DMHA (2-Aminoisoheptane) – Everything You Need To Know

The use of DHMA (2-Aminoisoheptane) in supplements such as pre-workouts and fat burners has recently been increasing. Therefore, it’s important that we review it here at LeanBulking and tell you all about it.

In this review, you’ll find out: 

  • DMHA (2-Aminoisoheptane) Explained
  • Why DMHA Is Used
  • How It Works
  • Side Effects
  • Better Alternatives
  • Conclusion


DMHA (2-AminoIsoheptane) Explained

What Is DMHA?

Simply put, this synthetic compound is also known as 2-Aminoisoheptane, or Octodrine. We noticed that DMHA started appearing in fat burners and pre-workouts at the beginning of 2017 – for this reason, it’s been on our radar for a while. 

It’s a stimulant that’s believed to deliver the same benefits as caffeine; but the problem is, DMHA hasn’t been as extensively researched as caffeine, which makes it unreliable (and potentially harmful).

Where Is It Found?

It’s naturally found inside the bark of English Walnut Tree (AKA. Juglans Regia). Not much else is known about the source of DMHA, so we’ll move onto explaining why it’s used in supplements below. 

Why DMHA Is Used

If you’ve been using pre-workouts or fat burners for a while, you might know that DMAA was banned. Basically, it was widely criticized after causing harmful side effects, and the FDA has actively stopped companies from using it.

Here’s an official statement from the FDA’s website: ” In 2012, FDA issued warning letters to companies notifying them products with DMAA need to be taken off the market or reformulated to remove this substance.”

As a result, supplements companies began looking for replacements, where DMHA (2-Aminoisoheptane) was discovered to be ‘the perfect replacement’.

Benefits of DMHA

So we mentioned that DMHA is believed to be DMAA’s perfect replacement. Well, here’s why: As DMHA is a stimulant, it’s thought to deliver benefits such as:

  • Increased energy
  • Raised focus
  • And even suppressed appetite.

Caffeine is the most common stimulant used in pre-workouts and fat burners – but that doesn’t stop companies from trying out new things to make their products stand out.

For this reason, DMHA has become a popular addition to supplements; however, the problem is that it’s not been researched much (meaning it’s unreliable and potentially very unsafe).

Optimal Dosage?

There are other stimulants on the market that have been tested various times and give a better and safer performance. For example, Caffeine is very popular because of its safety and effectiveness in supplements.

Because of the lack of research, DHMA has not been given a certain dosage that will optimise performance or be safe.

Although 100mg is believed to the best dosage, this hasn’t been proven; for this reason, you might experience unwanted side effects with DMHA (which we’ll expand on below). 

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Side Effects 

As we’ve mentioned, DMHA is a stimulant – meaning there’s always a risk of suffering from jitters or energy crashes. These side effects will be increased when DMHA is added into pre-workouts and fat burners with multiple forms of stimulants inside.

For this reason, we always recommend you to avoid supplements containing numerous stimulants; companies only need to add 1 for you to experience benefits – and you’ll be less likely to experience side effects this way.

Anyway, back to DMHA. Although this can cause jitters or energy crashes, this synthetic compound has been reported to cause worse side effects.

Here’s the potential side effects with DMHA: 

  • Jitters
  • Energy Crashes
  • Anxiety
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Dypsnea (Shortness of Breath)
  • Rapid Heartbeat

Better Alternatives

We probably look like we hate DMHA, but we’re simply telling you the facts here – ultimately, DMHA hasn’t been proven to work as it hasn’t been studied much (meaning it’s not proven to be safe either).

Call us old fashioned, but we prefer ingredients that are proven to be safe and effective; this way, we know we’re getting the best value for money – instead of potentially being made to feel like sh*t.


When it comes to stimulants, Caffeine is your best option; it’s consumed everyday around the world (in products such as tea & coffee).

Not only that, Caffeine’s been studied for decades, making it one of the safest and most reliable ingredients on the market – everyone knows that this stimulant helps keep you focus and alert.

Optimal Dosage of Caffeine 

This differs depending on which product you want to buy – but Caffeine is most commonly used in pre-workouts and fat burners, so we’ll tell you the best dosages for these supplements.

