MuscleTech Test HD Super Elite Review


  • Zinc & Boron shown to help raise test levels
  • Ashwagandha Extract can increase strength strength
  • No ingredients that are likely to cause side effects


  • Zinc slightly over-dosed (consuming too much can lead to side effects)
  • Doesn’t contain any key testosterone boosting nutrients (eg. Vitamin D3)
  • Not likely to be good value for money

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About The Product

Test HD Super Elite is a testosterone booster supplement made by MuscleTech. It’s not available on the market at the time of writing, but looking at the prices of MuscleTech’s other products, it’s likely to be priced around $60-$80 for 30 serving containers.

This testosterone booster comes with a serving size of 3 capsules, which is great; studies have shown that the optimal serving size for the best results is between 3-4 capsules spread throughout your day – so it stays in your system for longer, (benefiting you for longer).

Anyway, we always take you through the nutrient profile of each ingredient, so that’s exactly what we’ll do in the next section. Ultimately, this will give you a good indication of whether ingredients have been dosed well, and whether it’s likely to work or not. But first, we’ll tell you more about MuscleTech.

Who are MuscleTech? 

MuscleTech are one of the giants of the supplements industry. In fact, unless you’re very new to supplements, there’s a very good chance that you’ll have seen at least 1 of their products before (such as their protein powders or Hydroxycut series of fat burners).

We found that MuscleTech are owned by a bigger company, called Iovate Health Sciences Inc, and were originally founded in 1998. So they’ve been around for a very long time and have to be respected.

In fact, this is exactly why we’re always interested when MuscleTech release a new supplement. Test HD Super Elite is new for 2017, so we’ll be seeing whether it can beat the best testosterone boosters on the market already.

Test HD Super Elite Ingredients Explained

MuscleTech’s Test HD Super Elite contains 8 ingredients overall, which is a good amount. We don’t like it when companies add over 10 unnecessary ingredients into their supplements, as we usually find that they’re under-dosed and ineffective.

Well, from first glance, we’re were left wondering why MuscleTech haven’t added the best tried-and-tested nutrients such as Vitamin D3. Instead, they’ve added ingredients shown to improve your strength & endurance, such as Ashwagandha Extract.

But there are positives; Test HD Super Elite doesn’t contain any proprietary blends (which we’re very happy about), and contains Zinc & Boron (2 nutrients shown to raise test levels).

We’ll take you through each ingredient inside this testosterone booster – so you can see how effective Test HD Super Elite really is.


Here’s Everything You Need To Know:


We don’t usually include minerals and vitamins in our reviews, as they’re never really key additions to a supplement (you can find them in cheap multi-vitamin supplements).

However, Zinc is a great mineral that’s shown to boost your testosterone levels. But 1 thing you have to watch out for, is your overall daily intake of Zinc; studies have proven that the TUL (tolerable upper limit) is 40mg per day – consuming above this puts you at risk from side effects.

For this reason, we always advise you to consume 10mg Zinc as a maximum through supplements. This allows you to enjoy other foods that contain high-amounts of zinc in your diet, without suffering from side effects.

But overall, this is a good start by MuscleTech here.

Ashwagandha Extract 

We like Ashwagandha Extract; it’s shown to help improve your strength & endurnace in the gym.

So what is it? Well, Ashwagandha is a herb that’s been used in ayurveda (Traditional Indian Medicine) for a very long time. It’s shown to be safe, but unfortunately, it’s not had any effect on testosterone levels in any study.

As a result, we believe that Ashwagandha is more useful in pre-workout supplements – but it’s not a key addition to any supplement.

Ultimately, there are better nutrients than Ashwagandha avaialble (the best like-t0-like replacement being Creatine Monohydrate). As it has no effect on your testosterone levels, we consider this to be an ineffective ingredient inside Test HD Super Elite.

We would have much preferred a tried-and-tested nutrient to raise your test levels, such as Vitamin D3 in dosages of 3,332IU-5,000IU per serving.

