Scivation Quake 10.0 Review



  • L-Carnitines shown to boost focus and reduce fatigue.
  • Contains Smart-Caffeine Combo (Caffeine & L-Theanine)
  • BCAAs shown to enhance muscle protein synthesis (growth)


  • Contains a proprietary blend
  • Contains a large dosage of Caffeine (350mg).
  • Missing key pre-workout ingredients (eg. Citrulline Malate, Rhodiola Rosea)
  • Not good value for money

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About The Product

Quake 10.0 is a pre-workout supplement made by Scivation. It comes in either 10 or 20 serving containers - priced at $29.99 or $49.99, respectively.

In terms of taste, Quake comes in 2 different flavors; Lemon Drop and Watermelon Bubblegum.

Who are Scivation? 

Scivation are a supplements company thatre based in USA. They market specific products - mostly being a range of BCAAs, as well as this pre-workout, Quake 10.0.

However, apart from that, we couldnt find much more information about them on their website.

Quake 10.0’s Ingredients Explained

The first thing that we noticed when looking at Quake 10.0s ingredient list was this - it contains a proprietary blend.

Why proprietary blends are bad 

We hate proprietary blends, and for good reason. Theyre one of the biggest gimmicks in the supplements industry, that companies use to save costs and make more money.

Basically, theyll add in minimal amounts of quality, effective ingredients, and fill them with cheaper alternatives.

High dosage of caffeine

Another bad thing about Quake 10.0, is that it contains a high dosage of caffeine. Simply put, its recommended that you only consume 400mg per day, so 350mg in one serving is a HUGE amount.

This is bad, because its likely to cause side effects - such as jitters and energy crashes.

Heres Everything You Need To Know:


BCAAs are three Branched Chain Amino Acids - L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine. Theyre shown to promote muscle growth, but theyre also found in most protein powders (and are also cheap to buy separately).

Scivation couldve replaced these ingredients with something more beneficial in a pre-workout supplement - such as Creatine Monohydrate (Creatines proven to improve your strength and endurance).


This is a well-known cognitive enhancer, meaning it boosts your focus and memory. However, caffeine should offer this benefit when dosed correctly, so theres not much need for L-Tyrosine in a pre-workout.

Saying that, there arent any negatives to having this in Quake 10.0, so theres no harm done.

Peak 02 Blend 

This is the proprietary blend inside Quake 10.0 - if you dont know what a proprietary blend is, theyre mixtures of numerous ingredients thatre shown to you as one quantity (in this case, 2,000mg).

The problem is, youre not told the exact amount of each ingredient inside these blends, which increases the risk of side effects if youre sensitive to any ingredient inside.

Chances are, you havent consumed some of the ingredients in this blend before, which increases your risk of side effects even more. For this reason, we recommend avoiding products containing proprietary blends.


Arginine Nitrate 

This is simply L-Arginine bound to nitrate - its believed to increase your nitric oxide levels, which would increase blood flow and enhance muscle pumps.

But heres the problem - L-Arginines shown to be ineffective when orally supplemented, meaning it wont have any effect in Quake 10.0.

For this reason, Citrulline Malate is the much better option (Citrulline turns into L-Arginine in your kidneys and has a great absorption rate, making it the better alternative).

Indian Gooseberry Extract

Indian Gooseberry is traditionally used in Indian medicine to treat high cholesterol (and hardening of the arteries).

However, theres no need for this in a pre-workout - no studies have proven that it offers any benefit to improve your gym session.


This is a key pre-workout ingredient when dosed correctly. Basically, when you consume too much caffeine (over 200-300mg per serving), you can suffer from jitters and energy crashes - you might have experienced this when drinking too many coffees.

Quake 10.0 contains a HUGE 350mg of caffeine (which is 4 cups of coffee in one serving) - many will experience side effects from this.

For this reason, we recommend only consuming 150-200mg caffeine per serving, to avoid jitters and energy crashes.


This is a key pre-workout ingredient, as its shown to enhance the benefits of caffeine in smaller dosages. For this reason, Scivation only needed to add 150mg of Caffeine to make it effective - but theyve added in a massive 350mg of Caffeine, so regardless of L-Theanine, itll cause jitters and energy crashes.


This is simply a patented mixture of Astragalus and Panax Notoginseng. Its sold by a company and advertised as a great ingredient. But these are all lies - its just a big gimmick made to look good.

Basically, the two ingredients in this mix arent proven to improve your workout within 20-30 minutes of consuming them (which is what ingredients in a pre-workout should be capable of).

But the good news is, Astragin hasnt shown to cause any side effects, so at least it wont ruin your workout.

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Side Effects

The main concern with Quake 10.0 is the HUGE dosage of caffeine (350mg per serving). This can cause side effects such as jitters and energy crashes, which will ruin your workout and make you feel like Sh*t.

The other bad thing about Quake 10.0, is that it contains a big proprietary blend, which increases your risk of side effects. Basically, you need to know exactly what youre putting into your body to stay safe.

Quake 10.0 Review Conclusion

Quake 10.0 contains 3 key pre-workout ingredients - which is more than a lot of other supplements. But thats pretty much where the good news ends.

The caffeine will almost certainly cause side effects such as jitters and energy crashes (unless you drink 5 or more black coffees on a normal day). Not only that, Quake 10.0 contains a proprietary blend, and we dont recommend any products with these (as theyre one of the biggest gimmicks in the industry designed to rip you off).

For this reason, we believe there are many better pre-workouts on the market for you to try.

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