GN Labs NitroGlycerine Review


  • Contains L-Citrulline to boost muscle pumps


  • Arginine ineffective when orally supplemented
  • Glycerol not proven to work in studies

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GN Labs Nitroglycerine review - leanbulking

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About The Product

NitroGlycerine is a pre-workout supplement made by GN Labs. It comes 20 serving containers, with serving sizes of 15g per scoop.

Who are GN Labs? 

GN Labs are a supplements company based in the USA. However, all of their social media pages and website are in German, so we assume that they’re a German company.

There wasn’t much information about them on their website – which is why we think it’s important to always have an ‘about us’ section.

NitroGlycerine Ingredients Explained

Nitroglycerine by GN Labs contains 5 main ingredients – but the problem is, they’re all part of proprietary blends.

What are proprietary blends? 

Proprietary blends are mixtures of numerous ingredients shown to you as one quantity (so you don’t know the exact dosages of ingredients inside).

Nitroglycerine contains 2 proprietary blends; with overall quantities of 13150mg and 100mg. This is bad, as you might be sensitive to one ingredient inside, but as you don’t know its exact dosage, you don’t know whether you’ll experience side effects.

Anyway, we’ll explain each ingredient – to show you how effective Nitroglycerine really is.

GN Labs NitroGylcerine Ingredients Review - LeanBulking

Here’s Everything You Need To Know:

L-Citrulline Polyhydrate 

This is GN Labs’ own creation. They believe that this is better than Citrulline Malate as it’s been ‘buffered’ – this means that it should be better for those sensitive to this ingredient.

However, Citrulline Malate doesn’t cause any side effects anyway, so this is slightly pointless – it seems more like a marketing gimmick to make you believe it’s better.

Not only that, L-Citrulline Polyhydrate is part of a proprietary blend, so you don’t know the exact dosage inside NitroGlycerine. This is a problem, as you need at least 6,000mg of this ingredient for it to work.


This is simply GN Labs’ patented version of Glycerol. Basically, they’ve given it a fancy name so it sounds better than it is.

It’s believed to improve muscle pumps while you lift weights. However, no studies have proven that it works – making it unreliable.

Arginine Polyhydrate 

We don’t like seeing Arginine in pre-workout supplements; it shows that a company hasn’t done their research when making a product.

Simply put, Arginine is ineffective in supplements due to it’s poor absorption rate. This is why Citrulline Malate is better, as it has a great absorption rate and turns into Arginine in your kidneys.

Blueberry Extract 

Blueberries are believed to improve focus in the gym, due to containing high amounts of anthocyanins. However, not enough studies have shown that it works to make it reliable.

However, blueberries are known for being great for your general health, so there’s no negatives of including Blueberry Extract here.

Inulin & Sodium Bicarbonate 

These two ingredients are believed to reduce nausea and indigestion – they’re not needed in Nitroglycerine.

Nitrglycerine pre workout review GN Labs - leanbulking

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Top 3 Pre-Workouts Page

Side Effects

One good thing about NitroGlycerine by GN Labs, is that it’s not likely to cause any side effects. However, it’s also not very likely to improve your gym session either.

NitroGlycerine Review Conclusion

Ultimately, we don’t recommend that you buy any products containing proprietary blends – these blends are the biggest gimmicks in the industry, as companies often fill them with cheaper, ineffective ingredients to cut costs.

Not only that, NitroGlycerine contains mostly ineffective or unreliable ingredients.

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