Ergodrive Ergogenix Review


  • Vitamin is a key test boosting ingredient
  • Fenugreek can boost your test levels


  • Vitamin D3 seriously under-dosed (not likely to work)
  • Zinc overdosed (risk of side effects)
  • Contains ineffective ingredients
  • Missing key test boosting nutrients

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About The Product

Ergodrive is a testosterone booster supplement made by Ergogenix, priced at $29.99. It comes in 120 capsule containers, with a serving size of 2 capsules daily; this isn’t great, as studies have shown that consuming 3-4 capsules spread throughout your day will deliver better results (as it keeps your body topped up with key test boosting ingredients).

The good news is that Ergodrive contains 2 key testosterone boosting ingredients, so we’ll be analyzing its nutrient profile in the next section. First, we’ll tell you about the company behind it.

Who are Ergogenix? 

We always judge a company’s website against the quality of their products. Why? Because a company should take pride on the appearance of their site, and how they market their own supplements without relying on retailers too much.

Ultimately, we didn’t find much valuable information about the company, so we only know as much as you do. They take pride in sponsoring some athletes, but there wasn’t many ‘elite-level’ competitors on their list.

So we believe this is a small company, let’s see whether Ergodrive contains the right ingredients to be able to compete with the big boys…

Ergodrive Ingredients Explained

Ergodrive contains 6 main ingredients that we’ll be analyzing for you today; this is a good amount, as we always advise you to avoid supplements containing over 10 nutrients (as they’re usually under-dosed).

Ultimately, having less ingredients allows companies to optimally dose their supplements without over-pricing their products. But it’s also important that companies choose the right ingredients that are tried-and-tested to work.

We’ll take you through each ingredient inside Ergodrive, so you can see how effective this test booster really is.


Here’s Everything You Need To Know:

Vitamin D3 

Vitamin D3 is one of the best ingredients to boost your testosterone levels, as well as improving your general health too.

In fact, one of the most common reasons behind fatigue is being deficient in Vitamin D3. Anyway, studies have shown that it works, but only in dosages above 3,332IU per serving.

As you can see from the ingredient list, Vitamin D3 has been seriously under-dosed at 1,000IU (meaning it’s not likely to work). For this reason, checking the dosages of each ingredient is very important, to see whether you’re getting good value for money.

Fenugreek Seed Extract

Great job again by Ergogenix here; Fenugreek is another key ingredient and is a herb that’s been used for decades in ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine).

The best thing about Fenugreek, is that it’s shown to work in dosages as small as 50mg per serving. As Ergodrive contains 100mg, it’ll be sure to deliver the right benefits (boost in test levels & libido).

Purified Shilajit 

This is a fairly new addition to supplements, and is believed to raise your testosterone levels. However, we avoid this ingredient as it’s been banned in Canada due to containing heavy metals and it potentially harmful).

For this reason, we also advise you to stay away from supplements containing shilajit; there was no need for Ergogenix to include Shilajit in Ergodrive – they should have simply removed this nutrient and raised the dosage of Vitamin D3.

Longjack Extract 

Also known as Tongkat Ali, this has been believed to improve your test levels for decades in tradition medicine. However, recent studies have shown that it doesn’t deliver this benefit.

But that doesn’t mean it’s useless; the same studies show that Longjack Extract can raise your libido, which is a good benefit to have. Saying that, the main reason people buy test boosters, is to improve your test levels – and as Longjack Extract doesn’t do this, we don’t consider it to be a key ingredient in Ergodrive.

3-3 -Diindolymethane

You might be wondering what this is, but it’s simply DIM (which you might not have heard of either). Well, DIM is believed to keep your testosterone levels stable and preventing your estrogen rising.

However, the problem is that your test levels are never at risk of rising when taking a natural test booster. Ultiamtely, this means that DIM isn’t needed in Ergodrive.


Boron is a dietary mineral that’s shown to increase your testosterone levels when it’s consumed in higher dosages than what’s found naturally in foods.

Basically, studies have shown that Boron can improve your test levels when dosed at 3mg or higher. Fortunately, Ergodrive contains an optimal 3mg, so it’s likely to work.

The only reason we don’t consider Boron (or Zinc) to be a key test boosting ingredient, is because most products containing them.


Zinc is another mineral that’s an effective ingredient in any test booster supplement; it’s shown to improve your test levels when dosed between 5-10mg per serving.

However, it’s important to know that the TUL (tolerable upper limit) for Zinc is 40mg per day, and you shouldn’t consume more than this amount to avoid side effects.

Unfortunatley, Ergodrive contains 35mg zinc, meaning you’re at risk of suffering side effects – especially if you consume a diet high in zinc naturally anyway.

For this reason, we always recommend only consuming 10mg Zinc through supplements.


See Your Best Options In Our
Top 3 Test Boosters Page

Side Effects

The only ingredient that’s likely to cause side effects in Ergodrive test booster is Shilajit. In fact, as we mentioned before, this ingredient has been banned in Canada due to containing heavy metals (we’ll list the potential side effects below).

While DIM can also cause side effects, it’s generally only been reported to cause your estrogen levels to rise when consumed in dosages over 100mg. As Ergodrive only contains 100mg, you should be safe from this side effect here.

Here’s the potential side effects from taking Ergodrive:

  • Increased heart rate (Shilajit)
  • Rash (Shilajit)
  • Dizziness (Shilajit)
  • Anemia (Shilajit)
  • Hemochromatosis (Shilajit)

Ergodrive Review Conclusion

You might be attracted to this testosterone booster due to it’s cheap price ($29.99). However, remember that if something is too good to be true, then it usually is – and it’ll be almost impossible to find an effective product at this price range.

We believe that the best testosterone boosters on the market will cost more, due to them being optimally dosed and filled with tried-and-trusted nutrients. And personally, we’d prefer to spend a bit extra cash for a product that actually works (instead of wasting your money and wishing you’d spent more).

Ultiamtely, the worst thing about Ergodrive is that the Vitamin D3 is seriously under-dosed at 1,000IU (optimal dosage if at least 3,332IU or above). But ending on a positive, Ergogenix has managed to dose Fenugreek Seed Extract well.


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