MuscleTech Pre Workout Explosion Review


  • Rhodiola Rosea proven to boost focus and reduce fatigue
  • Caffeine improves strength, energy, endurance & focus in the gym
  • Beta-Alanine can enhance muscular endurance


  • Beta-Alanine causes a side effect called paresthesia (see side effects section for more info)
  • Numerous ineffective ingredients (eg. Betaine)
  • Contains a proprietary blend
  • Dosage of Caffeine is hidden in blend (increased risk of jitters and crashes)
  • Not good value for money

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About The Product

Pre-Workout Explosion is a pre-workout supplement by MuscleTech. We found this product for the price of $31.99 online, for 40 servings in “fruit fusion” flavor.

This is a good number of servings for the price, and from a reputable brand such as MuscleTech; this looks like a promising pre-workout. But we’ll decide how effective it is after analyzing the ingredients inside.

But first, for those that don’t know, we’ll tell you a bit about the company behind Pre-Workout Explosion.

Who are MuscleTech? 

Founded in 1996, MuscleTech is a supplements brand that’s been around for a long time. It’s owned by Iovate Health Science Inc. and is well known for it’s “Hydroxycut” series of fat burner.

So hopefully this pre-workout supplement can match the reputation of their fat burners. Find out below.

Pre-Workout Explosion Ingredients Explained

Pre-Workout Explosion contains 8 ingredients, which is a great number of ingredients to have. However, 5 of these ingredients are part of a proprietary blend called “Explosive Energy Blend” – the bad news is, the dosages of each ingredient are hidden from us (we’ll expand on this just below).


Proprietary blends are mixtures of numerous ingredients that’re only shown to you as 1 quantity. As you can see from the ‘Explosive Energy Blend’ on Pre-Workout Explosion’s ingredient list, the overall amount is 935 – but you’re not shown the dosages of each ingredient inside such as Caffeine.

This increases your risk of side effects (such as jitters), and also makes it uncertain whether this pre-workout will work. For this reason, we try to avoid any supplement that contains proprietary blends.

Now you know what proprietary blends are, you can understand why there’s no benefit to having them in a supplement.

However, we’ve been wanting to try Pre-Workout Explosion for a while; so we’ll continue with this review and take a look what Muscletech’s pre-workout has to offer.

We’ll analyze each ingredient for you – so you can see just how good Pre-Workout Explosion really is.


Here’s Everything You Need To Know:


This molecule always splits opinions; Beta-Alanine has shown to enhance muscular endurance, but it’s also shown to cause paresthesia.

Basically, paresthesia is a side effect that makes the skin on your face and body feel tingly (or itchy). Personally, we don’t like this sensation – which is why we try to avoid supplements containing Beta-Alanine.

We prefer Creatine Monohydrate, as it’s shown to deliver the same benefit without causing any side effects. Unfortunately Creatine Monohydrate isn’t inside MuscleTech’s Pre-Workout Explosion though.


This is one of the worst ingredients you can find in pre-workout supplements. Simply put, it’s not shown to deliver any benefits in any studies; but it’s shown to cause your breath and sweat to smell fishy.

For this reason, Betaine is an ineffective ingredient that causes a side effect – something you want to avoid.

Arginine AKG 

This is the salt from Arginine, and is believed to improve your muscle pump and endurance in the gym. However, studies have shown Arginine AKG delivers no benefits.

The good news is that AAKG doesn’t cause any side effects. But as it doesn’t improve your workouts, it’s an ineffective ingredient in any pre-workout supplement.


Explosive Energy Blend 

As we mentioned, this is the proprietary blend inside MuscleTech’s Pre-Workout Explosion. Remember that no-one knows the exact dosage of ingredient in here, which increases your risk of side effects.


This is an organic acid that contains sulfur, and has shown to reduce cramping. It’s believed to boost energy levels, as it’s contained in energy drinks; but no studies have shown that Taurine doesn’t raise energy levels.

For this reason, we don’t taurine is necessary in pre-workout supplements; you can reduce cramping by simply keeping yourself hydrated.

Pumpkin Extract 

We’ve not seen Pumpkin Extract in many supplements before. It’s believed to promote fat loss by and improve liver health.

However, no study has proven that Pumpkin Extract offers any benefits to improve your workout; meaning it’s an ineffective ingredient in MuscleTech’s Pre-Workout Explosion.

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Caffeine Anhydrous 

Caffeine is the best stimulant you can find in pre-workout supplements. It’s both safe and effective, and is consumed everyday in products such as tea & coffee.

This stimulant is one of our favorite pre-workout ingredients; it’s shown to boost your strength, endurance, focus and energy levels in the gym.

However, we recommend consuming under 200mg per serving. As Caffeine is part of a proprietary blend in Pre-Workout Explosion, its dosage is hidden from you.

Ultimately, this increases your risk of suffering from side effects; consuming over 200mg Caffeine per serving has proven to cause jitters and energy crashes (which you might have experienced yourself).

This is a great example of why we dislike proprietary blends.



L-Tyrosine is a ‘brain booster’ ingredient that’s shown to improve your cognition. However, as this is the only benefit it offers, we believe it’s better suited to Nootropic supplements.

As Caffeine already offers increased focus, there’s no need for L-Tyrosine here. The only time L-Tyrosine is useful in pre-workouts, is when it doesn’t contain Caffeine; but Caffeine is a key pre-workout ingredient, so it’s we prefer these supplements containing under 200mg Caffeine.

Rhodiola Rosea 

This is a key pre-workout ingredient that’s shown to reduce muscular fatigue and improve your focus in the gym. However, as it’s part of a proprietary blend, there might not be an effective dosage in MuscleTech’s Pre-Workout Explosion.

This is another example of why proprietary blends are bad.


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Side Effects

There are 3 things that can cause side effects in MuscleTech’s Pre-Workout Explosion; Beta-Alanine, Betaine & potentially high dosage of Caffeine.

We’ll give you a quick recap of what these side effects are…Beta-Alanine causes paresthesia, which is a tingling on the skin of your face and body (often described as itchy skin too).

Betaine offers no benefits to improve your gym session, but has proven to cause your breath and sweat to smell fishy.

As Caffeine is part of a proprietary blend, no-one knows the exact dosage of this stimulant inside Pre-Workout Explosion. For this reason, it’s possible that there’s a high dosage over 200mg Caffeine per serving in this product; which would increase your risk of suffering from jitters and energy crashes.

Here’s the potential side effects from taking MuscleTech Pre-Workout Explosion:

  • Paresthesia (Beta-Alanine)
  • Fishy smell in your breath and sweat (Betaine)
  • Jitters (potentially high dosage of Caffeine over 200mg per serving)
  • Energy Crashes (potentially high dosage of Caffeine over 200mg per serving)

Pre-Workout Explosion Review Conclusion

From a company as established as MuscleTech, we expected a much better pre-workout supplement than this. By now, most people know that proprietary blends are a bad thing; so we believe it’s time for companies to stop adding them into their supplements.

Ultimately, proprietary blends are one of the biggest gimmicks in the industry – and it’ll become a much better place without them. But for now, we simply avoid any pre-workouts containing these blends.

For this reason, we can’t recommend you to try MuscleTech’s Pre-Workout Explosion.


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