Gluccomannan: How It Works & Benefits

Glucomannan is also known as the intestine’s broom in the Japan where it has been for centuries as a natural gelling or thickening agent.

You might have noticed that it’s used to make ‘zero’ or ‘low calorie rice & noodles’. Well, this is because Glucomannan is indeed very low calorie, and as it surpresses your appetite – it sounds like the perfect solution.

But does it really live up to all the claims? We’ll answer this exact question in our article below.

You’ll learn:

  • What Is Glucomannan?
  • How Does It Work?
  • Does It Promote Fat Loss?
  • Any Side Effects?
  • Optimal Dosage
  • Conclusion

What is Glucomannan?

Glucomannan is a fiber that’s been derived from the konjac plant for centuries now – especially in Japan.

It has been used in such products as; konjac jellies, tofu, and even the shirataki noodles.

Here’s the benefits of Glucomannan: 

  • Low Calorie
  • Suppresses Appetite
  • Promotes Fat Loss
  • Regulates Healthy Cholesterol Levels

It has the capacity to absorb water at least 50 times more than its weight. Try opening a capsule of glucomannan in a glass of water and see the results for yourself.

But don’t worry; it’s completely safe as it’s a natural fiber, and hasn’t been reported to cause any side effects in healthy people.



How Does It Work??

We mentioned that Glucomannan expands in your stomach by absorbing water. But now we’ll go into more detail below..

The super fiber, Glucomannan, is much different from the usual herbs and spices you can find in fat burner supplements.

Here’s how it works; Glucomannan acts like a sponge in our stomach where it expands to control our appetite.

Not only that; as it’s very low in calories but is very filling – you’ll be full for longer without adding any belly fat!

Bottom Line: Glucomannan helps you stay full for longer, keeping you away from sugary snacks and junk food (which will help you get rid of stubborn fat).

Does It Promote Fat Loss?

Numerous studies and research are shown to support the claim that Glucomannan can promote fat loss.

It was found out that in controlled amounts, it succeeded in producing the results that it promised. In fact, a study by Salas-Salvadó J (2008) documented that participants were able to lose up to 10lbs with the help of Glucomannan [1].

But the most promising study proves that Glucomannan promotes fat loss without making any other changes to your diet or training plan [2].

As well as promoting fat loss, these studies also showed that Glucomanna helps your digestive system and lowers levels of the unhealthy cholesterol and triglycerides in the human body.

The soluble fiber also helps with the digestion process as it makes it easy for our bodies to pass the stool. We apologize if you’re eating your dinner…but It makes the stools bulkier because of its fibrous content (which is also the reason for the over satiety feeling that it promotes).

Any Side Effects?

In all the studies that have been conducted; it was found out that the soluble fiber has no significant side effect associated with itsuse.

It almost sounds too good to be true – but remember to consume Glucomannan in moderation. Too much of anything can be potentially harmful (such as Caffeine, which causes jitters in dosages above 200mg per serving in pre-workouts or over 100mg per capsule in fat burners).

For this reason, we’ll provide you with the safe optimal dosage of Glucomannan below…

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Optimal Dosage

Since the fibers absorbs up to 50 times the water than its normal weight; it provides the best results when taken between meals to help you stay away from snacks and junk food.

If you wanted Glucomannan to help you eat less during meal times, you could consume this fiber 90 minutes before your meals (which would allow it enough time to get to work in your stomach).

Key Point:

Personally, we find that taking Glucomannan between meals is better; it’s always better to fill yourself with healthy foods when you can, and use Glucomannan to avoid sugary snacks and junk food between meals. 

Doctors recommend prescribed dosages of 1-5grams of glucomannan during the day. However, studies show that 500mg is the optimal dosage taken 4 times per day (resulting in an overall dosage of 2g).


Glucomannan surely does help with the weight loss and appetite control – you can’t argue with the science and studies that prove this.

However, remember that it needs to used with proper diet control and lifestyle change.

Personally, we like to consume Glucomannan inbetween our meals to keep us full. This has helped us to stay away from sugar filled snacks and fried chicken – although we do still enjoy some cheat meals every now and then.

Bottom Line: Along with a clean diet and training plan, Glucomannan will help you shred body fat by helping you reduce your calorie intake.


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