NutraOne Shred One Review


  • Indole-3-Carbinol might promote fat loss in men by helping to reduce estrogen levels
  • Dandelion Leaf is a diuretic and can reduce water weight (but doesnt necessarily promote fat loss)
  • Resveratrol may improve general health


  • Shred One no longer seems to be available for purchase
  • No tried-and-tested thermogenics such as cayenne pepper extract (capsaicin)
  • Dandelion Leaf can cause excessive dehydration if not monitored due to being a diuretic, in our honest opinion

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About The Product: NutraOne Shred One

Shred One is a fat burner supplement made by NutraOne.

*UPDATE* As of now, this is no longer for sale. So, we cant determine what price you may buy this for - you might have some luck on Ebay or Amazon should you really want to try it.

This fat burner seems to be popular as we had some of our readers requesting this review. And we always give the people what they want! - if this was you, you can thank us in the comments section if you like…

Anyway, well analyze NutraOne Shred Ones supplement facts label for you in the next section. This will allow you to see how safe and effective this fat burner is compared to others on the market.

But first, well tell you more about the company behind Shred One…

Who is NutraOne?

NutraOne is a supplements company that claims to put the customer first on their website.

There wasnt a great deal of information on their Our Company page, which isnt an issue. But we were glad to learn that all of their products are made in cGMP certified facilities - you should check that every supplement you take is created to the same manufacturing quality as this.

Anyway, youre here to learn more about NutraOne Shred One. So, lets see which ingredients have been added to its formula in the section below…

NutraOne Shred One Ingredients Explained

In terms of supplement facts label, were glad to see that none of this fat burners ingredients have been hidden in any proprietary blends. This means that you can clearly see the dosages of each nutrient in NutraOne Shred Ones formula, which is what we always want to see.

However, we from first glance, our honest opinion is that this fat burner is lacking thermogenic nutrients; we always want to see at least 1 thermogenic in every fat burner so that you experience an increase in metabolic rate. Ingredients such as Cayenne Pepper Extract (capsaicin) are thermogenics if you are unsure.

The good news, though, is that Indole-3-Carbinol has shown to help reduce estrogen levels. This, in turn, can lead to fat loss.

Well expand on all of this by taking you through each ingredient in NutraOne Shred One. By the end of this review, youll have a good idea of how safe and effective this fat burner really is.

NutraOne Shred Ones Supplement Facts Label.

Heres Everything You Need To Know:

White Button Mushroom Extract

Were a bit confused about why this is included in a fat burner. In fact, if you look at the first few ingredients in NutraOne Shred One, it appears to be more of an aromatase inhibitor (AI) than a fat burner supplement.

Anyway, youve now probably guessed that White Button Mushroom Extract can help inhibit aromatase activity. You can see the study that shows this here:

Ultimately, a decrease in estrogen levels can lead to fat loss. But in our experience with fat burner supplements, weve had more luck with the ones that contain thermogenics or nutrients that help preserve muscle mass while cutting fat.

However, we will suggest that NutraOne Shred One may be beneficial for those looking to inhibit aromatase and are concerned about estrogen levels for any reason.

DIM & Indole-3-Carbinol

Well be honest. Weve put these 2 ingredients together to save time, but also because they offer the same benefit - they both act as aromatase inhibitors, meaning they can keep your estrogen levels in check.

Ultimately, while 1 AI might benefit you in a fat burner, we dont believe that theres any need for 3 in 1 product; we would have much preferred to see a thermogenic such as Cayenne Pepper Extract here instead.

Buchu Leaf 

In our honest opinion, Buchu Leaf seems to be one of those ingredients that were once praised by the media as some sort of wonder herb. But studies didnt suggest that it was actually capable of delivering reliable results.

So what is it? Well, it was once used to treat inflammations, as well as kidney and urinary tract infections in traditional medicine.

As we mentioned, it simply hasnt produced enough reliable results in clinical studies to be considered as a reliable addition to NutraOne Shred One here. But we do praise NutraOne for adding some unique ingredients that arent commonly seen in other fat burners.

Dandelion Leaf 

We have very mixed opinions about Dandelion Leaf.

Basically, this ingredient is a diuretic, meaning it can help to reduce water weight (by encouraging your body to pass more urine and hold less water). This can be good for those needing to lose weight very quickly. Eg. Boxers or MMA fighters, or bodybuilders looking to step on stage.

