MuscleTech Hydroxycut LeanX Next Gen Review


  • Cayenne Pepper Extract boosts metabolism
  • Green Coffee Bean can help promote fat loss
  • L-Carnitine has slight effect on fat loss


  • Missing key fat burning nutrients (eg. Green Tea Extract)
  • Choline Bitartrate can cause fishy breath & sweat
  • Only 2 capsule servings daily

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About The Product

Hydroxycut LeanX Next Gen is a fat burner supplement made by MuscleTech. We’re getting an exclusive sneak peak here, so it’s not actually on sale yet (we don’t know the price it’ll be available yet.

It comes in 45 serving containers, which is a very good number to have. However, one slight issue we have is that Hydroxycut LeanX Next Gen only provides 2 capsule servings daily; studies have shown the optimal number of servings to be 3-4 spread throughout the day, so your body is constantly fuelled-up to burn fat.

Anyway, we’ll analyze Hydroxycut LeanX Next Gen’s nutrient profile in the next section. But first, we’ll tell those new to supplements more about the company behind it.

Who are MuscleTech? 

MuscleTech are one of the giants in the industry and there’s no doubt more experienced gym-goers will know about this company.

Just to put things into perspective, MuscleTech managed to sign Arnold Schwarzenegger to his own series of products at one point (although he later cut ties with the company).

We’re excited about their new series of ‘Hydroxycut LeanX’ fat burners, as their original ‘Hydroxycut’ series helped secure their reputation in the industry. So let’s see which ingredients MuscleTech have decided to add to Hydroxycut LeanX Next Gen below…

Hydroxycut LeanX Next Gen Ingredients Explained

MuscleTech has added 9 ingredients to Hydroxycut LeanX Next Gen, which is just below what we believe acceptable. This is great, as having under 10 nutrients allows companies a better chance of dosing their products optimally without pricing them too high.

From first glance, we’re happy to see some great fat burning ingredients in Hydroxycut LeanX Next Gen, such as Cayenne Pepper Extract and Green Coffee Bean Extract. Other beneficial nutrients such as L-Carnitine have also shown to promote fat loss too.

Another thing we really like is that MuscleTech haven’t added any potentially harmful nutrients (like Bitter Orange Extract, Synephrine or Yohimbe Bark Extract). This means that there is considerably less risk of side effects, if any at all with Hydroxycut LeanX Next Gen.

However, we would have liked to have seen an ingredient capable of suppressing your appetite here; Glucomannan Extract (Konjac Root) has shown to deliver this benefit, so this could have been an option in Hydroxycut LeanX Next Gen.

Anyway, we’ll take you through each ingredient in Hydroxycut LeanX Next Gen. By the end of this review, you’ll have a good idea of how safe and effective this fat burner really is.


Here’s Everything You Need To Know:


L-Carnitine is a great ingredient, as it’s shown to help reduce muscular damage and fatigue.

While this is its main function, L-Carnitine has shown to have a slight effect on fat loss too. Regardless of how effective it is at helping you lose fat, one thing is for sure – L-Carnitine is beneficial.

Good addition to Hydroxycut LeanX Next Gen here.

Choline Bitartrate 

This is probably our least favorite ingredient in Hydroxycut LeanX Next Gen, which means MuscleTech have actually done a great job.

Why? Because Choline Bitartrate has shown to cause an unwanted side effect – fishy odors in your breath and sweat.

In fairness, this isn’t exactly a deal-breaker for everyone, so it’s not going to put many people off. Just on a personal level, we’d rather not consume Choline Bitartrate – especially as there are better options to promote fat loss available, such as Green Tea Extract.

So what does Choline Bitartrate do? Well, it’s believed to help improve your cognition, but there haven’t been enough studies to make it reliable.

Dill Extract 

We’re not too sure why MuscleTech have added Dill Extract here. It’s not a common addition to fat burners, or supplements in general.

