BPI BAM! Review


  • L-Citrulline is great for muscle pumps
  • L-Carnitine & Caffeine are key pre-workout ingredients


  • Vitamin D3 is more suited to a testosterone booster
  • L-Tyrosine can cause side effects (see side effects section for more info)
  • Yohimbe is banned in the UK and other countries
  • Caffeine dosage is slightly high

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BPI Bam! Review - LeanBulking

About The Product

BAM! is a pre-workout supplement by BPI Sports Nutrition. It comes in 25 serving containers, priced at $44.99 on GNC.

You have the choice of 2 flavors - Rainbow Ice & Fierce Blue Lemon. Sounds tasty, but the most important feature of a pre-workout is its ingredients (well expand on this in the section below).

Who Are BPI Sports?

BPI Sports are a supplements company that market a range of supplements, from whey protein to pre-workouts. But there wasnt much information available on their website.

They sponsor some high level athletes, including Logan Franklin and Jay Cutler - so lets see whether BAM! can live up to their reputation.

About The Ingredients

First of all, you need to know that BAM! contains a proprietary blend. Basically, this increases your risk of side effects - well explain why these blends are bad, and what they are below.

What are proprietary blends? 

Simply put, proprietary blends are mixtures of numerous ingredients that are shown to you under one quantity. The blend in BAM! is named Lipomal Matrix Delivery System which you can see from the ingredients list below.

Youll find that the overall quantity is 500mg, but youre not given the exact amount of the two ingredients inside (phosphataidylcholine & Phytosterol). This can cause problems if youre sensitive to any ingredient inside these blends - increasing your risk of suffering from side effects.

BAM! contains banned ingredients

Basically, Yohimbe is banned in the UK and other countries for causing harmful side effects (see side effects section for more info). Weve analyzed each ingredient for you in this section - so you can see how effective BAM! really is.

BPI Bam! Ingredient list review - leanbulking

Heres Everything You Need To Know:

Vitamin D3 

We hate to talk negatively about Vitamin D3 - its one of the best testosterone boosting ingredients available, and our favorite T-Booster contains it.

But its not needed in a pre-workout supplement. You need to consume Vitamin D3 in 3-4 servings spread throughout your day for it to work (as youll only consume BAM! once per day, it might not do much).

Vitamin D3 wont cause any side effects or anything negative, but BPI Sports couldve added something more suited to immediately improving your gym session here - such as Rhodiola Rosea, which has shown to reduce fatigue and improve your mind-muscle-connection in the gym.


L-Carnitines proven to reduce fatigue and boost endurance - 2 great benefits to improve your workout. For this reason, its one of our favorite pre-workout ingredients.


This can improve your focus, but BAM! contains Caffeine (which improves your focus, along with your strength, endurance, and energy levels too).

As L-Tyrosine has no other benefits apart from boosting cognition, its not really needed here.


This is a great ingredient in a pre-workout, as long as its not over-dosed (we prefer Caffeine dosages under 200mg in pre-workouts). BPI Sports has added 250mg, so its been slightlu over-dosed in BAM!

If youre not really sensitive to Caffeine, you should be safe from side effects like jitters and energy crashes. However, if youre sensitive to Caffeine, we recommend looking for a pre-workout containing a Caffeine dosage between 150mg-200mg.



Choline is one of the worst ingredients you can find in any supplement. Basically, its not shown to provide any benefits to improve your workout - but causes fishy odors in your breath and sweat.

Although this isnt a harmful side effect, smelling like fish in the gym isnt enjoyable - which is why we avoid this ingredient, especially as its useless.

Yohimbe Bark Extract 

Yohimbe is more commonly seen in fat burner supplements, as its shown to promote fat loss - its also shown to be effective in treating erectile dysfunction (but if youre looking for this benefits, then a testosterone booster is what you want).

Not only that, as fat loss is its main benefit, its not really needed in a pre-workout supplement - Usain Bolt wouldnt get in the pool with Michael Phelps, so why should this pre-workout try and compete with fat burner supplements?

Anyway, heres the big problem: Yohimbe is banned in the UK and other countries for causing harmful side effects. Check out our side effects section for more info.

The Proprietary Blend

This blend contains both Phosphatidylcholine & Phytosterol. But no-one knows the exact dosage of either ingredient in this blend.

All we know is that the overall quantity of this blend is 500mg. What do these ingredients do?

Well, theyre believed to be cognitive boosting ingredients, meaning theyre supposed to increase your focus. However, no studies have proven whether they work yet.

Not only that, Phosphatidylcholine can cause side effects from orally supplemented (check out our side effects section for more info).

Did You Know… Citrulline Malate is the best ingredient to improve your muscle pumps? It works best in dosages of 6,000mg.

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Side Effects

After reading the ingredients section, you know that there are a few in BAM! that can cause side effects - such as Yomimbe, which has been banned in the UK after consistently causing harmful side effects.

Here are the potential side effects from taking BAM!:

  • Upset Stomach (Phosphatidylcholine)
  • Diarrhea (Phosphatidylcholine)
  • Prostate Problems (Yohimbe)
  • Anxiety (Yohimbe)
  • Fishy odors in your breath and sweat (Choline)
  • Jitters (If youre sensitive to Caffeine)
  • Energy Crashes (If youre sensitive to Caffeine)

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BAM! Review Conclusion

This isnt the best pre-workout weve seen, but its not the best either - we believe 3 stars is a very fair rating of BAM!.

Things We Like: 

  • L-Citrulline is a great ingredient for promoting muscle pumps.
  • L-Carnitine can reduce fatigue and boost endurance.
  • Caffeine has shown to improve endurance, strength, and focus.

Bad Things About BAM!: 

  • Vitamin D3 is a great testosterone boosting ingredient, but wont have immediate effects to boost your workout. Its better in a T-Booster.
  • Choline proven to offer no benefits, but causes fishy odors in your breath and sweat.
  • Yohimbe is banned in the UK and other countries for causing harmful side effects.
  • The proprietary blend increases your risk of suffering from side effects.

Bottom Line: BAM! isnt worth its asking price ($66.99). You can find much better pre-workouts for the less cash - but as weve said, its definitely not the worst product weve reviewed.

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