However, diuretics can be potentially harmful when taken without really knowing. So, we always encourage companies to clearly state that their products contain diuretics when adding them.

The other big problem is that water weight isnt fat loss. So, while you will be lighter on the scales, you wont have necessarily lost body fat - just water weight.

As a result, we personally dont always agree with Dandelion Leaf being included in fat burners. They can fool those that dont realize they are just losing water weight. But saying that, diuretics are useful for those that know exactly what they do and are looking for very rapid weight loss (not fat loss, though).


Juniper Berry Extract

You might have seen Juniper Berries in your Gin & Tonic drinks on a night out…

But you may not have know that they contain antioxidants, meaning they can improve your general health and strengthen your immune system.

One study has shown that Juniper Berry Extract can help lower blood sugar, which can help promote fat loss. However, this study was conducted on rats, not humans, and there havent been any other reliable studies that show it can help you lose fat.

As a result, unfortunately, we have to consider Juniper Berry Extract as an unreliable fat burning ingredient. That being said, we do believe that it can deliver benefits due to containing antioxidants.

Uva Ursi 

Uva Ursi is an interesting addition to NutraOne Shred One as weve not really seen it in any other fat burner. So we do like that this company have tried new things here.

The main benefit of Uva Ursi is that it contains hydroquinone, which the liver can prepare for waste disposal. This results in Uva Ursi being able to help prevent urinary tract infections.

However, in terms of fat loss, there havent been enough convincing studies for it to be a viable addition to NutraOne Shred One (in our honest opinion).


In case youre wondering, this is a flavone that is naturally found in plants such as the Turnera Diffusa. The main thing to note is that Acacetin is another ingredient in NutraOne ShredOne that is believed to be an aromatase inhibitor.

So, while it might promote fat loss by reducing estrogen levels, its also not necessary in this fat burner at this point as it already contains 3 other AIs.

Androst 3 5-dien-7 17-dione

A general rule that we would go by is this; if an ingredient sounds chemically then it probably isnt the best. Of course, this is just our honest opinion so make of this what you will - we always prefer 100% natural ingredients.

One thing to note about this ingredient is that the FDA has not approved of it. You can see that article here.

Anyway, long story short, this is another aromatase inhibitor. So, NutraOne Shred One has really gone with the lower your estrogen angle here, instead of the more common thermogenic route (which we believe is more effective in our honest opinion).


Resveratrol is the polyphenol found in red wine that is believed to prolong your lifespan. Youve probably heard rumors that 1 glass of wine daily can be beneficial for this reason.

As good as that sounds, there arent enough reliable studies to back this belief up. So for now, we wouldnt advise that you drink too much red wine…

However, some good news is that studies suggest it can be beneficial for your general health. The bad news is that it probably wont help you lose fat.


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 NutraOne Shred One Side Effects

In terms of individual ingredients, there isnt anything that sticks out as a red flag for the most part. Well, in fairness, the Androst 3 5-dien-7 17-dione has been warned against by the FDA so we would personally avoid this.

Also, there are many aromatase inhibitors in this fat burner; taking this many might cause some serious damage - just google dangers of aromatase inhibitors and youll see what we mean…

One positive is that there isnt an overload of caffeine like there is in many other fat burners weve reviewed. But there is also a lack of thermogenic and muscle preserving nutrients in NutraOne Shred One too.

Here are the potential side effects from taking NutraOne Shred One: 

  • Weakened bones (aromatase inhibitors)
  • Cardiovascular health issues (aromatase inhibitors)

NutraOne Shred One Review Conclusion

We can see what NutraOne has tried to achieve with Shred One here; its packed with aromatase inhibitors that can reduce estrogen levels, which can lead to fat loss.

However, in our honest opinion, the best fat burners contain thermogenics (such as Cayenne Pepper Extract) that can boost your metabolic rate. Not forgetting the ingredients that can preserve muscle mass like HMB too.

In conclusion, while this isnt a bad product for what it aims to do (reduce your estrogen levels), it isnt exactly what most people are looking for in a fat burner. We truly believe that youll see better results by consuming thermogenics, but of course, this is just our honest opinion.

*UPDATE* NutraOne Shred One is no longer listed as available to buy online. You can check out our recommended fat burners on our Best Fat Burners page instead.

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