Nova Forme Pre Charge Review

Nova Forme Pre Charge Rating 3 Stars


  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Contains a few key pre workout ingredients


  • Contains numerous sources of Caffeine (could cause side effects to those sensitive)
  • Missing key pre workout ingredients
  • No effect on Muscle Pumps – a key benefit of pre workouts

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Nova Forme Pre Charge LeanBulking Review

About The Product 

Pre Charge is a pre-workout supplement made by Nova Forme. It comes in Exotic Fruit Punch flavor, in 10 serving containers – which is very small.

Who are Nova Forme?

Nova Forme are a premium organic supplement company that pride themselves on their 100% natural products. We like that they don’t add any artificial colors, sweeteners or dyes, so the risk of side effects is reduced.

However, apart from that, there isn’t much information available about them online. So let’s take what we know, and give you a detailed review.

Pre Charge’s Ingredients Explained

One thing we really like about this product, is that it contains only 100% natural ingredients – synthetic ingredients usually cause side effects, so this is good to see.

Not only that, it doesn’t contain any artificial flavors, colors, or dyes – so this also reduces your risk of side effects.

But the problems start with this: it’s missing key pre workout ingredients that’ll boost your strength and muscle pumps in the gym (which are 2 key benefits of taking a pre workout supplement).

We’ve analyzed the most important ingredients inside Pre Charge, so you can see how effective this is – and if it’s worth trying out.

Here’s Everything You Need To Know:

Coconut Water Powder 

This is a great ingredient to help keep you hydrated throughout your gym session.

Basically, it contains a high amount of electrolytes, which keep your body topped up with essential minerals needed to perform at peak levels (all sports drinks contain electrolytes for this reason).

However, you don’t need 1,000mg of this ingredient – Nova Forme should’ve reduced the dosage of Coconut Water Powder, and added in Creatine Monohydrate (a great ingredient proven to boost strength and endurance).

Red Beetroot Extract 

This is another great ingredient in any pre-workout. It contains a high amount of nitrates, which increases your blood flow and therefore muscle pumps.

However, it’s most effective when consumed with Citrulline Malate (the best ingredient to improve muscle pumps). For this reason, Nova Forme should’ve added Citrulline Malate into Pre Charge.

Grape Extract 

Like Beetroot Extract, this has shown to improve your blood flow – and therefore muscle pumps. It doesn’t cause any side effects, but it’s not as effective as Citrulline Malate either.

Green Tea Extract 

Nova Forme have added this to boost Pre Charge’s caffeine content – each cup of green tea contains around 35-100mg of caffeine.

However, Green Tea Extract is more suited to a fat burner; it’s shown to promote fat loss, but doesn’t really boost your energy levels as effectively as caffeine.

This is what Nova Forme should’ve done: added in L-Theanine instead (which is found in green tea in small amounts), as it’s shown to work with caffeine to boost its benefits without increasing the caffeine content).



This can be a key pre-workout ingredient when dosed correctly. There’s a small 95mg in here, as Nova Forme have hoped that the other sources of caffeine (Green Tea Extract, Guarana Extract & Matcha Green Tea Powder) will increase the caffeine content of Pre Charge.

However, this is risky – it’s better to know the exact caffeine dosage in a pre-workout to avoid side effects like jitters or energy crashes (which is what happens when you consume large amounts).

Guarana Extract, Matcha Green Tea & Yerba Mate 

These are all caffeine sources. As you can see, there are numerous sources of caffeine, which only increase your risk of suffering from side effects like jitters or energy crashes.

Nova Forme should’ve simply added nothing more than 150-200mg of caffeine – this would have been enough to provide increased focus, energy, and strength.

Schisandra Extract 

This ingredient is believed to improve your energy levels, but no studies have shown that it’s actually effective in delivering any benefits. Not only that, it’s known to cause side effects (see side effects section for more info).

Rhodiola Rosea 

Rhodiola Rosea is one of our favorite pre-workout ingredients. Basically, it’s shown to reduce fatigue and muscle damage, while improve your focus in the gym.

Simply put, improved focus allows you to form stronger mind-muscle-connection – so you can make the most of every rep.

Nova Forme Pre Charge Side Effects

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Side Effects 

The main problem with Pre Charge, is that it contains numerous sources of caffeine – this adds up to a large amount of caffeine (over 200-300mg).

Why is this a problem?

Well, high dosages of caffeine can cause side effects like jitters or energy crashes – think about when you have too much coffee.

Not only that, Schisandra Extract has also been reported to cause side effects.

Here’s the potential side effects from taking Pre Charge:

  • Jitters (High dosage of Caffeine above 200-300mg)
  • Energy Crashes (High dosage of Caffeine above 200-300mg)
  • Insomnia (Schisandra)
  • Diarrhea (Schisandra)
  • Fatigue (Schisandra)

Pre Charge Review Conclusion

Ultimately, this would have been a great product if it didn’t contain numerous sources of caffeine – as a result, Pre Charge could cause jitters or energy crashes (which would ruin your gym workout).

Other negatives include:

  • Not containing any Creatine Monohydrate – which is proven to boost your strength and endurance.
  • No Citrulline Malate in Pre Charge – This is the most effective ingredient at enhancing your muscle pumps in the gym.
  • 10 serving containers – Normally, pre workouts contain at least 20 servings, so this isn’t good value for money.
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