For Pre-Workouts 

We don’t mind consuming bigger dosages of Caffeine in pre-workouts. Simply put, the purpose of these supplements is to get you pumped and read to smash a gym session – and Caffeine can help you perform at your best.

For this reason, we can recommend pre-workouts containing up to 200mg Caffeine per serving (which is the same as a very strong black coffee).

However, you shouldn’t consume more than this to begin with; starting with dosages over 200mg per serving puts you at risk of jitters, but you’ll be safe under this amount.

For Fat Burners 

As you’ll be consuming fat burners in 3-4 capsules throughout your day, these products can have overall Caffeine dosages that are bigger than pre-workouts (with pre-workouts, you’ll be taking it only once a day, before your workout).

For this reason, we can recommend dosages up to 300mg overall in fat burners – as this should be spread out in 3-4 capsules, the max Caffeine dosage per serving will be 100mg.

This will ensure you stay safe from side effects such as jitters but experience the full benefits of Caffeine (we’ll expand on this below).

Benefits of Caffeine 

We mentioned that Caffeine is the safest and most effective stimulant on the market. However, we didn’t really explain how it worked or how it benefited you…so we will now.

How It Works

Simply put, Caffeine works by replacing the chemical in your brain that makes you feel tired (called Adenosine). As it lowers the amount of Adenosine in your brain, you feel more energetic and alert as a result – anyone who consumes tea or coffee will know this.

This can help in many aspects of your day – from focusing more at work, helping you perform better in the gym to providing you with more energy when you’re cutting calories to lost body fat; these are the exact reasons why companies add Caffeine into pre-workouts and fat burners.

Here’s the benefits of Caffeine: 

  • Improved Strength
  • Enhanced Endurance
  • Increased Focus
  • Elevated Energy Levels

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  • Shred fat
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DHMA is a new ingredient to hit the supplement market. But LeanBulking would advise to stay away from any supplement that contains DHMA for your own safety.

The only stimulant that is safe and effective in supplements is Caffeine. Simply put, we only recommend products that contain ingredients that have been tested and are proven to be safe from side effects – and unfortunately DMHA doesn’t tick these boxes.

After all, why chose an ingredient that is unreliable (and potentially dangerous) when there are better alternatives that are tried-and-trusted.

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  1. Hello There, I am happy to have found your website! I am not at all happy with DMHA! I have tries DMAA, which according to what I have read, and trust me, I have read many research articles about human trials for DMAA, and reviews etc. It was deemed safe enough, as long as a person doesn’t abuse it! as with anything! but they do anyway, by consuming way way over the suggested amount. They TELL people not to. Anyway, I ran out of my Hi-Tech’s “Lipodrene Hardcore,” and saw’s website telling where to find DMAA still, because, they sais: it has not been “officially” banned in the US, and Hi-Tech is still selling it. I went on Hi-tech’s site, and it is all out of stock across the board. Price Plow did a very extensive run down of DMAA supplements still available, price, and where to order. I decided to try Innovative’s “Wicked.” Price Plow stated it definitely contains DMAA, as of 2018. I ordered it, it came quickly (I apologize I can not remember the company’s name I clicked on. It showed the product, with the words clear as day:DMAA! BS is all I can say to that! The order comes, and it is DMHA. Yes I was upset, but decided to read more on it, and try it, beginning with a lower-end dosage to be safe. Well…it does nothing at all, but did make me very sick! I vomited the two times I tried it! (Sorry for the gory details.) Not one problem with the DMAA! EVER.So..besides making me too sick to work out, I wasted my hard earned money, was lied to, and put my health at risk, because you are RIGHT! there is not enough research etc., for DMHA, and it is actually putting consumers more at risk with this bogus garbage. I Thank You for letting me vent. I just do not want to see anyone else feel as badly as I do. It is horrible…like a “dirty” energy. Blah! Happy Workouts To All 🙂

    • Hey Lisa, thanks for reaching out!

      We’re glad that our website has helped you and that you enjoyed this article. Let us know if you ever have any personal recommendations or requests on article topics and we’ll have it written for you.

      Best regards,


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