Round The World By Bike

Alastair Humphreys Traveled Around the World on his Bike at the age of 24

Since traveling became a ‘thing’, a common ambition has become to travel around the world…by flying on planes or on ferry ships.

That’s for normal people, though. One man that is extraordinary is Alastair Humphreys, who cycled round the world by bike on a journey that took over four years to finish.

Here is some information about the distance Alastair Humphreys traveled:

  • 60 Countries
  • 5 Continents
  • 46,000 Miles

You can see why this achievement is so impressive just by looking at the numbers above.

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Alastair Humphreys’s RoundTheWorldByBike Route

You’re probably wondering which route Alastair took to travel roundtheworldbybike. So, we’ve done some research into how it was done…

Starting in England (United Kingdom), he cycled his way to South Africa by bike. He then crossed the Atlantic ocean on a yacht to reach Patagonia.

After that he rode his bike to Alaska, where he boarded a ferry ship in order to cross the Pacific ocean.

To complete his journey, Alastair traveled all the way back to England from Siberia via cycling. Effectively returning to his starting location on his RoundTheWorldByBike adventure.

RoundTheWorldByBike Adventure Responses

As you can imagine, it wasn’t long after Alastair Humphreys set off on his RoundTheWorldByBike adventure that it was covered by numerous magazines and online features.

Consequently, it became a hot topic among celebrities and famous adventurers including Benedict Allen and Ranulph Fiennes.

Here’s what Ranulph Fiennes said about the RoundTheWorldByBike adventure:

“In today’s world of climbing Everest in less than a day, sailing round the world in 3 months, and #1 selling biographies regarding three-month motorbike journies, Alastair’s RoundTheWorldByBike adventure stands out as an incredible achievement. Probably being the 1st great adventure of the new Millennium. Alastair Humphreys’ journey was an old-fashioned expedition: long, lonely, low-budget, spontaneous. It was a life on the road…instead pf a whirlwind break from home.”

Tips on How to Travel RoundTheWorldByBike

As much as everyone would like to believe, Alastair Humphreys’ RoundTheWorldByBike adventure wasn’t a spontaneous one.

It was, in fact, meticulously planned with Alastair saving up the funds to complete his trip for a number of years. He has mentioned that the adventure cost almost £7000GBP.

The number one tip from Alastair Humphreys is to be 100% committed. He mentioned that motivation and commiment is everything when it comes to ambitious plans.

Other tips include budgeting, which makes sense once you know that the RoundTheWorldByBike trip cost almost £7000GBP.

Alastair Humphreys Wasn’t the First Person to Travel RoundTheWorldByBike

If you don’t know much about the history of adventurers and cycles around the globe, you’ll could easily mistake Alastair to be the 1st person to successfully journey RoundTheWorldByBike.

However, you might be even more suprised to hear that the first person to accomplish this feat did so on a penny farthing.

The man is none other than Thomas Stevens.

Unlike Alastair, Thomas started in San Francisco in 1884 – traveling through America, Europe, Afghanistan and Asia – before returning to his starting point 3 years later in 1887.

Pretty impressive, considering Thomas cycled around using a penny farthing.

One thing to note, though, is that Thomas Stevens apparently only traveled an overall distance of 13,500 miles on his bike. While Alastair managed to cycle 46,000 miles.