However, we believe it’s because Dill Extract has shown to improve your digestion; this might mean that MuscleTech aimed to boost the absorption rate of Hydroxycut LeanX Next Gen here.

While Dill Extract isn’t a key addition to Hydroxycut LeanX Next Gen, it serves as a good ‘bonus’ ingredient.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom 

Lion’s Mane Mushroom is a key addition to nootropic supplements, as it’s tried-and-tested to improve your cognition.

But we’re not convinced that this is a necessary addition to Hydroxycut LeanX Next Gen; Lion’s Mane Mushroom hasn’t shown to help you shred fat, so we would have preferred an ingredient capable of promoting fat loss, such as Green Tea Extract here.

But as it is useful to improve your cognition that might help you at work, it’s a useful ‘bonus’ in Hydroxycut LeanX Next Gen too.



In case you’re wondering, this is a patented form of Black Pepper Extract; yes, the same stuff you sprinkle onto your food to enhance its taste.

It’s more useful than you think though. Black Pepper Extract has shown to improve your digestion and the absorption rate of supplements that it’s added to.

Green Coffee Bean Extract 

Green Coffee Bean Extract is one of the best ingredients in Hydroxycut LeanX Next Gen and is a key fat burning nutrient.

Why? Because it’s proven to help you lose fat as it’s a thermogenic, due to containing high amounts of chlorogenic acid.

It’s been dosed well here, so MuscleTech have done a great job.

In case you’re wondering, these coffee beans are ‘green’ due to being in their unroasted form. When coffee beans are roasted, they lose some chlorogenic acid content.

Rhodiola Extract 

Rhodiola Rosea is a herb that’s proven to boost your cognition, which is why we consider it to be a key addition to nootropic supplements.

The slightly bad news is that Rhodiola Rosea hasn’t shown to promote fat loss. As a result, we don’t believe this is a necessary addition to Hydroxycut LeanX Next Gen.

Saying that, there’s nothing bad about having it here, as it’s not shown to cause any side effects.

Ophiopogon Extract 

Not much is known about this ingredient at all, so we’re unable to make a judgement about how effective it is here.

This is the first time we’ve seen Ophiopogon Extract in any supplement, so it’s certainly interesting (also known as dragon’s beard). But as it’s not proven to promote fat loss in any reliable study, we don’t consider it to be a necessary addition to Hydroxycut LeanX Next Gen, in our honest opinion.

We’ll repeat that we would much rather have seen something tried-and-tested such as Green Tea Extract here.

Cayenne Pepper Extract 

Cayenne Pepper Extract is another key fat burning nutrient, as it’s hard to argue against it; you’ll know how spicy these chilli peppers are, and they will make you sweat after eating one.

Well, this raise in body temperature is exactly what boosts your metabolism and promotes fat loss. We would have preferred to have a bigger dosage of Cayenne Pepper Extract here, but we’re still happy to see that MuscleTech has included it in Hydroxycut LeanX Next Gen.


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Side Effects

One of the best things about Hydroxycut LeanX Next Gen is that it’s not going to cause any potentially harmful side effects.

There’s only 1 ingredient that can cause any unwanted side effect at all, which is Choline Bitartrate; studies have shown that this is capable of making your breath and sweat smell fishy.

But overall, this isn’t something that’s going to put everyone off Hydroxycut LeanX Next Gen.

Here’s the potential side effects from taking Hydroxycut LeanX Next Gen: 

  • Fishy Breath & Sweat (Choline Bitartrate)

Hydroxycut LeanX Next Gen Review Conclusion

We’re actually very impressed with MuscleTech’s Hydroxycut LeanX Next Gen. It’s packed with effective ingredients; even if all of them don’t have an effect on fat loss, they still improve your cognition or the absorption rate of Hydroxycut LeanX Next Gen.

One small criticism is that we would have preferred MuscleTech to replace Choline Bitartrate with something tried-and-tested to help you burn fat, such as Green Tea Extract. But overall, this is a very respectable fat burner supplement.


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