohimbine has shown to cause some issues, so it’s something we personally try to avoid.

      We won’t talk too much about Instant Knockout, with respect to Alpha Lean-7 fat burner in this review. But you are correct in saying that Diego Sanchez has taken Instant Knockout to help him lose weight before fights, and international fitness model, Alexia Clark also endorses that fat burner too.

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