Killer Bees Fat Burner Review

Killer Bees Fat Burner Review

Our Rating


  • Contains Cayenne Pepper Extract
  • Chromium Picolinate linked with fat loss benefits


  • Contains numerous stimulants in unknown quantities (in proprietary blends)
  • Questionable ingredients such as Yohimbine included in Killer Bees fat burner’s ingredients.
  • Potential to cause jittery side effects due to amount of stimulants contained.
  • Missing key safe and effective fat burning ingredients (eg. green tea extract).

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Killer Bees fat burner is made by HyperGenetic. It comes in a pretty cool yellow and black bottle, but you’re here because you want to know whether it actually works…or doesn’t help you burn fat.

Luckily for you, you’ve come to the right place; we’ve been reviewing and testing supplements for a very long time, so we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Killer Bees Fat Burner in this review.

Check it out.

What is Killer Bees Fat Burner?

We’ve already quickly mentioned that Killer Bees is a fat burner supplement made by HyperGenetic.

If you haven’t heard of this company before, it’s because it’s generally not as well known as some of the other supplement companies (compared to the likes of Optimum Nutrition, which is a household name).

Its serving size is 1 capsule per day, which is great for those that don’t really like popping pills. The serving size per container is 60, meaning 1 bottle will last 2 months – a pretty good supply for one container, which is a positive.

To delve deeper into this supplement, let’s take a look at the supplement facts label to see which ingredients are included in this supplement.

Killer Bees Fat Burner Ingredients

We always emphasise how important it is for a supplement to contain safe and effective ingredients.

Think of it like this, if your care looks shiny on the outside bu the engine is rusty and doesn’t work, then it’ll just look nice on your driveway without being useful. Similarly, if a fat burner has a nice looking container but doesn’t contain effective ingredients shown to work in clinical studies, then it’ll just look nice on your table without helping you burn fat.

It’s for this reason that we’ll analyze most individual ingredients in a supplement at all times. And their dosages too.

However, you’ll find one problem when trying to find the individual dosages of each ingredient in Killer Bees Fat Burner…

Killer Bees Fat Burner Ingredients
The supplement facts label showing the ingredients in Killer Bees fat burner.

Killer Bees Fat Burner contains a proprietary blend

A proprietary blend is a labelled group of ingredients that show the overall dosage of the blend as a whole, instead of the dosages of individual ingredients.

For example, looking at the supplement facts label of Killer Bees, you’ll find that there is a “Thermogenic Buzz Complex” proprietary blend in there; the overall dosage is shown as 155mg, but the the individual dosages of each ingredient such as Cocoa Extract isn’t shown to you.

Now you know this, we’ll go through and analyze each prorietary blend in Killer Bees fat burner in this section.

Thermogenic Buzz Complex – 155mg

We just mentioned the basics about this proprietary blend.

The overall dosage of all 5 ingredients add up to 155 mg, which isn’t a lot for 5 ingredients to be sharing; to put this into perspective, an effective dosage of cayenne pepper extact is known to be around 150 mg by itself, with cayenne pepper extract being one of the ingredients in Killer Bees fat burner.

Also contains stimulants within this proprietary blend

Not only that, the Thermogenic Buzz Complex proprietary blend contains Phenylethlydimethylamine. This is a caffeine-like stimulant that’s known to increase your heartrate.

Just to remember, having a stimulant in a mysterious proprietary blend isn’t a great idea. You should always know the exact amount of any stimulant, such as caffeine, that you’re putting into your body at all times or risk suffering from jittery side effects.

Norcoclaurine HCL is another ingredient that may behave like a stimulant too; also known as Higenamine, it’s structurally similar to Ephedrine which is banned from us due to being potentially dangerous, so this is a concerning addition to any fat burner supplement.

The only real positive in this proprietary blend is the addition of Cayenne Pepper Extract, which is a tried-and-tested thermogenic ingredient known to promote fat loss. As we’ve mentioned though, the dosage of Cayenne Pepper Extract could be so low that it may not even be effective in Killer Bees Fat Burner.

All of the above just goes to show that it really is important to analyze each aspect within a fat burner, including the dosage of each ingredient.

