Best Test Review


  • Ashwagandhas shown to improve strength
  • Contains Zinc which promotes raised testosterone production


  • Zinc dosage too high (over 40mg Zinc per day can cause side effects, and Best Test contains 30mg)
  • All ingredients inside proprietary blend
  • Missing key testosterone booster ingredients

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Best Test testosterone booster review - leanbulkingAbout The Product

Best Test is a testosterone booster by BPI Sports. It costs $39.99 for 30 servings, with a serving size of 2 capsules per day.

We prefer serving sizes of 3-4 capsules per day, so your body is always topped up with key nutrients needed to raise testosterone levels.

Who are BPI Sports? 

BPI Sports are a supplements company thats based in the USA. However, there wasnt much more information available about them on their website.

Lets hope that Best Test is better than their About Us section.

Best Test Ingredients Explained

Best Test contains 8 main ingredients, but we dont like the look of its ingredient list - basically, all of this testosterone boosters ingredients are part of a proprietary blend.

Whats a proprietary blend? 

Proprietary blends are mixtures of numerous ingredients that are shown to you under 1 overall quantity. In this case, the blend is called Best Test Blend and the overall quantity is 1.5g (1,500mg).

We dont like these blends, as they allow companies to hide the exact dosages of each ingredient (meaning the ingredients are likely to be under-dosed to cut costs while making it look better than it is).

Anyway, well take you through each ingredient  - to show you whether Best Test by BPI Sports is worth trying.

Best Test ingredient list review

Heres Everything You Need To Know:

Pedalium Murex 

This is believed to enhance testosterone levels and libido in dosages of 200mg. But only 1 study has shown Pedalium Murex to be effective in actually raising T levels -  making it a very unreliable ingredient that might not work.

Not only that, as its in Best Tests proprietary blend, it might be filling it - which would make the whole product mostly ineffective.

The point is, no-one knows the exact dosage of any ingredient inside this blend (which also increases your risk of suffering from side effects too).

Akarkara Root 

Also known as Anacyclus Pyrethrum, this herb is believed to be an aphrodisiac (boost libido) in traditional Indian medicine. Early studies suggest that it might actually work, but these have only been conducted on rats - basically, theres been no human studies which makes Akaraka Root very unreliable.

Not only that, its optimal dosage is believed to be 1,600mg for a 150lb person - as the Best TEst Blend is only 1.5g (1,500mg), its not possible for there to be an optimal dosage. This should also show you how little of each ingredient Best Test contains.


Ashwangandha is a very beneficial ingredient, and is the best ingredient inside Best Test. Simply put, its shown to boost your strength levels and shown to slightly raise testosterone levels.

However, you need a dosage of 6,00mg Ashwagandha daily for it to work - as Best Test only contains 1,500mg of overall ingredients, its not possible for there to be an optimal dosage of Ashwagandha here.


This is found in various fruits and has anti-oxidant properties. However theres not been enough human studies conducted on Quercetin to prove that its 100% safe.

Not only that, for the same reason, no-one knows what dosage of this ingredient is safe to consume - we recommend avoiding Quercetin its proven to be safe and effective.

Nictinamide Riboside 

This is a form of vitamin b3 thats recently been discovered (as of 2017). Its believed to help reduce fatigue and increase strength - but there havent been enough studies to prove that its safe and effective.

Another ingredient were avoiding until theres further research that proves it works. Well keep updating this post if there is more evidence found.

Ginger Root

Ginger is well-known to improve general health, as its been used in traditional medicine for decades. However, its only shown to be potentially beneficial to your testosterone levels in HUGE dosages of 10-15 (10,000mg-15,000mg) daily.

As Best Test only contains 1,500mg of overall ingredients, its not possible for there to be an optimal dosage in here.

Grape Seed Extract 

Grape Seed Extract is believed to improve blood flow and promote general health. However, no studies have proven this ingredient to boost testosterone levels - making in ineffective in a testosterone booster.


This is a naturally occuring chemical that gives fruits and vegetables a red color. However, no studies prove that its able to raise your testosterone levels - meaning its useless in Best Test.

Best Test Review - LeanBulking

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- Top 3 Test Boosters Page -

Side Effects

No-one can say for certain whether Best Test will cause any side effects, as it contains ingredients that havent been researched much. Personally, we wouldnt consume any ingredients we dont know are 100% safe and effective.

Not only that, as all the ingredients are part of 1 proprietary blend, your chances of experiencing side effects are increased (as no-one knows the dosage of each ingredient inside).

Best Test Review Conclusion

The only ingredient we know definitely works in Best Test is Ashwagandha. However, BPI Sports have still managed to make a mistake here by under-dosing Ashwagandha (making it ineffective).

What concerns us the most is this: most ingredients in Best Test havent been researched much, so no-one knows whether theyre safe or effective (im writing this in 2017).

Best Test Review

Bottom Line

We cant recommend you to take Best Test, in our honest opinion - we only recommend supplements that contain the best ingredients thatre proven to work, without any side effects.

BPI Sports have taken a risk by adding unproven ingredients in Best Test, and unfortunately its not paid off.

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