Pedalium Extract 

Also known as Pedaliam Murex, this is a herb that’s been believed to raise your testosterone levels when consumed alongside Tribulus Terrestris. However, we’re happy that MuscleTech hasn’t included this ingredient, as it’s shown to increase the weight of your prostate (which can lead to serious male health issues in the future).

But the bad news is that Pedalium Murex hasn’t been reliable at boosting your testosterone levels in studies. For this reason, we consider this ingredient to be an unreliable addition to Pedalium Murex.


Everyone knows that this green vegetable is, and you should be including it in your daily meal plan. It’s great for your health, delivering vitamins that you wouldn’t otherwise consume.

However, the bad news is that Broccoli hasn’t proven to raise your testosterone levels. However, we believe that MuscleTech has added Broccoli Extract into Test HD Super Elite, as it cntains DIM (Dinndolymethane), which can prevent your test converting into estrogen.

But this is also unnecessary, as no natural testosterone booster supplement is strong enough to force your body to suffer this side effect – only steroids will put you at risk of this.

For this reason, Broccoli is another unnecessary ingredient in Test HD Super Elite.


In case you don’t know, Boron is a dietary mineral that’s shown to be beneficial for your testosterone boosters. It’s naturally found in foods such as beans, pulses and fruit – but studies have shown that you need more than you can consume naturally, in order to achieve heightened test levels.

However, as it’s not shown to deliver a significant boost in testosterone levels, we don’t consider Boron to be a key ingredient in Test HD Super Elite.

Again, we’ll repeat this; Vitamin D3 is the best nutrient you can find, at reliably boosting your test levels in dosages of 3,332IU-5,000IU.

Amla Extract 

Also known as Indian Gooseberries, this has shown promising results at reducing inflammation and being a respectable anti-oxidant.

However, there hasn’t been any studies to suggest that it’s able to raise your test levels (meaning it’s another unreliable ingredient inside Test HD Super Elite).

Grape Extract 

You might be wondering, ‘is this the same fruit that we eat?’. Yes, this is the same grape as you would find in a fruit cocktail.

But it’s more beneficial than you might think; Grape Extract has shown to increase your blood flow, due to containing high amounts of nitrates.

However, while this might slightly strengthen your erections, Grape Extract hasn’t shown to raise your testosterone levels in any studies. Ultimately, you buy a testosterone booster to raise your T levels, not just to experience stronger erections (that’s what viagra is there for…)


This is basically the patented form of the stuff you sprinkle on your food – Black Pepper Extract.

Everyone knows that Black Pepper Extract can enhance the taste of your meals, but not many know that it can improve your digestion and improve the absorption rate of supplements.

However, while it’s useful, we don’t consider this to be a key addition to any supplement. And most importantly, Black Pepper Extract doesn’t raise your testosterone levels.


See Your Best Options In Our
Top 3 Test Boosters Page

Side Effects

The good news is that Test HD Super Elite doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients or proprietary blends; this means you’ll almost certainly be safe from side effects with this testosterone booster.

However, as with any supplement containing Zinc, we have to warn you to consume less than 40mg Zinc overall per day; consuming over this TUL (tolerable upper limit) can cause side effects:

  • Nausea
  • Itching
  • Tingling

As you can see, none of these side effects are serious or life threatening anyway. But we always advise you to consume less than 40mg Zinc daily anyway.

As a general rule, we advise only consuming 10mg Zinc through supplements, and the rest naturally through foods.

Test HD Super Elite Review Conclusion

There must be something we’re missing here; we can’t understand why MuscleTech haven’t added key testosterone booster ingredients, such as Vitamin D3.

Instead, they’ve chosen less common choices – especially Brocolli Extract, which we haven’t seen in supplements before. Personally, we try and consume broccoli with almost every meal, so we don’t see the need for any supplement to contain this ingredient.

Anyway, if it was our decision, we would have definitely added an optimal 3,332IU-5,000IU dosage of Vitamin D3; we believe that this is THE most important ingredient when it comes to raising your testosterone levels.


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