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All Day Euphoric Energy Complex – 470mg

The second proprietary blend in Killer Bees fat burner.

Remember that we mentioned companies shouldn’t be adding stimulants into blends in unknown individual quantities? Well, the same mistake as been made here (in our honest opinion) due to this blend containing Caffeine Anhydrous.

Anything wrong with Caffeine Anhydrous?

No, nothing is wrong with Caffeine Anhydrous in general; it can be a very beneficial addition to any fat burner or pre-workout supplement due to its ability to boost your energy levels.

However, you really should know the exact amounts that you’re adding into your body to ensure you avoid jittery side effects (think about when you’ve had too many cups of coffee in one day before).

So, the issue here is that Caffeine Anhydrous is contained in Killer Bees in an unknown quantity within a proprietary blend.

Overall dosage of 470mg for this blend is concerning

The reason why the 470mg dosage for the combined dosage of this blend is concerning is again due to it containing Caffeine.

If there is over 200mg caffeine in this fat burner, then that’s not a good thing; most pre-workout supplements don’t contain this amount, and they’re made to really boost your energy levels before a workout!

There may not be that big an amount of caffeine in Killer Bees fat burner. But you won’t be sure due to it being part of a proprietary blend.

We personally don’t like taking risks and popping a pill before knowing exactly what’s inside it and whether it’s safe for certain.

For us, we can’t recommend the use of caffeine anhydrous in any unknown quantities in any supplement. And we hope supplement companies stop doing this to keep all customers safe for certain (since everyone has a different tolerance to caffeine).

Appetite Suppression Matrix – 50mg

This is the third and final proprietary blend in Killer Bees Fat Burner.

Bad news again, it contains Yohimbine which is another ingredient that’s known to act like a stimulant. We’ve already emphasized why having unknown amounts of a stimulant in any supplement is a bad thing, so we won’t repeat ourselves here – but we don’t believe Yohimbine is a very safe addition to any fat burner supplement due to it being known to cause side effects.

In fact, of you look up the risks associated with Yohimbine, you’ll find such things as “irrelgular or rapid heart beat, kidney failure, seizure” and worse. So this is reason enough to avoid this fat burner, in our honest opinion.

The only real positive ingredient in this blend is Chromium Picolinate, which has been linked with having beneficial impacts on fat loss in studies.

Killer Bees Fat Burner

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Killer Bees Fat Burner Side Effects?

If you’ve read through our whole ingredients section above, then you’ll know the answer to this question/section. But for those that like to skim, we’ll go ahead and repeat ourselves slightly.

In terms of potential side effects, in our honest opinion, we believe that Killer Bees fat burner may cause jittery side effects to those with a low tolerance to caffeine/stimulants; it contains unknown quantities of stimulants such as Caffeine Anhydrous, which isn’t a great thing in our honest opinion.

For example, we personally can’t have over 2-3 cups of coffee in one day without feeling jittery. So we actively try to consume a maximum of 300 mg of caffeine per day (and don’t take this all at once either). So we like to know the exact dosage of caffeine in a supplement at all times instead of taking risks.

Not only that, Killer Bees fat burner also contains some questionable ingredients such as Yohimbine; this ingredient has been linked with very bad side effects including; jitters, irregular or rapid heartbeat, and worse.

You can’t be certain of suffering or avoiding side effects without actually taking the supplement yourselves. But analyzing the ingredients in a supplement and seeing whether it contains any questionable ones is a good way of trying to stay safe.

Killer Bees Fat Burner: Review Conclusion 

We realize that this has been quite a long review, so we appreciate your time if you’ve read the whole thing; you’ve taken a great step into doing research into Killer Bees fat burner and knowing the risks and benefits of this supplement.

In conclusion, there is risk of Killer Bees containing quite a high combined amount of stimulants. So, we’d only really recommend this fat burner to you if you’re the type of person to drink 6-7 coffees in one day (but we really don’t recommend you drink coffee or tea if you do try this fat burner).

The positives are that it does contain some beneficial ingredients that are linked with fat loss such as Cayenne Pepper Extract and Chromium Picolinate.

However, for us (and in our honest opinion), the risk outweight the potential benefits with Killer Bees fat burner. We believe there are many safer and effective fat burner supplements out there on the market.

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